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Pricing Plan

Cable Tv

Cable Tv

As low as $ 35 /mo

  • Enjoy a ton of channels
  • Get access to thousands of On Demand shows and movies
  • Catch the latest live sports and special events
  • Watch premium channels including HBO®, STARZ®, Cinemax® and SHOWTIME®


As low as $ 29.99 /mo

  • Get blazing fast speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Experience secure connectivity
  • Stream HD quality video, play online games and download large files without interruption
  • Remain protected online with free antivirus software suites
  • Keep your devices and data protected secured
Home Phone

Home Phone

As low as $ 19.99 /mo

  • Static free digital home phone services
  • Remain connected with your friends and family
  • Make unlimited local calls and talk as long as you want
  • Make international calls at affordable rates
  • Get up to 18 standard and advanced voice features including Voicemail, Call Forwarding, and Call Blocking

How Do I Find All Cable TV Providers That Offer Services in my Area?

Most homeowners have a variety of options when it comes to local cable TV providers. However, it’s hard to keep track of all the companies that offer services in your area. Should you choose a satellite provider like DIRECTV, or a traditional cable TV provider like Xfinity, Spectrum, or Frontier? You have to visit each provider site separately to check availability, plans, features, and pricing! Once you’ve collected all this information, you are stuck with the tough task of comparing all plans.

LocalCableDeals helps you skip all that hard work! Our team has come up with a simple solution to your cable TV provider woes. We gathered all service provider information to present it in one place. Now all you have to do is enter your address in the form. Our tool generates a list of all local cable TV providers and applicable offers. This list is fully up-to-date because the data comes directly from the official providers. Want to compare several offers? Select up to 3, and compare at the click of a button. Need more than just cable television? No problem! Our tool also shows bundled offers that combine more than one service.

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Local Cable Tv Provider
Local Internet Provider

How Many Local Internet Providers are Available in My Area

Finding a local internet provider is easy with LocalCableDeals. Simply enter your address, and get a list of all available providers. You’ll be able to filter the list according to the speed, price, and provider type. Another way to maximize your savings is to compare the top three plans. Choose the plan you want and order! Sign up for a double play or triple play bundle to get multiple services at a discounted price! Still can’t decide which plan fits your needs? Talk to one of our service representatives to get expert advice.

Stay Connected with Digital Home Phone Services

Every home needs reliable digital phone service. Major cable providers offer voice plans that are the perfect solution for a family that wants to stay connected. These plans include unlimited local calling, affordable international per-minute rates, and advanced calling features. Discover all available home phone service providers in your area, and sign up to get service that won’t let you down!

Home Phone Service Provider

Maximize Savings & Convenience With Bundled Offers

Most companies offer more than a single service to homeowners. Sign up for more than one service from the same provider to get a discount. For example, you can combine cable TV with internet (known as a double play offer), or cable TV, internet, and home phone (known as a triple play offer).

Cable television providers will include internet service at a discounted rate. This means you get high- quality entertainment and blazing fast internet connectivity at amazing rates. Want to maximize savings? Go for a triple play that also includes home phone services!

Bundling is more convenient than using different providers. Combining services makes it easier to handle your monthly billing. You can also manage all your services with one online account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local Cable Deals is an online portal that helps you discover all cable TV, internet, and home phone offers available in your area. Simply enter your address and click ‘Search’.

Local Cable Deals is an authorized agent for top service providers in America. The website lets you view all local providers and their applicable offers. You can also check pricing, features, terms and conditions, reviews, ratings, channel lineups, and more.

Once you enter your address our tool will generate a list of available offers. Choose your top 3 and click on the ‘Compare’ button.

You can call us at: 1-855-771-3154 or place an order online.

This depends on your location and provider availability. But, you can get a clear picture of the top providers nationwide by checking the following pages:

  • Top Internet Providers
  • Top Cable TV Providers
  • Top Phone Providers

All our information is sourced directly from the provider databases. You’ll always get the latest prices and offers through Local Cable Deals.

Get information on your local service providers, their service area and our exclusive bundle deals by simply clicking on your preferred state.