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Fiber 250

Up to 250 Mbps Upload and Download Speeds

$65.00/mo. For 12 months1

  • Recommended for video streaming
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Supports multiple devices
  • No contractual obligation
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Fiber 500

Up to 500 Mbps Upload and Download Speeds

$75.00/mo. For 12 months1

  • Recommended for video streaming
  • Ideal for multiple heavy-internet users
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • No contractual obligation
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Fiber 1 Gig

Up to 1 Gbps Upload and Download Speeds

$85.00/mo. For 12 months1

  • Recommended for HD and 4K video streaming
  • Ideal for live streamers and online gamers
  • Unlimited data allowance on multiple devices
  • No contractual obligation
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1Includes $15/month discount for new subscribers. Prices subject to change after 12 months. Taxes and fees not included. Pricing varies by state.

Clearwave Fiber – The Route to Absolute Perfection

An internet designed solely to suit your fast-paced life so that YOU never have to stop.

Clearwave Fiber, formerly known as Hargray Fiber, has made it a point to deliver superfast and reliable internet to people living in the States.

When we call Clearwave Fiber internet ‘the absolute route to perfection,’ we mean it – because it brings forth a fiber-to-the-home internet connection allowing you to avail of symmetric fiber speeds.

Clearwave Fiber internet

Live the Clearwave Fiber Way

Clearwavefiber ConnectivityConsistent connectivity
Clearwavefiber Internet SpeedsSymmetric internet speeds
Clearwavefiber Unlimited Data AllowanceUnlimited data allowance
Clearwavefiber Contractual ObligationNo contractual obligation
Clearwavefiber Fiber NetworkCompletely fiber network
Clearwavefiber Customer SupportEfficient customer support
Clearwave Fiber internet unlimited data

FliptoFiber – Become a Part of the Upward Trend

If not now, when?

Fiber internet is the new ‘It’ thing so this is one bandwagon you wouldn’t regret jumping on. Clearwave Fiber offers superior upload and download speeds and ensures reliability at all levels.

One thing that will make you want to instantly Flip to Clearwave Fiber is that it provides truly unlimited data – this means NO data cap and NO overage charges, what a WIN!

Stream. Shop. Sway.

Seamless connectivity is just the beginning of a list of some impressive attributes that you can expect from Clearwave Residential Internet.

Supremely high fiber speeds, unlimited data, and no-contract plans allow you to work through your daily routines with utmost ease. Not just this, but you can unwind that pent-up stress by streaming across all online platforms, opting for retail therapy, or just reading through that tab that has been open for a while, now.

ClearwaveFiber high speed internet

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Let Clearwave Fiber take all your worries away

Once you are with Clearwave Fiber, you won’t have to worry about anything internet-related. Be it consistent internet speeds or whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, the Clearwave Fiber router will cover everything.

Clearwave Fiber Router

If wireless connectivity is something that rows your boat, you can very much depend on the Clearwave Fiber Router.

Not just this, but you can control this router with the Clearwave Fiber Wi-Fi App that helps manage your home network.

You can also use this app to run speed tests, set up user profiles, and even create guest networks.

Clearwave Fiber Router

Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi Coverage

With the exceptionally designed Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi Coverage offered by Clearwave Fiber Router, you can expect internet reliability and speed stability.

On top of the supremely strong connection, you get an advanced level of security that protects your wireless network and the devices connected to it.

What’s more, parental controls help you evaluate everything that your child is exposed to.

Add Clearwave Fiber Router to your plan for an additional $10 per month.

Clearwave Fiber Customer Support is Always at Your Service

Whatever technical answers you cannot find on your own, the Clearwave Fiber Customer Service team is set to answer for you.

Be it the internet plan that you should choose or the billing fiasco that you might want assistance with, just call the Clearwave Fiber customer service number and let them untangle your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing forth completely fiber internet, Clearwave Fiber offers super-fast and symmetric internet speeds that go up to 1 Gig.
No. Clearwave Fiber has no data caps and does not have any overage charges, either.
No. Clearwave Fiber does not bind you in any sort of contractual obligation.
With Clearwave Fiber, you can enjoy as fast as 1 Gig of symmetric download and upload speeds.
Enter your zip code here and check if Clearwave Fiber is available in your area. You can also contact a customer service rep at 1-844-936-3598 for a one-on-one discussion.