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LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Popular 5G Data Plans

5G internet is one of the fastest cellular internet technology. With 5G data, you can connect online anywhere without Wi-Fi. All you need is a signal on your phone and access to a 5G connection provided by your phone carrier service.

5G internet offers low latency, improved response rates, and greater reliability for users. You can check which 5G phone plans are available in your area by entering your zip code here:

Here are some of the top 5G internet providers for you.

Ultra-fast data of 1 GB to 50 GB

Starting from $20.00/mo .

Highspeed data of 1 GB to 50 GB

Starting from $19.99/mo.

Up to 50 GB premium data*

Starting from $15.00/mo.

*AutoPay required. New Optimum Mobile lines only, cannot be applied to existing lines of service. Other monthly charges apply per line, including $20 activation fee, and may include roaming charges, taxes, government fees and other Optimum Mobile fees and surcharges (including USF fee). Pricing, offer and terms subject to change at any time. Data options may be switched at any time during bill cycle.
Downgrade limited to 1x per bill cycle and effective with following bill cycle. Upgrades effective immediately. International talk/text from U.S. and talk/text/data while traveling abroad not included.

Why Choose 5G Mobile Data?

5G mobile plans are popular among users who constantly need high-performing internet on their phones for work or other online activities. It offers much better internet transmission than 4G technology. Where 4G mobile internet plans typically offer speeds of up to 30 Mbps, 5G plans offer speeds in gigabits, which are much faster and more reliable.

Here is a quick overview of 5G mobile internet to help you choose your plan:

pros Pros:

  • High-speed cellular data – speeds of up to 1000 Mbps
  • Affordable when bundled with other services
  • Transmit data through radio bands for consistent speeds unaffected by network congestion, even in crowded areas.

cons Cons:

  • Limited coverage area – 5G is not accessible everywhere
  • Requires 5G compatible phones that are quite expensive

Find the Best 5G Phone Plan Based on Your Needs

Internet usage has increased manifolds in the last few years, extending our requirements beyond our homes and workplaces. With everything available on your phone, from taxi to food delivery or pick-up service, you constantly need data on your phone to stay connected online all day. For that, 5G data plans have proven to be quite of use and hence gained popularity very quickly.

To help you choose the best 5G phone plan, we have researched and come up with a few factors that may affect your choice of plan:

Data Usage

Extensive Data Usage

For people with high phone data usage

Network Reliability

Network Reliability

Wide availability with extensive coverage area

Hotspot Data

Hotspot Data

Monthly data allowance for high-speed 5G hotspot sharing

The Best 5G Phone Plan for Extensive Data Usage

Spectrum Unlimited Plus

Data: Unlimited

Price: $39.99/ per line
(reduced speeds after 30 GB of usage per line)

Limited time offer; subject to change; offer applies to qualified residential customers without any outstanding obligation to Spectrum. Taxes and fees extra in select states. Mobile devices excluded from offer. Offer valid for new customers adding lines or for current mobile customers adding Unlimited lines to existing service. Smartwatch does not qualify as a line. UNLIMITED: Reduced speeds after 30 GB of usage per line. UNLIMITED PLUS: Unlimited Plus lines charged an extra $10/month. Reduced speeds after 50 GB of usage per line. Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Not available in all areas. Per line activation fee, Spectrum Internet and Auto Pay required. Restrictions apply. ©2024 Charter Communications, all rights reserved.

The Best 5G Phone Plan for Network Reliability

Xfinity Unlimited Intro

Data: Unlimited with 20 GB of high-speed data

Price: $45.00/line per mo.

The Best 5G Phone Plan for Hotspot Data

Optimum Unlimited Max

Hotspot Data: 15 GB/line per mo.

Starting From: $40.00/mo. per line

Pricing based on good credit and does not include taxes.

5G Internet VS Fixed Wireless

5G internet is available to use on the go through your 5G-compatible mobile phone, whereas fixed wireless internet requires dedicated equipment at home to convert 5G signal into WiFi.

While the speed and quality of the connection are both dependent on the same underlying technology, some key distinguishing factors set them apart:

5G Internet Fixed Wireless
Access to the internet on the go Access to the internet at your home
No hardware installation required Equipment needs to be installed at your home
Limited ability to connect multiple devices through hotspot 5G access on all your devices simultaneously
Limited high-speed data – depending on your network provider Unlimited 5G internet available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 5G and 5G Home internet?  

5G mobile internet and 5G home internet use the same internet technology, i.e. use radio frequency for data transmission. However, both differ in how they manage data : 5G mobile internet uses advanced technology for optimum signal strength and reliable connectivity on the go.

On the other hand, 5G home internet, also known as fixed wireless, requires a modem and a router to convert and provide internet signals at fixed places, such as homes.

How fast is 5G internet?  

5G internet offers speeds up to 10 Gbps, which is 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G technology.

Is 5G internet good for home?  

Yes, 5G home internet, also known as fixed wireless internet, can be a great option for people who have good signal coverage in their area, as fixed wireless internet is dependent on signals from cell towers.

Is 5G internet good for gaming?  

Yes, 5G internet is good for gaming as it has a low latency, which is essential for online gamers.

Is 5G network stable?  

Yes, 5G is a stable internet option that transmits signals through high-frequency radio waves, providing a consistent internet even with too many users in the area.

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