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/ Xfinity Mobile Phone Deals

Unlimited Intro

  • 20 GB of ultra-fast data
  • SD streaming included
  • Unlimited data on one line

$45/mo. per line

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Unlimited Plus

  • 30 GB of ultra-fast data
  • HD streaming included
  • Unlimited data on one line

$55/mo. per line

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Unlimited Premium

  • 50 GB of ultra-fast data
  • HD streaming included
  • Unlimited data on one line

$65/mo. per line

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By the Gig

  • Shared data across lines
  • HD streaming available
  • Access to 5G network nationwide

$15/mo. per line for 1 GB data

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/ Xfinity Mobile Pricing

Everyone uses their smart devices differently. Some people require higher monthly data to stream, download, and browse while others use it when it is absolutely necessary. Xfinity Mobile supports all the data-consumption approaches and has plans altered to your needs.


Allows you to choose a minimum amount of shared data and gives you the freedom to adjust the plan according to your needs. In these plans, you can stream in high-definition. There is an option to upgrade the data as per usage.

  • 1 GB $15/mo
  • 3 GB $30/mo
  • 10 GB $60/mo
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With the Xfinity Mobile Unlimited plan, consume as much data as you want. There are no data limits. The more Unlimited lines on your Xfinity account, the more you save on the monthly cost per line. Others in your group can still stay with By the Gig and you have the option to switch anytime.

  • 1 LINE $45/mo For one line $45/mo total
  • 2 LINE $40/mo For one line $80/mo total
  • 3 LINE $33.33/mo For one line $100/mo total
  • 4 LINE $30/mo For one line $120/mo total
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/ Xfinity Mobile Perks & Benefits

Xfinity Mobile is just the right service for you in terms of flexibility and extensive data options so that you pay for what you need.

Xfinity 24/7 Monitoring

Switch Freely!

Streaming more? Switch to the Unlimited Plan anytime to get enough data for your streaming needs. Similarly, if you have a lower data consumption, you can switch to By the Gig using the Xfinity Mobile App.

Xfinity Home APP

HD Pass in crowded areas

Get high-quality service in crowded areas (like in a stadium) with the HD pass. Xfinity offers exceptional cellular service in such spaces with all plans.

Xfinity Video Recording

Affordable Plans

Xfinity Mobile brings you new ways to save. Get ultra-fast 5G for HD streaming and seamless connectivity at an affordable monthly charge. Get the Unlimited plan for excessive usage with a price as low as $30/mo when you get four lines.

Xfinity Home systems

Access to millions of WiFi Hotspots

Save data when you are in a mall or at a coffee shop! Connect to an Xfinity mobile hotspot and get high-speed internet on the go. Xfinity has over 20 million secure hotspots nationwide.

/ What’s included with your Xfinity Mobile?

LTE Coverage, Xfinity WiFi Hotspots, and 5G

Xfinity mobile offers the nation’s best LTE coverage. You can access the 5G Ultra Wideband network on all your 5G enabled devices in the coverage areas. Moreover, your devices will automatically connect to secure Xfinity WiFi hotspots to help you use lesser data and save money.

Contract-free Coverage

Xfinity Mobile plans have no contracts, no phone line access fee, or activation fee when you switch. Go to any Xfinity Mobile store and get a free SIM card when you Bring Your Own Device. Xfinity plans also offer lower fees than its top competitors.

Xfinity Mobile Customer Support

You can visit Xfinity Mobile’s support center for all the help regarding activation, account management, and troubleshooting. You can even call Xfinity mobile customer service number for all the information regarding your current plan.

Xfinity Mobile Line Eligibility

Up to 10 Lines Included

Each Xfinity Mobile customer can have up to 10 Lines whether that is on a smartphone, tablet, or a watch. However, based on the results of your credit check, you may be eligible for fewer lines.

Smart Watches Count!

Cellular smartwatches will count as a line of service. If you want an extra line, you can pay $10/mo for each smartwatch. The data used by the watch is counted as well.

Tablets Are Eligible!

You can get By the Gig or the Unlimited plan for your tablet. If your tablet is cellular, it counts as a line of service. If you want an additional line, it is $10/mo.

/ Additions To Your Xfinity Mobile Plan


You are eligible for an upgrade after 12 months only if you have paid 50% for your current device.

Device Insurance

Xfinity Mobile can get Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan starting at just $7 per month. This insurance plan also includes Apple Care for your Apple devices.

International Rates

Get affordable international calling charges on your Xfinity Mobile and text, talk, or consume data whenever you are on the go!

Canada and Mexico Call Pass

Make unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico in just $10/mo. for each line.

Xfinity Mobile

/ Shop Your Favorite Mobile Phones With Xfinity Mobile

Shop all the latest products from Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola from Xfinity Mobile. Get a wide range of 5G-enabled devices and sign-up for a monthly installment to get hands-on with your favorite mobile phones. Xfinity Mobile stores have all the latest iPhone 13 series, Samsung Galaxy series, and the all-new Google Pixel 6 series. You can even trade-in your old phone. Just visit your nearest store and get Xfinity mobile phones for affordable monthly installments.

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/ Xfinity Mobile Reviews

Is Xfinity Mobile good? Xfinity Mobile offers flexible and economical plans for your phone. Customize your plan as per your requirements and add additional lines to accommodate your family members. Overall, Xfinity Mobile does a great job and there are satisfactory reviews online. Xfinity Mobile offers extensive features. Therefore, Xfinity internet customers must give it a shot!

Xfinity Mobile Reviews

/ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Xfinity Mobile has some great plans for Xfinity Internet customers making it a popular choice.
Xfinity Mobile uses Verizon’s network.
Xfinity Mobile is a cellular service by Xfinity.
Xfinity Mobile has LTE and 5G Wideband access.
Xfinity Mobile starts from $15/mo. for 1GB of data.
Yes, Xfinity Mobile has 5G.
Xfinity Mobile uses towers from Verizon. It is a CDMA network.
Xfinity rents towers from Verizon.
Xfinity rents towers from Verizon.
All Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel series are compatible with Xfinity Mobile.
Comcast Xfinity owns Xfinity Mobile.
Yes, you can take your Xfinity Mobile to another carrier.
Sign in to your Xfinity account and access Xfinity Mobile bill pay to pay your monthly bill.
You can follow this link to look for the Xfinity Mobile store near you.

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