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Internet Accessibility Stats, PA State

A reliable internet connection is essential for carrying out daily tasks, which include emailing, video streaming, uploading and downloading files, etc. It is interesting to note that the Keystone State has a rich network environment, and is home to loads of top providers you can actually sign up with through LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 200+ internet providers compete in the markets of Pennsylvania
  • Xfinity, Spectrum and Frontier are among the top internet providers in PA
  • Pennsylvania is the 14th ‘most connected’ state in the US
  • 95% of Pennsylvanians have access to standard broadband coverage

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Ratio


of Pennsylvanians can easily get a wired network service at their home


of Pennsylvanians have fiber optic internet service in their area


of Pennsylvanians have the option of getting a coaxial cable line


of Pennsylvanians can easily opt for DSL internet service

Wireless Network Ratio

99.9% of Pennsylvanians are able to get their hands on mobile broadband service

12.8% of Pennsylvanians have fixed wireless service in their area

Satellite Network Ratio

100% of Pennsylvanians are able to access satellite speeds up to 25 Mbps

Speed Quotient

  • 95.1% of Pennsylvanians can access wired broadband of 25 Mbps speeds or higher
  • 94.7% of Pennsylvanians are able to enjoy broadband speeds up to 100 Mbps or more
  • 16.8% of Pennsylvanians can easily avail 1-gigabit broadband
  • 58.8 Mbps is the average speed for PA state

The Fastest Cities in Pennsylvania

Amongst the most steady internet speed areas in Pennsylvania, these five regions make it to our list:

CityCountyAverage Download SpeedOutstanding ProviderCoverage
BartoBerks County314.0 MbpsWindstream95%+
PerkiomenvilleMontgomery County297.7 MbpsXfinity99.9%+
Pine Grove MillsCentre County229.0 MbpsXfinity79.9%+
McclellandtownFayette County203.5 MbpsEarthLink91.8%+
ThorndaleChester County192.4 MbpsXfinity100%

Speeds and price may vary based on location

Connectivity Concerns

  • 591,000 Pennsylvanians cannot get a wired connection that can provide 25 Mbps download speeds
  • 536,000 Pennsylvanians have access to a single wired provider only, and don’t have the option to switch
  • 160,000 Pennsylvanians don't have any wired internet coverage in their area AT ALL
  • However, 1.8% improvement in the state’s overall broadband provision has happened since 2011, and is flourishing day by day

TV Availability Stats, PA State

Watching your all-time favorite movies and series is one of the ideal ways to spend leisure time at home. The amusement is multiplied if you live in Pennsylvania, because there you can take advantage of all the amazing TV services by PA’s best providers, brought to you by LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 50+ satellite & cable TV companies offer their entertainment services to Pennsylvanians
  • Xfinity, AT&T’s DIRECTV, Frontier and Spectrum lead the charts of TV service providers in PA
  • 10,342,796 Pennsylvanians watch TV live
  • 5,981,376 TV viewers in Pennsylvania use streaming services like Netflix & Hulu for watching their favorite shows

Phone Availability Stats, PA State

Telling exciting stories to our friends and family and sharing interesting experiences from our daily life cannot happen without a dependable phone connection. Luckily, Pennsylvania has a good number of ‘Voice’ providers selling top-notch services, which you can explore with the help of LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 25+ phone service providers can be found in the state of Pennsylvania
  • AT&T is one of the best providers around, offering flexible phone plans, among others
  • 97.64% of Pennsylvania’s zip codes are covered by AT&T’s remarkable service
  • 186 phone plans, including 3G & 4G LTE and starting at $7 per month, are offered by PA carriers
  • 89/100 is the average score earned by Pennsylvania on the basis of its phone coverage, out of other states

*Offers and availability may differ from location to location and are subject to change.

Comparing the Top PA Internet Service Providers

The Keystone State offers an outstanding range of internet options – whether DSL, cable, fiber or satellite. This huge variety is enough to confuse any buyer easily. Which internet service provider in Pennsylvania should you put your finger on, and which ISP should you run away from? How should you do your market research, and how should you come to a conclusion about the best available internet provider in PA? Stop worrying already! LocalCableDeals is here to help you in times of stress by successfully compiling the most appropriate ISP options in your area. Just skim through the following comparative table and pick your preference.

Sr. #ProviderService TypeMax Download Speeds up toCoverageOther Available ServicesACSI Score
1.XfinityCableUp to 1000 Mbps69.87%Xfinity TV with X1 Voice RemoteXfinity Voice with local and long-distance callingXfinity Home SecurityXfinity Mobile with customizable data61
2.SpectrumCableUp to 940 Mbps2.94%Spectrum TV with FREE HDSpectrum Home Phone with up to 28 calling featuresSpectrum Mobile with unlimited/by the gig data plans59
3.EarthlinkDSLUp to 15 Mbps61.96%--
4.WindstreamDSL, Fiber & CableUp to 1000 Mbps7.44%Windstream Voice with unlimited calling57
5.Frontier CommunicationsDSL & CopperUp to 40 Mbps4.42%Frontier Home Phone with unlimited callingDISH® TV with FREE DVRFrontier Secure55
6.AT&TWirelessUp to 10 Mbps100%DIRECTV with 3 months of premium channels included-
7.HughesNet®SatelliteUp to 25 Mbps99.22%HughesNet® Voice with free equipment setup-
*Offers and availability may differ from location to location and are subject to change.

Why LocalCableDeals?

To understand why you should trust LocalCableDeals, consider all the elements that are the most relevant in your search for the perfect telecom service provider in Pennsylvania. The popular factors are often speed, dependability & cost-effectiveness. LocalCableDeals not only gets these pain points, but also on their basis, lists just the most appropriate options of providers and packages in your area, all at one place – saving your valuable time and energy. Plus, this one-stop shop:

  • Assists you by noting each type of internet line available in your PA region, ranging from Fiber to DSL
  • Facilitates you in selecting the speed bracket of internet you actually need, starting from 25 Mbps satellite-powered to 1000 Mbps fiber-fast connection
  • Lets you compare all the available internet deals in your locality so you can find the best network speeds at the most reasonable prices, especially when you come from a low-income family
  • Pays attention to your entertainment appetite by bringing you the best available TV providers in PA, be it IPTV or digital cable, and offers a walkthrough of their channel listings for your convenience
  • Supports you when you are searching for the best landline or cell phone service providers in the Keystone State with adaptable data options, so you can hold conversations for hours without any hitches

Internet Environment of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is the 14th most connected state in Philadelphia, where 95% of the residents have access to broadband speeds of 25 Mbps and more. The Keystone State’s internet market consists of several top ISPs, even the popular names including Xfinity, Spectrum and Frontier, etc. Alongside other internet service providers in Pennsylvania, these bring mind-blowing network speeds to nationwide inhabitants, roughly 15 to 1000 Mbps. The categories of internet connection also differ all the way throughout the state. We see the fast connectivity of fiber optic lines in the most approachable areas. Then, the urban localities have DSL and cable internet. The suburbs, though, have a choice of satellite internet connection or AT&T’s strong wireless. Besides wired lines, wireless data packages are also great options for Pennsylvanians.

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Texas TV

Pennsylvania’s TV Setting

Many famous celebrities are from Pennsylvania including the famous singer Taylor Swift, stand-up comedian Dennis Miller, actors like Seth Green, Eric Wareheim, Olive Thomas, Billy Barty, Jack Klugman, to name a few, and let’s not forget Noam Chomsky who is internationally acknowledged as a philosopher, linguist, political commentator, and social activist. While they all are known for their respective talents and accomplishments, their roots are from Keystone state. Taking this entertaining sense forward, the top Pennsylvanian cable/fiber/satellite TV providers such as Xfinity, Frontier, and ATT deliver premium channel line-ups and reasonably priced plans to the inhabitants of Keystone, so they can quench their craving for entertainment and watch TV effortlessly.

Wrapping Up…

There are countless TV, internet, and phone service providers working through the Keystone stone, offering Pennsylvanians fast internet, entertaining channels and Voice benefits. If you want to learn which provider is most appropriate for your household, you should follow LocalCableDeals. Why? Because it will help you find your local telecom providers, compare their features and pricing, let you know what other customers have to say about the services, and ultimately assist you in making the right choice. And all this, within a matter of clicks!

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