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Reliable Internet, entertaining TV and unlimited calling!
Combine Spectrum Packages and Get Bundles Starting From
For 12 months*
  • Download Speeds Starting From 100 Mbps
  • Free HD Channels
  • Unlimited Calling Features
Spectrum Double Play TV Package Spectrum Double Play Internet Package

Spectrum Silver Double Play

  • Enjoy 175+ channels
  • Entertainment in HD
  • Download speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Freedom with no data caps
For 12 months
Spectrum Select Triple Play TV Package Spectrum Select Triple Play Internet Package Spectrum Select Triple Play Phone Package

Spectrum Select Triple Play

  • Download speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Freedom with no data caps
  • Stay safe with Security Suite
  • Enjoy 125+ channels
  • Entertainment in HD
  • Unlimited calling
For 12 months
Spectrum Silver Triple Play TV Package Spectrum Silver Triple Play Internet Package Spectrum Silver Triple Play Phone Package

Spectrum Silver Triple Play

  • Download speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Freedom with no data caps
  • Stay safe with Security Suite
  • Enjoy 175+ channels
  • Entertainment in HD
  • Thousands of Free on-demand choices
  • Unlimited calling
For 12 months

Combining Your Spectrum Packages

Looking to get a Spectrum package? Let’s make it simple for you. You look at the different available options and then decide on the package you like. This decision-making process should include things like utility and prices.

This simple analysis will help you make the right decision putting you in a better position to take a more informed decision. Choosing the right internet, cable TV, and phone package is an important matter. The package you decide is going to stay with you for a while with you looking to pay a subscription every month.

Standalone services are great but combining two or three get you a bundle. Joining two services get you a double play bundle and joining all three services will get you a triple play bundle. Getting your services from Spectrum gets you a chance to combine your standalone package to form a bundle to meet all your needs. You get reliable services with an added benefit of savings!

Spectrum Packages To Choose From

Spectrum PackageInternet SpeedNo Data CapChannelsUnlimited Calling feature
Select100 Mbps125+
Silver100 Mbps175+
Gold100 Mbps200+

Offers and availability subject to change.

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Savings with Spectrum Packages

Spectrum is more than just a service provider. Spectrum packages get you incredible services at affordable prices, exciting features and amazing speeds. As a subscriber you deserve a little more. Spectrum packages get you all the good services with savings on the side. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Watch the video to learn more.

Spectrum Packages Get You The Best of Three!


Formation of the Cable System

Trade association for U.S. cable industry is formed: National Cable & Telecommunications Association



Charter Spectrum™ starts cable operations in Alabama under the name NewChannels

Warner Communication starts Warner Cable



Former Cox executives and NewHouse for MetroVision

NewHouse expands by acquiring Vision Cable



Warner Communications and Time, Inc., join to form Time Warner, Inc.,

Warner cable Joins hands with American Television & Communications to form Time Warner Cable



Charter Communications, Inc., comes to the surface and starts acquiring cable systems nationwide

Time Warner Entertainment partners with Advance/NewHouse for cable partnership



Charter Spectrum™ controlling interest acquired by Paul Allen

Charter Spectrum™ enters the stock exchange



Charter Spectrum™ makes its way into Fortune 500

Time Warner Cable public trading on the New York Stock Exchange



Chapter 11 forces Charter Spectrum™ to restructure finances
Time Warner Cable and Time Warner part ways

Charter Spectrum™ Appoint Thomas M. Rutledge ad President & CEO



Charter Spectrum™ gets Liberty Media and Spectrum is announced as a brand

Charter Spectrum™, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks join forces

Be a part of the Spectrum journey. Take a closer look at the history of legacy Spectrum services by downloading the infographic.

Spectrum Bundles To Choose From

Spectrum BundleInternet SpeedSecurity SuiteChannelsFree HD ChannelsPremium ChannelsOptional DVRSpectrum TV AppOn-Demand ProgrammingUnlimited Dialing
Select Double Play100 Mbps125+
Silver Double Play100 Mbps175+
Gold Double Play100 Mbps200+
TV Select + Phone125+
TV Silver + Phone175+
TV Gold + Phone200+
Select Triple Play100 Mbps125+
Silver Triple play100 Mbps175+
Gold Triple play100 Mbps200+

Why Bundle Spectrum Packages?

Signing up for Spectrum services gets you reliability with ease, connection with great speeds and customer support that you have been looking for. All this looks good but you deserve a little more. When you bundle your Spectrum packages you get unparalleled convenience and savings that you want.

Spectrum gives you an opportunity to avail lots of extras at no additional cost. Getting a bundle of your choice will open doors to savings and extras that you have been looking for. Combine your Internet, cable TV and phone today and get free extras with discounted pricing!

Spectrum Internet

Internet is a need that is nothing short of a blessing. You use it to kill time, look for information, find discounts on your favorite items, stream your favorite shows, play online games, the list goes on. Life is happy until you get a bill that shows hidden charges, equipment rentals, and other costs, which you overlooked. You are barely over it and you see the internet is slow and your device is isn’t operating like it should. Perhaps, a security breach. Hacking? Spectrum internet offers you speed and reliability with ease of mind.

Spectrum Internet Service
no data cap
No Data Caps

The internet needs to be fast, reliable and unlimited. Most internet service providers get you speeds and they may be reliable but they also implement data caps. This means you get to use optimum levels of service only until you’ve reached the data cap. Once you’ve reached the limit you get to face two issues. It either results in slow internet speeds to frequent disconnection or total internet disconnection. You may get a fast internet but it is far from being reliable.

Bundling your Spectrum Internet with TV packages or combining all three services gets you freedom. You get to surf all you like, download all the files you want, stream your favorite shows as many times as you like and the list goes on. You get to use unlimited Internet with no limits. Bundles get you reliable internet, which is fast and does not compromise your freedom.

free Modem
Free Modem

Getting an internet connection means you’ll need a modem and other equipment. You ignore the pricing or its hidden charges. You get your first bill and find it to be a surprise, not a pleasant one. You get into details to see equipment rentals. Too late to do anything and you now find yourself stuck with a price you did not agree to.

Bundling Spectrum Internet package gets you everything you want from your connection and add a little more on top. You get savings, a lot of extras and a free modem. Yes, a free modem. This ensures you pay for what you agreed and no longer have to worry about equipment cost or rentals.

Security Suite
Security Suite

Your internet has to be fast, reliable and with a lot of free extras. The internet has to give you freedom of using it around the clock with no interruptions, no slowdowns and no data caps. Wi-Fi ensures you are not tied up to a cable and use your internet wherever you want. This wireless connectivity comes with a potential threat. This connection is also available to other users. The world of internet offers so many great things but it also poses an occasional security threat. Your internet is nothing if it is not secure.

Getting a Spectrum bundle that includes internet, gets you a unique feature. This unique feature ensures that your cyber-privacy is intact and you are safe from any and all cyber threats. Spectrum Security Suite is an anti-virus that ensures that your Wi-Fi is safe and that your cybersecurity is not compromised.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV is your ideal entertainment option. It offers a wide variety of channels covering a number of genres. Here at spectrum, quality is not the only preference. Quality is given the same priority. Amazing sound with crystal-clear picture is what you get with your entertainment service.

Bundling your Spectrum TV packages with other services gets you options like entertainment on the go. You get to take your TV with you, with the ability to record your favorite shows and watch them later. Spectrum Bundles gets you these and lots of other features.

Spectrum TV Service
Free HD

Life is all about vivid colors, sharp images and beautiful pictures. Life needs to be extravagant and full of color. Nothing brings happiness like TV in HD. Normal programming is a mere blur copy of HD originals. Most cable TV companies would charge you extra for them and take away the joy. You may miss out on the crisp picture and lifelike sounds.

Spectrum TV gets you the opportunity to view your television with a lifelike quality. Bundling your Spectrum TV package with other Spectrum services gets you cable TV with free HD programming. You can now watch your favorite game, enjoy your favorite shows and movies in HD at no extra charge!

DVR Services

Cable TV is all about channels and live programming. You schedule your day just so you can watch your favorite show, catch the latest episode of a series or be part of a live event. You manage your work, chores and other tasks accordingly. This puts you through a lot of hassle and you feel pressured. Spectrum TV is here to take all that stress away.

Spectrum DVR Services with Spectrum bundles take your Spectrum TV package to another level. You get to record live shows and your favorite episode so that you can watch them later. With Spectrum OnDemand services you watch TV stress-free. Spectrum TV bundles follow your schedule!

Spectrum Phone

Life is all about connection. You meet, you talk and you share, more than that you fill it with love. Sharing love with words in your voice adds to the emotions and the message is well received. It is about keeping the connection alive and staying in touch all the time. Getting Spectrum Phone allows you to communicate, share and keep the connection alive.

Stay in touch with your loved ones without any worries. Bundle up your Spectrum Phone package and get lots of phone features.

Spectrum Phone Service
Unlimited Dialing

When your love knows no bounds why should your expression? Spectrum Phone gets you the freedom to say all you want. Unlimited dialing features with Spectrum bundles free you from limitations. You get unlimited minutes that allow you to call a number of destinations.

Bundling lets you stay in touch and connected with your family, friends and loved ones. No matter if they live in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Northern Mariana Island.

Call Forwarding

Staying by phone is difficult. You may be away getting groceries, picking up the children from school or away on a vacation. While you’re away you may get calls that require your attention. What do you do? Spectrum Phone with Spectrum bundles is the answer. Answer all your forwarded calls with Call Forwarding, a free feature you already know. You get to choose from a few options to suit your needs. Get those calls forwarded when your line is busy or simply forward all the calls received to another number. You are always connected and never miss a call!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channels do I get with spectrum packages?

Spectrum TV offers a wide variety of channels. The list includes free HD and premium channels. Details vary with the Spectrum package you choose. You get a minimum of 125 channels.

How much does a Spectrum package cost?

Spectrum packages offer a variety of options and variations. You can choose from the available options and the price varies. You can save on this price when you bundle your Spectrum packages with other services and get a Spectrum bundle.

What is a triple play bundle?

Spectrum offers services in the shape of different packages. You can combine your Spectrum package with other Spectrum services to form a Spectrum bundle. Combining two Spectrum services gets you a double play bundle and getting all three services gets you a triple play bundle and lots of savings.

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