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Spectrum Customer Reviews

I called Spectrum customer service to check why my internet kept disconnecting every few minutes. With a quick troubleshoot on the call, they were able to fix my issue instantly.

user By: Lenny Joe
Orlando, Florida

Have been facing frequent internet slow-downs in the last 4 to 5 months and the issue persists. Although Customer service is always available for a call, they have not been able to resolve the issue in my area.

user By: Simon Jake
Sacramento, California

I had an issue with my modem and I called Spectrum customer service. Had to wait for a few minutes to get help but the service rep was nice and quickly rectified my issue. Will recommend.

user By: Valentina Artunduaga
Dayton, Michigan

I’ve switched between quite a few internet providers within the last two years, though Spectrum has made it past the six-month threshold. There was an internet outage in my area a few weeks back, which was a bit frustrating. However, the customer support representative was cooperative, and the issue was resolved the same day, so not too shabby I guess.

user By: Noah Miller
Columbus, Ohio

I have been using Spectrum for the past two years and I don't have much to complain about. The upload and download speeds are great. It just tends to get a tad expensive, but I am okay with that if I get consistently good service.

user By: Xander Mosby
Charleston, SC

Spectrum's prices are a bit high, especially once the promo period is over. It would be awesome if they could offer some cheaper options, especially for long-term customers. In terms of performance, Spectrum does pretty well. The internet speed is consistent, and I haven't faced any major issues with service outages or speed throttling during peak hours. It's reliable, which is a big plus for me.

user By: Catherine Gilbert
Brooklyn, NY

I got Spectrum TV and internet services and lately, the TV services have started acting up. Just fyi. I’m from Louisville, Kentucky so don’t know if it’s the area thing or what. But the DVR service is not really working and the streaming box keeps turning off on its own. I called customer service and they promised to send a technician. Besides that, I love the internet speed but the TV services need some improvement.

user By: Lloyd Jones
Louisville, Kentucky

Recently shifted to my new apartment and wanted help with wiring and router setting. Spectrum sent the tech guy within 24 hrs. Everything was done within 30 minutes without any hiccups. Was not expecting such a good service. The staff was polite, respectful, and diligent, definetely recommended.

user By: Jack Larson
Lockport, New York

This review is to help my fellow youtubers who struggle with long upload times. Spectrum Internet is it for me guys. Still cannot believe I can upload videos without compromising the overall speed of my internet connection. Before Spectrum, I could never go live if I was uploading a video, but now my live streams are smooth and I can regularly answer my followers’ questions.

user By: Sean Matthew
Brooklyn, New York

I transferred to Spectrum a couple of months ago and so far so good. One slightly bothersome thing are occasional outages but their customer service is responsive enough to resolve the issue in a beat.

user By: Dylan Miller
Columbus, Ohio

Spectrum is not the cheapest but it’s reliable and available in my area where we don’t get a lot of options. I’ve only had three service outages in the last two years with two of them being under 45 minutes. Happy with the service.

user By: Jeanie Suah
Burlington, Vermont

The only thing I don’t like about being a Spectrum customer for a few years is they try to raise the prices and I have to renegotiate my deal. They usually accommodate me but I just wish I didn’t have to do that every year.

user By: Wade Burrell
Madison, Wsconsin

Anyone going for Spectrum, PLEASE, choose a higher speed plan, NOT a promo! I’ve dealt with it and been frustrated ever since. Promo deals are great as long as they don’t expire. But once they do, you’ll experience slow speed and the service won’t even work sometime. I’ve reported this several times now. Every time I do, it gets fixed but later it’s the same. Don’t know what to do!.

user By: Brayn R.
San Antonio, Texas

I travel around the state for work and internet is a must for me. Instead of wasting my time to locate a public WiFi, I can simply use Spectrum’s hotspot. Although it solves my availability issues, the internet speed needs a bit of improvement.

user By: Katherine Baker
Irvine, California

Being a gamer who is living in outskirts I tried almost every ISP there and they tested my patience. Can’t say that Spectrum is flawless but it’s just sitting on the edge of acceptability.

user By: Steve Lehner
Compton, California

It’s been seven months since I have subscribed to spectrum tv. There are multiple options available in channels but sometimes you have to pay premium for some sports channels like NHL centre ice and ESPN college extra which is the only bad thing. But the tv app is cool, so overall kinda satisfied.

user By: Kennedy Myers
Richmond, Virginia

A couple months ago my internet started acting up. I called spectrum to cancel my subscription but they sent a guy to check the speed. He did some work with the wires in the thanks to which my internet speed has been super. Definitely recommend Spectrum internet for speeds and prices

user By: Naomi Anderson
Cleveland, Ohio

I don’t know why but ever since I got the internet and TV bundle, my speed has been messed up. There are times when I can’t even open any tab on the browser, let alone do anything. Have reported this to customer support and they keep saying it’s because my internet plan isn’t suited for the bundle (I’m using Select with 300 Mbps). Is anyone else facing the same issue?

user By: Sandra C.
Cleveland, Ohio

I have been using Spectrum for three years now. Had a few problems but their customer service was awesome. Whenever I needed help, their tech support was right there to assist me.

user By: Oliver Mason
Manhattan, NY

Internet keeps freezing I have contacted customer service multiple times if there’s an issue with my internet plan or what they should at least let me know so I can upgrade since Spectrum is the only better option in my area.

user By: Paul Gibson
San Bernardino, CA

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