The Choicest Spectrum TV Packages on the Block

Charter Spectrum TV™ Select



for 12 mos*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. TV equipment required and is extra; other equipment, install, taxes, fees and surcharges may apply. Restrictions apply.

125+ channels with FREE HD
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • Multi-device viewing
  • Stream TV across 80+ network apps on the go
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Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver



for 12 mos*

*Upgrade to Spectrum TV Silver for $25 more per mo., standard rates apply after year 1. TV equipment required and is extra; other equipment, install, taxes, fees and surcharges may apply. Restrictions apply.

175+ channels with FREE HD
  • Includes SHOWTIME®, HBO® & NFL Network®
  • Get TV Everywhere with HBO GO®
  • On Demand available
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Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold



for 12 mos*

*Upgrade to Spectrum TV Gold for $45 more per mo., standard rates apply after year 1. TV equipment required and is extra; other equipment, install, taxes, fees and surcharges may apply. Restrictions apply.

200+ channels with FREE HD
  • Includes HBO®, STARZ®, TMC®, SHOWTIME®, STARZENCORE® & NFL Network®
  • Enjoy On Demand titles
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*Channel Lineup may vary with location. Not all channels may be available in every region.

Get Ready for a Whole New Range of HD Channels!

How can you bring the picture quality of your favorite shows to life? By subscribing to Spectrum’s TV packages, which come with a spectacular HD programming that promises to take your entertainment viewing experience to the next level. Now, with any Spectrum cable channel lineup, you can enjoy access to over 200 HD channels, including Nickelodeon HD, Disney Channel HD, Freeform HD, Hallmark Channel HD, FX HD, A&E HD, History HD and many more. Their availability and count may differ from area to area, but one thing is for sure, you no longer have to settle for the boring Standard Definition when you can choose Spectrum’s crystal-clear HD lineup.

Spectrum Channel Lineup

Pick any Spectrum Triple Play Channel Lineup & Save Loads

Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Select



for 12 mos when bundled*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. Qualifying bundle includes Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum Internet™, and Spectrum Voice™. TV equipment required & is extra; No additional charge for modem; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

Enjoy TLC, ESPN, Discovery Channel and TBS etc.
  • 125+ channels & 80+ network apps
  • Speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • Home phone with unlimited calling & up to 28 features
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Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Silver



for 12 mos when bundled*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. Qualifying bundle includes Spectrum TV Silver, Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™. TV equipment required & is extra; No additional charge for modem; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

Get HBO®, NFL Network® & SHOWTIME®
  • 175+ channels & HBO GO®
  • Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • Unlimited calling across U.S., Mexico, Canada, etc.
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Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Gold



for 12 mos when bundled*

* Standard rates apply after year 1. Qualifying bundle includes Spectrum TV Gold, Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™. TV equipment required & is extra; No additional charge for modem; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

Include HBO®, STARZ®, TMC®, SHOWTIME® & more
  • 200+ channels with FREE HD
  • Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • Home phone with unlimited nationwide calling
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*Channel Lineup may vary with location. Not all channels may be available in every region.

What does Spectrum “Basic” Channel Lineup Include?

Basic channels are locally broadcasted networks that are publically available. These are at the core of any cable TV plan that Spectrum offers, whether Select, Silver or Gold. If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend on premium content, you can always hook up your TV set with the basic channels from Spectrum, which cover sports, news, drama, retail and other entertaining stations at extremely affordable prices. Stripped down, Spectrum offers 40+ basic channels that are common across all states. Some of these are:

Spectrum Basic TV

ABC, CBS, C-SPAN, FOX, IND, ION, Music Choice Channels, MyTV, NBC, PBS, QVC, The CW, TBN

Spectrum TV Select

A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, ESPN, FX, HGTV, MTV, Oxygen, + all Basic TV channels

*Channel Lineup may vary with location. Not all channels may be available in every region.

You can stick to the basic channels only, or expand them by including MTV, Disney Channel, ESPN and others, which are provided in Spectrum’s starter cable package. The difference between the basic and starter cable lineup is that you get double the variety in HD with TV Select, while the former mostly covers local programming in standard quality.

Access Live TV Channels with Spectrum TV App

This is the era of smartphones. There is no doubt about it. That is why Spectrum brings its special TV app to the table, so it can make your entertainment more mobile and untethered. With Spectrum TV app, you can get access to over 170 live channels, 60+ network apps and up to 50,000 On Demand titles – on a single platform. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a full smartphone battery, and entertainment becomes seamless for you. Not only that, with Spectrum TV app, you can browse Live TV library by network or category, add interesting titles to ‘Watch Later’ section and program your DVR from any device, etc.

Spectrum TV channel lineup
Spectrum cable channel lineup

Now Covering TV Channel Apps for On-The-Go Streaming

With your Spectrum credentials, you can sign in to any of the channel apps that are a part of your TV subscription. These include but are not limited to BTN2Go (Big Ten Network to Go), MAX GO, Bravo, EPIX, C-SPAN, E!, Cooking Channel GO, ESPN, DIY Network GO, FOX NOW, HGTV GO, WE TV, NFL, TMC, HBO GO, Travel Channel GO, NBC Sports, Nat Geo TV, FXNOW, DisneyNOW, Adult Swim, TLC GO, BET NOW, MSG GO, Pop Now and Spectrum News, etc. By downloading and tuning into these apps, you can stream sports, seasons, music choice channels and so much more LIVE from anywhere and at any time!

Here’s How You Can Set Up Your Spectrum TV App

Catch all your favorite programming across compatible devices by downloading the Spectrum TV app. It’s as easy as pie. Follow these steps:

  • Open your My Spectrum app, click on the Menu icon and select “Create a Username”
  • Enter the Contact Info. (email address/phone number associated with your account) or go for the Account info. (account number and security code on the bill)
  • Verify your identity
  • Form a new username and a password
  • Download the Spectrum TV App from Apple App Store/Google Play/Amazon Appstore/Roku/Samsung Smart TV/Microsoft Store*
  • Sign in with your Spectrum credentials
  • Start enjoying Spectrum stream channel lineup!
Spectrum Triple Play Channel Lineup

*APPLE device requirements: iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone® and iPod Touch®, running iOS 11 or higher.

KINDLE FIRE tablet requirements: All Kindle Fire models, including Kindle Fire HDX, are supported, except first-generation Kindle Fire.

ANDROID device requirements: All tablets and phones running Android 5.0 or higher.

Roku device requirements: All Roku players and TVs (excluding first-generation).

Xbox One requirements: All Xbox One models are supported.

Samsung Smart TV requirements: TV model years 2012 and newer are supported.

Charter-authorized modem is required to stream on Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV.

On the Whole…

What is the Spectrum TV App?

It is a mobile application that enables you to watch On Demand titles, DVR recordings and Live TV on your compatible devices without any extra charge.

How can you use the Spectrum TV App?

You can use the app by downloading it freely on your respective devices, signing in with your, and launching the app to start streaming.

What devices are compatible with the Spectrum TV App?

Apple devices (iPad®, iPad® mini, iPhone® and iPod Touch® running iOS 11 or higher), Amazon devices (Kindle Fire), Android devices, Roku, Xbox One and Samsung Smart TV (models 2012-20) are compatible with Spectrum TV app.

What purpose does the ‘Send to TV’ feature serve?

This feature allows you to send live streaming content from your phone to your cable set-top box, so you can continue watching the show on the big TV screen without interruption.

limited basic channel lineup

Find the Right Channel Lineups in Your Area by Charter Spectrum™

Spectrum believes that each locality is a sum total of unique users who in turn have their unique needs. While some can’t help but pay for the highest channel count, others prefer to select a TV package which offers the bare minimum. That is why the ‘actual availability’ of lineups across the Select, Silver and Gold TV plans differs from one geographical unit to another, even though they’re advertised uniformly throughout the states.

For instance, the 63033 zip in Missouri has 283 channels in the Spectrum TV Select lineup, 431 channels in the Spectrum TV Silver lineup and 524 channels in the Spectrum TV Gold lineup. On the other hand, the 44875 zip in Ohio has 167 channels in TV Select, 242 channels in TV Silver and 298 channels in TV Gold plan. Whereas, if you look at the 32117 zip in Florida, you will find 192 TV Select channels, 267 TV Silver channels and 328 TV Gold channels. As you may see from these examples, Spectrum delivers way more than what it promises. No matter what your lifestyle, you will always be satisfied by Spectrum’s service.

Compare the Top Spectrum TV Lineups by Plan or Genre

Channels NameSpectrum Select ChannelSpectrum Silver ChannelSpectrum Gold ChannelSpectrum Select ChannelSpectrum Silver ChannelSpectrum Gold ChannelCategory
A&E YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
AABC TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
ABC YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
ABC YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
ACC Network NoNoYesSports
ActionMAX NoYesNoMovies
AMC YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
AMC YesNoYesMovies
American Heroes Channel NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
American Heroes Channel NoNoYesEducation
Animal Planet YesNoYesEducation
Animal Planet YesNoYesScience/Technology
Antena 3 Internacional NoYesNoForegin Language
Antenna TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Antenna TV YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Aplauso TV NoNoNoForegin Language
ASPiRE TV NoYesYesLiving Style
Atres Series NoYesNoForegin Language
AXS TV NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
AyM Sports NoYesNoForegin Language
AyM Sports NoYesNoSports
Azteca América NoYesNoForegin Language
BabyFirst TV NoNoYesEducation
BabyFirst TV NoNoYesForegin Language
BabyTV NoYesNoMusic
Bandamax NoYesNoForegin Language
Bandamax NoYesNoMusic
BBC America YesYesYesNews
BBC World News NoNoYesNews
BeIN SPORTS Español NoYesYesForegin Language
BeIN SPORTS Español NoYesYesSports
BET YesYesYesMusic
BET YesYesYesLiving Style
BET HER NoYesYesMusic
BET Jams NoNoYesLiving Style
BET Jams NoNoYesMusic
BET Soul NoYesYesAnimation
BET Soul NoYesYesNews
Black News Channel NoYesYesBraodcast/local access
Bloomberg Television YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Boomerang NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Boomerang NoNoYesLiving Style
Bounce TV YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Bounce TV YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Bounce TV YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Bravo YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Bravo YesNoYesLiving Style
BTN YesNoYesEducation
BTN YesNoYesSports
Buzzr TV YesYesYesEducation
BYUtv NoYesYesNews
C1R (Russian) NoYesNoEducation
C-SPAN YesNoYesNews
C-SPAN YesNoYesEducation
C-SPAN2 YesYesYesNews
C-SPAN2 YesYesYesEducation
C-SPAN3 YesNoYesNews
C-SPAN3 YesNoYesEducation
Canal Sur NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
Canal Sur NoYesNoBraodcast/local access
Caracol NoYesNoForegin Language
Cartoon Network YesYesYesAnimation
Cartoon Network YesYesYesChildren/Family
CBS YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
CBS Sports Network NoYesYesSports
CentroamericaTV NoYesNoForegin Language
CGN (Korean) YesYesYesPremium Networks
Charge! YesNoYesMovies
Charge! YesNoYesLiving Style
Cheddar Business NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Cine Mexicano NoNoNoMusic
Cine Sony NoNoNoMovies
Cinelatino NoYesNoPremium Networks
Cinelatino NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
Cinemáx NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
Cinemáx NoNoNoBraodcast/local access
Cleo NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
CMT YesNoYesNews
CNBC YesYesYesForegin Language
CNBC World NoNoYesNews
CNN YesNoYesNews
CNN en Español NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
CNN en Español NoNoNoEducation
Comedy Central YesYesYesLiving Style
Comet YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Comet YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Cooking Channel NoYesYesLiving Style
Cooking Channel NoYesYesEducation
Court TV YesYesYesForegin Language
Court TV Mystery YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Court TV Mystery YesYesYesLiving Style
Cozi TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Create YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Create YesNoYesMovies
Create YesNoYesEducation
Crime & Investigation NoYesYesLiving Style
Crossings TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
CTI Zhong Tian NoNoNoForegin Language
Cubaplay NoYesNoForegin Language
Daystar YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Daystar YesNoYesEducation
De Película NoYesNoLiving Style
De Película NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
De Película NoYesNoForegin Language
De Película Clásico NoNoNoForegin Language
De Película Clásico NoNoNoEducation
Destination America NoYesYesScience/Technology
Destination America NoYesYesChildren/Family
Discovery Channel YesYesYesEducation
Discovery Channel YesYesYesScience/Technology
Discovery Channel YesYesYesForegin Language
Discovery en Español NoYesNoEducation
Discovery en Español NoYesNoScience/Technology
Discovery en Español NoYesNoChildren/Family
Discovery Familia NoNoNoChildren/Family
Discovery Familia NoNoNoEducation
Discovery Familia NoNoNoForegin Language
Discovery Familia NoNoNoScience/Technology
Discovery Family NoNoYesPremium Networks
Discovery Life Channel NoYesYesMovies
Discovery Life Channel NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Disney Channel YesYesYesLiving Style
Disney Junior NoNoYesAnimation
Disney Junior NoNoYesChildren/Family
Disney XD NoYesYesPremium Networks
DIY Network NoNoYesMovies
DIY Network NoNoYesLiving Style
E! YesYesYesChildren/Family
E! YesYesYesForegin Language
Ecuavisa Internacional NoYesNoLiving Style
Ecuavisa Internacional NoYesNoLiving Style
Educational Access YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
El Rey Network NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
EPIX NoYesNoForegin Language
EPIX NoYesNoLiving Style
ESPN YesNoYesSports
ESPN Classic NoNoYesNews
ESPN Deportes NoNoYesForegin Language
ESPN Deportes NoNoYesSports
ESPN Goal Line/Bases Loaded NoYesYesSports
ESPN2 YesNoYesSports
ESPNEWS NoYesYesSports
ESPNU NoNoYesSports
Estrella TV NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
Estudio 5 NoYesNoForegin Language
ETTV News (Chinese) YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
ETTV News (Chinese) YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
EWTN YesYesYesEducation
EWTN en Español NoYesNoNews
EWTN en Español NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
EWTN en Español NoYesNoForegin Language
FETV YesYesYesLiving Style
FETV YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
FLIX NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
FM NoYesYesMusic
Food Network YesYesYesNews
FOROtv NoYesNoForegin Language
FOX YesYesYesMusic
FOX Business Network YesYesYesMovies
Fox College Sports Atlantic NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Fox College Sports Central NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Fox College Sports Pacific NoNoYesMovies
FOX Deportes NoNoYesForegin Language
FOX Deportes NoNoYesSports
FOX Life NoNoNoMusic
FOX Life NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
FOX News Channel YesYesYesNews
FOX Soccer Plus NoYesNoSports
FOX Sports 1 YesYesYesSports
FOX Sports 2 NoYesYesSports
Freeform YesYesYesMovies
FS Midwest YesYesYesSports
FS Midwest Plus YesYesYesSports
Fuse NoYesYesMusic
Fusion NoYesYesMovies
FX YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
FX Movie Channel YesYesYesMovies
FXX YesYesYesPremium Networks
fyi NoYesYesMovies
fyi NoYesYesComedy
GAC NoNoYesMovies
Galavisión YesNoYesPremium Networks
Galavisión YesNoYesChildren/Family
GMA Life TV NoYesNoMovies
GMA News TV International NoYesNoPremium Networks
GMA Pinoy TV NoYesNoPremium Networks
GOL TV NoYesNoSports
GOL TV NoYesNoForegin Language
Golf Channel NoNoYesSports
Government Access YesNoYesComedy
GSN NoYesYesPremium Networks
H1 TV YesYesYesMovies
Hallmark Channel YesYesYesChildren/Family
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries YesYesYesMovies
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries YesYesYesPremium Networks
HBO NoYesYesForegin Language
HBO NoYesYesPremium Networks
HBO 2 NoNoYesMovies
HBO 2 NoNoYesMovies
HBO Comedy NoNoYescomedy
HBO Comedy NoNoYesPremium Networks
HBO Comedy NoNoYesmovies
HBO Family NoNoYesChildren/Family
HBO Family NoNoYesPremium Networks
HBO Latino NoNoYesPremium Networks
HBO Latino NoNoYesForegin Language
HBO Latino NoNoYesmovies
HBO Signature NoNoYesMovies
HBO Signature NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
HBO Zone NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
HBO Zone NoYesYesNews
HD Pay-Per-View NoYesNoMovies
HD Pay-Per-View NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
HDNet Movies NoYesYesNews
Heroes & Icons NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
HGTV YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Higher Education Channel YesYesYesMovies
HISTORY YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
HISTORY YesYesYesEducation
HISTORY en Español NoYesNoEducation
HISTORY en Español NoYesNoForegin Language
HISTORY en Español NoYesNogeneral Entertainment
HITN NoNoNoEducation
HLN YesYesYesNews
HLN YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
HSN YesYesYesLiving Style
HSN2 YesYesYesNews
i24 NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
IFC NoYesYesArts
IFC NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
IFC NoYesYesMovies
iN DEMAND 1 NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
iN DEMAND 3 NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
iN DEMAND Español NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
iN DEMAND Español NoNoNoMovies
iN DEMAND Previews NoYesNoLiving Style
IndiePlex NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
IndiePlex NoYesYesMovies
INSP YesYesYesNews
Investigation Discovery YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Investigation Discovery YesYesYesMusic
ION YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
ION Television NoNoNoChildren/Family
¡Sorpresa! TV NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
JBS (Jewish Broadcasting Service) NoYesYesForegin Language
Jewelry TV YesNoYesLiving Style
KBS World YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Lifestyle Network NoYesNoForegin Language
Lifetime YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Lifetime YesNoYesLiving Style
Lifetime Real Women NoNoYesEducation
Lifetime Real Women NoNoYesNews
Liquidation Channel YesYesYesLiving Style
Live Well Network YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Living Faith Network YesYesYesEducation
LMN NoNoYesMovies
LMN NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Local Origination YesNoYesEducation
LOGO NoNoYesLiving Style
LOVE YesNoYesLiving Style
LOVE YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
MAVTV Motorsports Network NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
MAVTV Motorsports Network NoYesYesSports
MBC (Korean) YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
MeTV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Mexicanal NoYesNoForegin Language
Mexico 22 NoYesNoForegin Language
Military History NoYesYeseducation
Military History NoYesYesgeneral entertainment
MLB Network NoYesYesSports
MLB Strike Zone NoYesNoSports
MoreMAX NoYesNoMovies
MoreMAX NoYesNoPremium Networks
MotorTrend YesYesYesLiving Style
MotorTrend YesYesYesSports
MotorTrend YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
MovieMAX NoYesYesMovies
MoviePlex NoYesYesMovies
Movies! TV Network YesYesYesMovies
msnbc YesYesYesNews
MTV YesYesYesMusic
MTV YesYesYesLiving Style
MTV YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
MTV Classic NoYesYesMusic
MTV Live NoYesYesMusic
MTV2 NoYesYesMusic
MTV2 NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Multimedios Televisión NoYesNoForegin Language
Music Choice - 70s YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - 80s YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - 90s YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Adult Alternative YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Alternative YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Blues YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Classic Country YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Classic Rock YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Contemporary Christian YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Country Hits YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Dance/EDM YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Easy Listening YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Gospel YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Hip-Hop and R&B YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Hip-Hop Classics YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Hit List YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Indie YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Jazz YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Kidz Only! YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Light Classical YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Max YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Metal YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Mexicana YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Musica Urbana YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Party Favorites YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Pop & Country YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Pop Hits YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Pop Latino YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - R&B & Soul YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - R&B Classics YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Rap YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Reggae YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Rock YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Rock Hits YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Singers & Swing YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Smooth Jazz YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Soft Rock YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Solid Gold Oldies YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Sound of the Seasons YesYesYesMusic
Music Choice - Soundscapes YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Stage & Screen YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Teen Beats YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Throwback Jamz YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Today's Country YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Toddler Tunes YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Tropicales YesNoYesMusic
Music Choice - Y2K YesNoYesMusic
MyTV YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Nat Geo Mundo NoNoNoScience/Technology
Nat Geo Mundo NoNoNoForegin Language
Nat Geo Mundo NoNoNoEducation
Nat Geo Wild NoNoYesScience/Technology
Nat Geo Wild NoNoYesEducation
National Geographic YesYesYesScience/Technology
National Geographic YesYesYesEducation
NBA TV NoNoYesSports
NBC YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
NBC YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
NBC Sports Network YesNoYesSports
NBC Universo NoYesYesForegin Language
NBC Universo NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Newsmax TV NoNoYesNews
Newsy NoNoYesNews
NFL Network NoNoYesSports
NFL RedZone NoYesNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 1 HD NoYesNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 2 HD NoYesNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 3 HD NoYesNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 4 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 5 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 6 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 7 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 8 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings 9 HD NoNoNoSports
NHL Network NoNoYesSports
Nick Jr. NoNoYesChildren/family
Nick Jr. NoNoYesEducation
Nick Music NoYesYesMusic
Nickelodeon YesYesYesChildren/family
Nicktoons NoNoYesAnimation
Nicktoons NoNoYesChildren/Family
Olympic Channel NoYesYesSports
Once Canal NoYesNoForegin Language
Outdoor Channel NoYesNoPremium Networks
Outdoor Channel NoYesNoMovies
OuterMAX NoYesNoPremium Networks
OuterMAX NoYesNoMovies
Ovation NoYesYesArts
Ovation NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Ovation NoYesYesMusic
OWN NoNoYesLiving Style
OWN NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Oxygen YesNoYesLiving Style
Oxygen YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
P.E.G. YesYesYesSports
PAC-12 Arizona NoNoYesSports
PAC-12 Bay Area NoYesYesSports
PAC-12 Los Angeles NoYesYesSports
PAC-12 Mountain NoNoYesSports
PAC-12 National NoYesYesSports
PAC-12 Network NoNoYesBraodcast/local access
PAC-12 Oregon NoNoYesLiving Style
PAC-12 Washington NoNoYesMovies
PanArmenian TV YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
PanArmenian TV YesNoYesForegin Language
Paramount Network YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Pasiones NoYesNoForegin Language
PBS YesNoYesEducation
PBS YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
PBS YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
PBS Kids YesNoYesChildren/Family
PBS Kids YesNoYesEducation
PBS Kids YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Pop YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
QVC YesYesYesLiving Style
QVC2 YesYesYesLiving Style
RAI Italia NoYesNoForegin Language
RCN Nuestra Tele NoYesNoPremium Networks
Reelz NoYesYesMovies
Reelz NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
RetroPlex NoYesYesMovies
RetroPlex NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
REVOLT NoYesYesMusic
RFD-TV NoYesYesLiving Style
RFD-TV NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Ritmoson Latino NoYesNoForegin Language
RSN Extra YesYesYesSports
RTN (Russian) NoYesNoForegin Language
RTVI (Russian) NoYesNoForegin Language
Russian Kino NoYesNoForegin Language
Science Channel NoYesYesScience/Technology
Science Channel NoYesYesEducation
SEC Extra YesYesYesSports
SEC Network YesYesYesSports
Semillitas NoYesNoForegin Language
SET Asia NoYesNoForegin Language
SHANT TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
SHOWTIME NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME 2 NoYesYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME 2 NoYesYesMovies
SHOWTIME Beyond NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Beyond NoNoYesMovies
SHOWTIME Extreme NoYesYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Extreme NoYesYesMovies
SHOWTIME Family Zone NoNoYesMovies
SHOWTIME Family Zone NoNoYesChildren/Family
SHOWTIME Family Zone NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Next NoNoYesMovies
SHOWTIME Next NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Showcase NoNoYesMovies
SHOWTIME Showcase NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Women NoNoYesPremium Networks
SHOWTIME Women NoNoYesMovies
Shop Zeal 1 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 1 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 1 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 2 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 2 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 2 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 3 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 3 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 3 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 4 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 4 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 4 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 5 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 5 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 5 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 6 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 6 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 6 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 7 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 7 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 7 YesNoYesLiving Style
Shop Zeal 8 YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Shop Zeal 8 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Shop Zeal 8 YesNoYesLiving Style
SHOPHQ YesNoYesLiving Style
Smithsonian Channel NoNoYesArts
Smithsonian Channel NoNoYesEducation
SonLife YesYesYesLiving Style
Spectrum Originals On Demand NoNoNoPremium Networks
Spectrum Reach YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
StarMAX NoYesNoMovies
StarMAX NoYesNoPremium Networks
Start TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
Start TV YesYesYesForegin Language
STARZ NoYesYesMovies
STARZ NoYesYesPremium Networks
STARZ Cinema NoNoYesMovies
STARZ Cinema NoNoYesPremium Networks
STARZ Comedy NoYesYesPremium Networks
STARZ Comedy NoYesYesMovies
STARZ Edge NoYesYesPremium Networks
STARZ Edge NoYesYesMovies
STARZ in Black NoNoYesMovies
STARZ in Black NoNoYesPremium Networks
STARZ Kids & Family NoNoYesChildren/Family
STARZ Kids & Family NoNoYesPremium Networks
STARZ Kids & Family NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Action NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Action NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Black NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Black NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Classic NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Classic NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Español NoNoYesForegin Language
StarzEncore Español NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Español NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Family NoNoYesChildren/Family
StarzEncore Family NoNoYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Family NoNoYesMovies
StarzEncore Suspense NoYesYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Suspense NoYesYesMovies
StarzEncore Westerns NoYesYesPremium Networks
StarzEncore Westerns NoYesYesMovies
SundanceTV NoNoYesArts
SundanceTV NoNoYesMovies
Super Canal NoNoNoForegin Language
SUR Perú NoYesNoForegin Language
SUR Perú NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
SYFY YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
TBD TV YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
TBD TV YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
TBN YesYesYesLiving Style
TBN Enlace USA NoNoNoLiving Style
TBN Enlace USA NoNoNoForegin Language
TBS YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
TCM NoYesYesMovies
TeenNick NoYesYesChildren/Family
TeenNick NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
Tele El Salvador NoNoNoForegin Language
TeleFórmula NoNoNoForegin Language
TeleHit NoYesNoMusic
TeleHit NoYesNoForegin Language
Telemicro NoNoNoForegin Language
Telemundo NoYesNoForegin Language
TeleN NoYesNoForegin Language
Television Dominicana NoYesNoForegin Language
Television Dominicana NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
TeleXitos YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
TeleXitos YesNoYesForegin Language
Tennis Channel NoNoYesSports
The Africa Channel NoNoYesForegin Language
The Cowboy Channel NoYesYesChildren/Family
The Cowboy Channel NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
The CW YesYesYesBraodcast/local access
The Filipino Channel NoNoNoForegin Language
The Impact Network NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
The Weather Channel YesNoYesNews
ThrillerMAX NoNoNoMovies
TiVi5MONDE NoYesNoForegin Language
TJN YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
TJN YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
TLC YesNoYesEducation
TLC YesNoYesLiving Style
TLC YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
TMC NoNoYesMovies
TMC NoNoYesPremium Networks
TMC XTRA NoNoYesPremium Networks
TMC XTRA NoNoYesMovies
TNT YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Tr3s NoNoYesMusic
Tr3s NoNoYesForegin Language
Travel Channel YesNoYesEducation
Travel Channel YesNoYesLiving Style
truTV YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
TUDN NoNoYesSports
TUDN NoNoYesForegin Language
TV Asia NoYesNoForegin Language
TV Asia NoYesNoGeneral Entertainment
TV Chile NoNoNoForegin Language
TV Japan NoNoNoForegin Language
TV Land YesYesYesGeneral Entertainment
TV Land YesYesYesChildren/Family
TV One NoYesYesLiving Style
TV One NoYesYesGeneral Entertainment
TV Venezuela NoYesNoBraodcast/local access
TV Venezuela NoYesNoForegin Language
TV5MONDE NoYesNoForegin Language
TV5MONDE Info NoYesNoForegin Language
TVE Internacional NoYesNoForegin Language
TVK YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
TVK YesNoYesForegin Language
Ultra Cine NoNoNoForegin Language
Ultra Cine NoNoNoMovies
Ultra Clásico NoNoNoForegin Language
Ultra Docu NoNoNoEducation
Ultra Docu NoNoNoForegin Language
Ultra Familia NoYesNoChildren/Family
Ultra Familia NoYesNoEducation
Ultra Familia NoYesNoForegin Language
Ultra Fiesta NoYesNoMusic
Ultra Fiesta NoYesNoForegin Language
Ultra Kidz NoNoNoChildren/Family
Ultra Kidz NoNoNoForegin Language
Ultra Macho NoYesNoLiving Style
Ultra Macho NoYesNoSports
Ultra Macho NoYesNoForegin Language
Ultra Mex NoYesNoMovies
Ultra Mex NoYesNoForegin Language
UniMás NoNoNoBraodcast/local access
UniMás NoNoNoForegin Language
Universal Kids NoYesYesAnimation
Univisión NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
Univisión NoNoNoForegin Language
Univisión tlnovelas NoNoNoForegin Language
UP NoNoYesLiving Style
UP NoNoYesGeneral Entertainment
USA Network YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
USArmenia TV YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
USArmenia TV YesNoYesForegin Language
Velocity HD YesNoYesScience/Technology
VH1 YesNoYesLiving Style
VH1 YesNoYesMusic
VH1 YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
VICE NoNoYesArts
VICE NoNoYesNews
Video Rola NoNoNoForegin Language
ViendoMovies NoNoNoForegin Language
ViendoMovies NoNoNoMovies
Vivid TV NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
WAPA América NoNoNoBraodcast/local access
WAPA América NoNoNoGeneral Entertainment
WAPA América NoNoNoForegin Language
WE tv YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
WGN America YesNoYesGeneral Entertainment
Willow TV NoNoYesSports
Willow TV NoNoYesForegin Language
World YesNoYesEducation
World YesNoYesLiving Style
World YesNoYesBraodcast/local access
Spectrum stream channel lineup

Print or Email the Channel Catalogue for Absolute Convenience

Opening your browser every time you have to confirm a channel’s availability is as exhausting as it sounds. Luckily, you can cut the time and the hassle in half by taking advantage of the ‘Print’ and ‘Email’ options provided by Spectrum. Here’s how you can get your hands on the channel catalogue:

  • Click on the ‘printable’ Spectrum channel lineup button next to the bar on top.
  • You will now be able to view the channel list as a PDF document.
  • Send the file to the printer by selecting ‘Print’ and keep the list within easy reach to consult whenever you want to.
  • Email the downloaded PDF to your family members, so they can also marvel at the huge channel count that Spectrum offers.

Besides 2020, you can dig up the channel lineups from 2019 and even go as far back as 2017, to see the progress and improvement in Spectrum’s TV service.

Spectrum Business™ Channel Lineup is Equally Great

In case you’re wondering, Spectrum does not restrict its bounties to the residential areas only. Small to medium sized businesses can surely take advantage of the provider’s internet, TV and phone services. With Spectrum Business™ TV, especially tailored to suit entrepreneurial needs, you can keep your clientele entertained and your employees engaged in one shot. Not only that, you can enjoy a crystal-clear picture, free local channel access and free HD, without the hassle of contracts, for one low price! Sounds like a dream come true, right?

Here are the top two TV plans with their channel details:

Spectrum Business™ TV

Consists of 45+ HD channels, including PBS, Food Network, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, Animal Planet & BET, etc.

Spectrum Business™ TV Premier

Consists of 80+ HD channels, including Bravo, TNT, SYFY, FX, Cartoon Network, Freeform & TBS, etc.

Besides the obvious tiers, Spectrum also gives you the freedom to customize your business TV package and add International Programming, Commercial-Free Digital Music, Latino View Channel Lineup, Regional Sports Networks, Premium Channels and other exciting perks to the mix.

Top Spectrum Latino TV Plans & Channel Lineups

Spectrum Mi Plan Latino TV



for 12 mos*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. TV equipment required and is extra; other equipment, install, taxes, fees and surcharges may apply. Restrictions apply.

130+ channels with FREE HD
  • Including 75+ channels in Spanish programming
  • Thousands of On Demand choices
  • Access to 80+ TV channel apps
Call to Order

Spectrum Mi Plan Latino Double Play Silver



for 12 mos when bundled*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. Qualifying bundle includes Spectrum Mi Plan Latino & Spectrum Internet™. TV equipment required & is extra; No additional charge for modem; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply. Restrictions apply.

190+ channels with FREE HD
  • Including 81 Spanish language channels
  • HBO® Latino, SHOWTIME® & NFL Network
  • Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps
Call to Order

Spectrum Mi Plan Latino Triple Play Gold



for 12 mos when bundled*

*Standard rates apply after year 1. Qualifying bundle includes Spectrum Mi Plan Latino Gold, Spectrum Internet™ and Spectrum Voice™. TV equipment required & is extra; No additional charge for modem; other equipment, install, taxes, fees & surcharges may apply.

230+ channels with FREE HD
  • Including STARZ®, TMC®, STARZ ENCORE® & TV Silver premiums
  • Internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • Home phone with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico etc.
Call to Order

*Channel Lineup may vary with location. Not all channels may be available in every region.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spectrum Channel Lineups

How do I find a specific channel?

In order to find a specific channel in your Spectrum TV lineup, simply head to the search bar and enter the channel name to see if it is available in your area or not.

How much does basic Spectrum cable TV cost?

The most basic TV package, Spectrum TV Select, costs about $44.99 per month for a year and offers 125+ channels (including local access networks).

How can I get local channels?

You can get local channels in a number of ways.

  • Via your Spectrum TV Select plan, which comes pre-equipped with basic local channels in addition to a hundred cable networks.
  • Via your Spectrum TV Choice channel lineup, which offers local, broadcast government access channels plus 10 cable ones at barebones price.
  • Via HDTV antenna and network sites.

How can I change my TV channel service?

By contacting your old provider, or by subscribing to Spectrum, which promises a $500 contract buyout program. As per this program, you can just sit back and relax as Spectrum officials sever your ties with your old provider and set you up with an amazing TV service.

What is the Spectrum TV App?

Spectrum TV app is a mobile application that gives you the freedom to watch live TV, On Demand content and your DVR recordings on multiple devices at no additional charge. You can also use the Spectrum TV app to stream Spectrum TV Essentials, which is a live streaming service, provided you live in LA, Orlando, NYC and other select areas.

What TV channel apps are available for live streaming?

BTN2Go (Big Ten Network to Go), MAX GO, CNBC, EPIX, Cooking Channel GO, FOX NOW, HGTV GO, HBO GO, NBC Sports, Nat Geo TV, FXNOW, DisneyNOW, Adult Swim, TLC GO and other TV channel apps are available for live streaming with Spectrum TV app.

What channels are on Spectrum TV Select?

Animal Planet, Comedy Central, FX, HGTV, SYFY and 125+ other channels are a part of the Spectrum TV Select plan.

What channels are on Spectrum TV Silver?

Besides HBO®, Showtime® and NFL Network, you get Universal Kids, TV One, Reelz, Nick Jr. Heroes & Icons and other 175+ channels with the TV Silver lineup.

What channels are on Spectrum TV Gold?

Premium channels such as STARZ®, TMC®, and NFL RedZone are stacked on top of the Spectrum TV Silver lineup to create the TV Gold plan, which has all your 200+ favorites.

Are Spectrum’s channels HD and 4K?

Yes, Spectrum does offer a huge variety of FREE HD via its TV plans, but currently doesn’t include 4K channels. However, you can always add your Apple TV 4K to the monthly bill for $7.50/mo. and enjoy watching Spectrum-sponsored content in 4K quality.

Which are premium channels to Spectrum TV Lineup?

Premium channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, TMC, Starz®, EPIX and StarzEncore® are included in the Spectrum TV lineups, depending on which package you choose.

What channel is FOX Sports 1 on Spectrum?

You can watch FOX Sports 1 on Channel 90.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.

* Charter Communications, Charter Spectrum™, Charter Spectrum TV™, Charter Spectrum TV™ Select, Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver, Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold, Charter Spectrum Internet™, Charter Spectrum Internet Ultra 100™, Charter Spectrum Voice™, Charter Spectrum Double Play™, & Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Charter Communications.