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How to Compare Available Spectrum Deals

Choosing the right Spectrum plan can get a bit confusing. If you’re torn between two or three great options a quick comparison will often help you in finalizing your decision.

Here is a handy comparison chart that lists all the information you will need to choose the best deal.

PlansPromotional OffersDownload SpeedsUpload SpeedsChannelsHome Phone
Triple Play SelectStarting From $102.97Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps125+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling and Long Distance calling to select Area
Triple Play SilverTriple Play Select + $33Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps175+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling and Long Distance calling to select Area
Triple Play GoldTriple Play Silver + $23Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps200+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling and Long Distance calling to select Area
TV Select + Internet$89.98Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps125+ ChannelsNot Included
TV Silver + InternetTV Select + Internet + $30Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps175+ ChannelsNot Included
TV Gold + InternetTV Silver + Internet + $20Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 Mbps200+ ChannelsNot Included
Internet + Voice$62.98Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 MbpsNot IncludedUnlimited Nationwide Calling and Long Distance calling to select Area
TV Select + Voice$57.98Not IncludedNot Included125+ ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling and Long Distance calling to select Area
TV Select$44.99+ $30 (Silver TV) + $20 (Gold TV)Not IncludedNot Included125+ ChannelsNot Included
Spectrum Internet$49.99Up to 1000 MbpsΔUp to 35 MbpsNot IncludedNot Included

3 Reasons to Choose Spectrum Deals

Spectrum aims to provide reliable and affordable packages. A major reason to choose Spectrum over other providers is the fact that you get amazing Spectrum discounts with extra perks. Moreover, Spectrum promotions do not bind you into year-long service agreements and offer freedom to cancel anytime. There are no penalties imposed for canceling your services, Spectrum, in fact, is willing to help you pay the early termination fee for your previous service provider. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee essentially making everything risk-free.

  • No contracts or data caps
  • Cancel services at any times
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
LCD Spectrum Deals
Spectrum Features

3 Features of Spectrum Specials

Consumers should understand what they are paying for and understanding the fine print is always a good idea when signing up for Spectrum internet, cable or phone services. Additional charges such as taxes, rental fees, etc. are added to the base price and show up on your bill without you knowing. The end result is that you end up paying more than you planned.

Spectrum Offers

Promotion Pricing and Lengths

Spectrum promotional pricing is applicable for a limited amount of time, make sure you are clear on the duration of your promotion. If anything listed on your bill isn’t clear or has changed drastically, make sure you call support right away to get a clear understanding of what you are being charged for.

Spectrum Termination Fees

Early Termination Fees (ETFs)

ETFs can creep on you either ruin your credit score or cause unbalance for the next few months. Most providers levy a charge if a consumer cancels services when involved in a contract, which is often referred to as an Early Termination Fee. The great thing about subscribing to Spectrum specials is that everything is contract-free therefore you do not have to worry about any ETFs. You aren’t forced to keep your service but rather only do so if you want to do so.

No hidden charges

No Hidden Fees and Unforeseen Costs

The hidden fees of the bill often catches consumers off guard. Seeing a significantly larger number than what you expected is an unpleasant experience. You will find a basic breakdown of all the fees applied when you order Spectrum deals.

Spectrum Discounts

Access to technology is crucial in this time and age, and Spectrum ensures that everybody can benefit from their internet service. Spectrum Internet plays its part by offering internet discounts to qualified households so everyone can work, study, and stay connected.



Struggling with your bills while looking for a reliable internet connection? Spectrum Internet offers ultra-fast download speeds up to 1000 MbpsΔ without any data caps at affordable rates making it ideal for students. Spectrum internet student discount lets you stream your motivational TED talks all day and enables you to learn impressive amounts of information from those documentaries and podcasts. Once done with your school assignments, you can binge-watch your favorite shows or flaunt your gaming skills among your friends. As part of their COVID support efforts Spectrum even goes on to offer 2 months of FREE internet access to qualifying households with students or teachers when setting up a new account with Spectrum.


Spectrum internet discounts are not only limited to students. The Internet Assist Program offers assistance to senior citizens with Spectrum cable senior discount. The discounted internet package for seniors includes a high-speed internet connection with no data caps or contract, a free modem, and can be availed by any household with at least one person over the age of 65 who is a recipient of the Supplemental Security Income program. In-home Wi-Fi service can also be included in the same package at an unbelievably-low fee.



Although there aren’t any Spectrum veteran discounts being offered, the vast range of Spectrum internet discounts is designed in a way that everyone can avail of amazing discount deals to enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds without any contracts or data caps. You can call Spectrum customer service anytime to find out more about the latest discounts being offered.

Spectrum New Customer Deals

Whether it is a high-speed internet connection, unlimited nationwide calls, or an extensive cable TV lineup, Spectrum has something for everyone. Spectrum offers for new customers allow young chaps to forget about the ongoing technical hassles while providing them the best of services.

Spectrum new customer discounts are trending hot on the charts with the customers enjoying ultra-supreme quality services at the lowest of prices. Furthermore, Spectrum internet new customers have shown appreciation to the brand for the easy and accessible bundling of TV and voice plans with their existing internet plans.

Spectrum’s new customer promotions allow users to enjoy seamless internet connection and cable TV without worrying about any price hike in bills for the entire year.

If you have not used the brand’s services in the last 30 days, you can come back right now and avail Spectrum’s new customer specials and benefits.

Spectrum new customer deals

Spectrum vs. Xfinity vs. Cox - A Comparison

Customers have many options to choose from when it comes to finding cable TV, internet and home phone services. Browsing an individual provider website is often a pain and finding relevant information can be even tougher. A typical consumer will get lost among the technical details and fine print. A side-by-side comparison is often the quickest way to find your ideal service provider. Spectrum, Xfinity, and Cox Communications are among the top telecom service providers in the U.S. Let’s compare the major offers against each other along with the features to figure out the best option..

Spectrum Network Technology

Spectrum Network Technology

There are three broad categories of network technologies: DSL Network, Cable and Fiber Optic.

Spectrum primarily offers cable internet to its customers considering the fact that cable was one of the fastest network available until the introduction of fiber technology that transmits greater internet speeds.

Renting Equipment from Spectrum vs Purchasing Your Own

Renting equipment from your internet provider sounds convenient and cheaper at first, but the cost adds up over time. Usually the provider will include a plug-and-play device which is a breeze to install and operate. However, the monthly rental costs added to your bill mean you are paying the same amount for equipment that is getting older with time. In this case, buying a router/modem is a more cost-effective option.

A mid-range router or modem isn’t very expensive and takes about half an hour to configure. You don’t need to be a telecom engineer to set up the equipment. Plus it’ll save you a few hundred dollars over the years. Keep in mind rented equipment is replaced by the provider in case of malfunction. If you buy your own, repairs and replacement are your responsibility.

Spectrum Renting Equipment

Spectrum Offers 4 Amazing Value-Added Features with All Deals

Spectrum TV App

Spectrum’s TV App is the most convenient way to watch TV on the go. Catch On Demand shows and movies as well as live broadcasts.

  • chevron-right Watch live TV
  • chevron-right Upto 30,000 On Demand titles
  • chevron-right Watch TV online on any device
  • chevron-right Control your set-top box via the app
  • chevron-right View 14 days of program listings
  • chevron-right Customized recommendation

Simply download the app on your device and log in using your Spectrum username and password. Most Android and Apple devices are supported, find your device in the list below

Download Spectrum TV App on Supported Devices:

  • Spectrum app-store
  • Spectrum playstore
  • Spectrum amazon
  • Spectrum roku
  • Spectrum xbox
  • Spectrum samsung

TV Channel Apps

TV channel apps give you quick access to your favorite channels on your mobile devices. Download a specific TV channel app and watch on your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. You’ll need you Spectrum user name and password to log in.

Here is a list of major TV channel Apps available with a Spectrum TV subscription categorized by type.

Spectrum Channel List differs across platforms and devices. Visit the official Spectrum TV Channel Apps page for links and a complete channel listing. Premium channels such as HBO GO ®, STARZ ®, etc. are only available if they are included in your subscription.

Spectrum Contract Buyout

Most people are stuck with slow and unreliable internet connectivity. The reason for this is that switching to a better provider is too expensive because they have signed a contract and find themselves trapped due to an ETF. Spectrum deals allow you to join their contract-free network and gives added incentive to its customers to do so in the form of a contract buyout.

Customers switching over to Spectrum can request a contract buy-out for up to $500* and start enjoying blazing fast internet speeds and quality entertainment at a fraction of the cost. Simply choose a Spectrum deal, fill out the Spectrum Contract Buyout Form and email the form plus a copy of your final bill with the ETF mentioned to Spectrum.

McAfee Security Suite Spectrum

McAfee Security Suite Spectrum is included in Spectrum deals and packages that protects your data and devices online. Surf without any worries of malware or virus infections with powerful real-time protection of the Spectrum Security Suite. The security suite can be installed on up to 10 devices at no extra cost. Another great feature is parental controls. Use the suite control panel to define and implement content rules that will restrict access to objectionable websites.

Malware hiding in your system allows hackers to remotely access your computer to steal personal data. The AntiBot Scanner included in Spectrum Security Suite helps remove any botnet malware from your system.

Applicable Fees on Internet Plans

WiFi Activation$9.99
WiFi Router Rental$5
Data Overage FeeNone

Applicable Fees on TV Plans

DVR Service Package (up to 4 DVRs)Up to $9.99/mo
DVR Service Fee ( for 1 DVR)$4.99/mo
HD Box Rental$8.99/mo

Simple Guidelines to Buy Spectrum Deals

When it comes to buying the perfect deal for your home, you need to consider the points listed below:

  • chevron-right Location of your residence
  • chevron-right Deals available in your area
  • chevron-right Internet speed and data requirements
  • chevron-right TV channels that you would like to watch
  • chevron-right Phone service and its usage
  • chevron-right No of internet consuming devices

Once you have answered these questions, you will have a clear picture about what you are looking in a bundle deal and this will enable you to choose the best suitable deal for your home.

Spectrum has made it very simple for its customers to avail the deals offered by the company

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Spectrum Coverage & Availability Across the U.S

Spectrum is widely available across the United States and offers services in 41 states. Spectrums customer base is composed of over 17.3 million cable TV subscribers and 194 million internet users.

Spectrum Coverage Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Spectrum recently launched their Spectrum Internet Assist program that provides high-speed internet access to all qualifying households. If you qualify you can only pay $14.99 per month. Senior citizens are also eligible for this program.

Qualifying criteria:

Member of the residence is a recipient of any one of the following programs:

The Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP (National School Lunch Program)

The National School Lunch Program’s free or reduced lunch provision

Receiving Supplemental Security Income ( ≥ age 65 only)

This usually happens when your promotional price period ends. Promotional pricing is only applied during the first year of service provision. The increase comes as a shock, but this is standard practice in the cable TV industry. Only new customers are eligible for promotional pricing.

Sadly, no. Spectrum channel lineups are locked and can’t be customized. You can sign up for their Spectrum TV Choice streaming service at a cheaper rate than cable TV. Please note that only Spectrum internet customers are eligible for Spectrum Choice. This way you’ll be paying for an internet-only plan with flexible streaming choices

Absolutely. Bundle deals by Spectrum are specially designed for people who want to avail multiple services at economical rates. Unlike other service providers, Spectrum does not have a data cap, which is extremely beneficial for people who like to stream HD movies and play online games.

Time Warner customers in Ohio will see a new name on their cable bills. The major change legacy Time Warner customers will notice is the change in internet speeds. Spectrum offers 60 Mbps internet and no data caps are applied. This is definitely an improvement over the old TWC service. Cable TV subscribers will have more On Demand choices and more Spanish language channels. Another new feature is the Spectrum TV App that lets you watch live TV on your mobile devices.

The company wanted to consolidate strengths and provide high-quality standardized services to the maximum number of customers. Charter Spectrum™ has officially taken over Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. These legacy brands will be combined with the Spectrum brand so that customers do not come across any problems with their services. Since the merger, Spectrum has improved its services and it covers almost all of the United States in order to facilitate customers who live in remote areas

Spectrum customers have 24/7 access to highly qualified service representatives. Any issues are resolved easily if the reps can get accurate information about your account. Customer representatives at Spectrum need some basic information from you so that they can resolve the problem that you are suffering effectively as well as efficiently. So, make sure that you have the following information handy when you are making a call to the Spectrum support line

Your Spectrum Account Number Every Spectrum customer is issued a unique account number which is also printed on every bill that you receive on a monthly basis. You need to tell your account details to the customer representative so that your call goes smoothly and you can receive instant customer support.

The Last 4 Digits of Your Social Security Number This information helps the customer representative verify your identification in order to ensure that it is actually you who is making the call.

A Note Taking DeviceYou need to have a note-taking device with you at all times because you might have to note down confirmation numbers, phone numbers and other service related information.

* Charter Communications, Charter Spectrum™, Charter Spectrum TV™, Charter Spectrum TV™ Select, Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver, Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold, Charter Spectrum Internet™, Charter Spectrum Internet Ultra 100™, Charter Spectrum Voice™, Charter Spectrum Double Play™, & Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Charter Communications.

ΔSpeed based on wired connection. Available Internet speeds may vary by address. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit

*See Offer Details  for specific offer details and restrictions.