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Learn everything related to Spectrum’s Internet, TV and Phone Customer Service.

It is available 24/7. Provided here are also some methods that you can do yourself at the time of technical difficulties. Following that, you will also find the contact details of the respective departments in order to solve critical issues.

Call at Spectrum Phone Support

For Charter Spectrum™ or Spectrum customer support call at below number: 1-855-267-6680
Para el servicio al cliente de Spectrum en español, llame al: 1-855-464-4098
For Time Warner Cable customer service call this number: 1-855-267-6775
Para el servicio al cliente de Time Warner en español llame: 1-855-452-3214
For Bright House Network customer service call this number: 1-855-267-6774
Para el servicio al cliente de Bright House en español, llame al: 1-855-267-6670

For fastest customer service call on the above numbers based on the service being used originally. Spectrum network consists of Charter Communications®, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, which operated under the same brand name.

If there is any confusion please call the Spectrum Customer Service phone number located on top and you will be routed to the correct support.

To view further Spectrum support topics on billing, Internet, TV, Voice, mobile or home security please enter your zip code and view details from: https://www.spectrum.net/support/

Get Spectrum Business Customer Service:

Para el servicio al cliente de negocios de espectro en español llame: 1-855-267-6672

Spectrum business customers can get support about Internet, TV, Phone and other services from the above mentioned number. Charter Spectrum™ business customers can also call on the same number for any support about business bundle and fiber.

Please note that Spectrum Business, TV and DVR with ability to pause or rewind Live TV and record programming is not available at all locations.

Spectrum is serving businesses in 41 states with millions of opportunities. Please call at the above number for Spectrum Fiber pricing. Also coverage across usa can be viewed from the below url: https://business.spectrum.com/content/spectrum/business/microsites/channel-partners/regional-maps.html

To identify Spectrum Business outage please visit the below url: https://www.spectrumbusiness.net/support/tv/spectrum-business-storm-center

Spectrum Business account can be created from the below link: https://www.spectrumbusiness.net/login

Customer Service in 60 Seconds

Support at Spectrum is not a job but a culture. It is manifested in a number of ways. By providing your name and preference, you will get an instantaneous solution. You can contact Spectrum customer support via phone call, email, chat, and more. Here’s a video that explains Spectrum customer services in detail.

Spectrum Customer Service

Best Way to Connect Spectrum Customer Service

Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company. You can connect with Spectrum/Charter Spectrum™ in a variety of ways depending on what is suitable to you. Apart from dialing in their customer support phone numbers here are some quick shortcuts.

  1. Go to the bottom right of the page and click on “Ask Spectrum Chat” to start text chat with their virtual agents. You can only receive the service if you enter your zip code. Once done you will be routed to the relevant website for your service location. Please note Spectrum allows only one virtual assistant instance to be open at a single time. Also for best results please ask a single question and rephrase it if you don’t receive the correct answer.
    If you are connecting via tablet or phone please visit this url instead:
  2. You can also request Spectrum Customer Services representative to provide you support by connecting to your computer directly for any assistance. You have to be connected via chat or phone and the process is simple. Just go to the below URL and it will ask you to accept the terms and condition after which you can enter the code received from your representative and click "Continue" to proceed: http://www.helpmespectrum.com/
  3. You can also connect via different social media channels. Spectrum representatives are also available via its popular Twitter account
    Tweet Spectrum Customer Care: https://twitter.com/ask_spectrum
    Spectrum Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/spectrum
  4. For complain resolution you can contact Spectrum Customer Support by signing in and viewing different solutions or by directly contacting Spectrum Phone Support numbers.
    Contact Spectrum by Phone
    Support: (833) 267-6094
    Sales: (877) 906-9121
  5. Spectrum has 92262 stores with full service including mobile. Visit Spectrum stores for different services ranging from Spectrum Mobile, payments to installation. You can find the nearest stores from the store locator at: https://www.spectrum.net/support/locations/

Spectrum Internet Customer Service

One of the finest telecommunication companies in the United States of America is Spectrum. Since 2014, it has marketed its television, internet, telephone and wireless services enveloping Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable under its umbrella. All the services combined represent the reliable brand called Spectrum also known as Charter Spectrum™. It provides 24/7 customer service around the country. Irrespective of its specifications for any state, its customers are given the facility of reaching out to the customer support department any time of the day and night in order to register any queries. Here are a few guidelines for users of Spectrum Services when they find any issues in the following areas:

Merging of Spectrum and Time Warner Cable

We have discussed how Time Warner Cable merged with Spectrum in 2014, which is why in some areas you will be serviced by Time Warner Cable rather than Spectrum although it is one entity only known by different names in different states. If your state offers Time Warner cable, you can refer to the following link for help regarding your current service: https://www.spectrum.com/contact-us.html. In this link, you will find contact details of Spectrum stores. Upon contacting Customer Service, you can conveniently learn the details of the stores available in your area.

Quick Steps of Online Bill Payments

Save time by conveniently paying bills online with spectrum.net. First of all, you need to sign in with your username and password. Your spectrum.net homepage is customized for your use once you login by creating your account. On the page, you will find the current amount due and the date the payment is due by. To make a one-time payment, select “Make a Payment” and enter your information. You can fast-forward this step for the future by enrolling in Auto-Pay. Once you roll, you will have the options of paying through credit/debit card, checking account and savings account. Select your method and enter your bank information. If you are using a card, enter the card number and the expiration date. Before selecting “Enroll”, you can see how the first payment will impact your card or bank account. You will also learn when your next auto pay date is scheduled. In the end, you select the “Enroll an Auto-Pay” to be enrolled and complete the process. For more details, you can check this link: https://www.spectrum.net/support/manage-account/pay-my-bill/.

24/7 Spectrum Customer Service

Spectrum offers 24/7 Customer Support Service. It is a 100% US-based support center that facilitates its customers from every corner of the country. For general details about customer service, refer to this link: https://www.spectrum.com/browse/content/communitysolutions-support.html. If you need to locate your local store, you can click here https://www.spectrum.com/stores.html, add your credentials and get the information regarding the services in your city or state.

Reach out to the Number Provided upon Technical Difficulties

In case you are facing some technical difficulty, you can reach out to Spectrum through this number: 1-866-892-4249. When you call, make sure you have your account number, last four digits of your social security number, pen, and paper for taking notes, billing and service addresses.

Fix Internet Outage Yourself Now

One can face problems regarding the internet whether it concerns its speed performance or any other aspect and the reasons behind that could be a faulty device, faulty existing software or any other malware. To improve the performance of your internet, you can consider blocking file-sharing programs, examine your device for viral detection, uninstalling firewalls or follow this link https://www.spectrum.net/page/weather-center/ to check if there is an outage in your area. This link details on some specific steps you can take to learn about the causes of the outage in your current area.

Contact Spectrum via Email

With Spectrum Internet, you can get multiple email accounts. It is advised that the head of the household makes the account. To get started, go to spectrum.net and sign in to your account. Once you are logged in, press “Internet” from the navigation bar at the top of the screen, then select “Create Email”. Find “Create Mailbox” on the screen and set up your Spectrum email account. There you have to enter your spectrum.net password and select “Finish” once done. Your mailbox will be set up. You will find your email address displayed on the screen. Select “Go to Mailbox” and you have finally made your email account. The next time you sign in to your account and select “Internet”, you will see a “Check Email” link in place of the “Create Email” bar. You have successfully made an email account through which you can connect with Spectrum anytime you want.

Spectrum TV Customer Service

Charter Spectrum™ – offering cable TV, internet and telephone services nationwide – facilitates its customers with the most valuable suggestions or help via email, phone call or Q/A sections of their website. Some of the answers to the most common problems are readily available on their website. For the customers of Spectrum cable TV, we have gathered some remarkable aspects of their customer services that will help you in combating TV-related failures through some home remedies and understanding of the problem at hand. Spectrum knows well what their audience experiences and it knows well their needs. Here is a quick review of everything one needs to know about Spectrum’s TV customer services:

Spectrum Remote control Service

Identifying Your Remote

Whenever there is a remote-control emergency, Spectrum lets you identify your remote through their list by visually displaying all the models. You can remove the batteries and locate the code pasted in it to check with yours and have it delivered to your house on an urgent basis. Going to their Customer Service page, you will be asked to enter your ZIP Code which helps to display all the facilities available in your area.

TV app customer service

Spectrum TV App

Upon purchasing the TV services, you will also get an application that allows you streaming of your favorite TV shows everywhere and whenever. You can watch Live TV and On Demand content free of charge. Your question would be, how can you get started? First things first. You need to create your spectrum.net username before signing in to any of the TV apps. This TV app does not work internationally, and only when connected to in-home Wi-Fi. Spectrum's Customer Service guides well about everything you need to learn with respect to Spectrum TV or TV application.

Spectrum TV troubleshooting

TV Troubleshooting

Now comes the risky part where the customer suffers from not knowing what to do when suddenly the service stops performing due to one’s own fault or unknown reasons. Spectrum's Customer Service guides you in case you face black, blue, green or white screen; it guides you also when you experience fuzzy screen, ghosting, hum bar, rolling and distortion or snowy screen. What it guides you about are simple steps like checking the connectivity of the application, TV on the correct source or the coaxial cable is connected to the wall outlet. You would also be suggested to refresh your receiver, unplug and wait for an exact minute to plug it back again. Apart from that, it helps you learn common HDTV errors and how to fix them on their site. There is a complete list of minor errors that you can deal with on your own if you look into their instructions to help yourself solve the problem on your own instead of calling them, which should be the last resort.

Similarly, when your remote control faces issues like LED light not working, red light incessantly blinking, channels getting stuck on the screen, volume control or anything remotely disturbing the normal functioning of the remote control it can be fixed by replacing the batteries, checking the receiver and using it as an alternative for the remote control, rebooting the system by plugging and unplugging in a minute’s interval or lastly, contacting them directly by taking your old remote to your local Spectrum store.

Spectrum TV

Watching TV on SpectrumTV.com

If your question is on the intent of learning the method of watching TV on SpectrumTV.com, then through their Customer Service page you will learn the five simple steps: First, you need to become their customer, use their 10 Mbps+ internet connection, logged in to SpectrumTV.com with your username and password, have Adobe Flash Player version 20+ and possess the Spectrum Receiver or DVR. You can check the availability of channels by entering your zip code on their Customer Service page available on their site. Sign in to your Spectrum account and get yourself started!

Spectrum Phone Customer Service

Charter Spectrum™ is one of the most reliable telecommunication companies that offer television, internet and phone facilities. Spectrum became a larger entity after taking Time Warner and Bright House Networks under its umbrella – now the company is a lot stronger than it was in terms of services as the three powers combined. Expected now is more reliability and quality from each of its services. Connecting with them one would realize their customer services to be quite active and supportive 24/7. Spectrum eliminates chances of users not to complain about their services as most of the questions are answered on their website's Customer Service section. Here is a quick review of Spectrum’s Phone customer support services:

Spectrum Phone Customer Service

Spectrum voicemail Spectrum Voicemail

Before you call their support lines directly you can visit their website and learn all the easy steps that will explain setting up Voicemail and all its features. For instance, if you need to set up voicemail through your phone what you need to do is dial *99 and follow the prompts in order to reach to the point where you’re explained how to record your personal greetings and other mailbox options. To delete your voicemail messages you have to type 3 and play the next message. In the event you need to delete messages from the voice online manager you need to sign in to your account, the link to which is provided on their site and follow the rest of the instructions. In that account you can play your voicemails, mark or filter your voicemail messages and even delete them. Then comes the process of setting up your privacy settings for which you need to open “Voice Online Manager”. Select “Settings”, then “Privacy” and click from the list of options to activate your privacy settings. There are a lot of other features that you can look into by simply reaching out to them through their site.

Spectrum Phone Customer Service International Calling Plan

Spectrum phone services include unlimited nationwide calling and also to U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Mariana Islands and American Samoa. You can add more countries to the list of unlimited calling by simply checking the prices and the codes. It enlists Spectrum Voice International Mobile against Spectrum Voice international Landline, Voice Service Mobile and Voice Service Landline.

Spectrum Privacy and Safety Spectrum Privacy and Safety

Spectrum Voicemail makes sure you are safe from intruders who try to disturb your comfort. It offers a feature that allows you to block unwanted calls from telemarketer callers, automated (robocalls) and other calls for personal reasons. To enable Nomorobo you have to sign in to your account, select “Voice”, click “Voice Online Manager” > Settings > Privacy > Nomorobo > on > Save. This is how simple it is to enable it.

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are problems that one cannot simply identify. Your instant reaction is to call the helpline and let Spectrum solve it for you. Often times that becomes unfeasible for the amount of time spent on this process, which could have been saved by taking simple measures at your end. This is why Spectrum, in the attempt of saving time and providing convenience, offers easy solutions to problems like static or echo in the voice, no dial tone, crosstalk on call, problem with TTY, dropped calls, contacting the voice online manager, interruptions in making or receiving calls, etc., so that your calling experience is as smooth as possible. While you find the answers to these problems make sure you have inserted your area’s zip code so that you can receive the relevant information.

Spectrum Voice Battery Backup Spectrum Voice Battery Backup

In cases of emergencies when you face a power outage you need to get a battery backup which charges once and for all. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet bought the battery backup you still can by ordering via (833) 267-6094. In case your battery is acting up you can also purchase a replacement so you never run out of power. You get a one-year warranty so that the faulty device can be replaced.

Spectrum Modems Spectrum Modems

You can select modems with their details on Spectrum's website. In case there is a problem with your modem Spectrum support offers you four solutions: 1, you can turn off the device and turn it back on by unplugging/re-plugging it from the power supply. 2, check the unit. 3, check the power-supply in comparison with other devices. 4, contact Customer Service directly.

Spectrum facilitates its customers with everything they need – be it any sort of information, guidance or equipment to support their phone connectivity. You can check out more of their voice features on their official website.     

* Charter Communications, Charter Spectrum™, Charter Spectrum TV™, Charter Spectrum TV™ Select, Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver, Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold, Charter Spectrum Internet™, Charter Spectrum Internet Ultra 100™, Charter Spectrum Voice™, Charter Spectrum Double Play™, & Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Charter Communications.