Are you required to move to another city or state for your new job? Or your current Internet service provider isn’t as good as you had hoped for in your area? Charter Spectrum is one of the few networks that believes in free will. They make it super easy for consumers to cancel services whenever they feel like with not statutory binding. However, a small reform of the regulation has taken place since June 2019, so I would recommend that you take a little caution about cancelling the Spectrum services.

Spectrum Internet has always been quite generous with the service cancellation policy and this new regulation has nothing to worry about. All it demands is to cancel the services at the appropriate time of the month. For instance, if you make up your mind for the termination in the mid of month, you’ll have to pay until the billing month completes. Therefore, you just need to be careful with the time of cancellation. Anyway, let’s move on to the ways of how to cancel Spectrum services?

Reach Customer Service

The first thing you need before making that final call to the Spectrum Customer Service is to prepare a persuasive speech that is convincing enough to get you through the retention team. They’ll need your account details such as phone number and the account number before hitting you up with an array of reasons, choose wisely.

You could be called back in a week again to stop you from terminating. Therefore, to deter this trouble, make sure you give them a solid reason so they don’t try too hard.

Stay Calm and Patient

Agent(s) are bound by the company's SOPs to try to encourage you to stay in the deal, so stay calm while the other person in only doing their work. Only remember to keep your stance peaceful with a solid reason.

Confirm the termination

Without a doubt, this step sounds a little dispensable, but you will be forever grateful on reminding you of it. You're going to be frustrated if you realized your services were never cancelled and that you’ll have to spend another half hour on the line to speak to the agent from the scratch.

Avoid this whole scenario by asking the service agent to affirm that the account has been absolutely terminated. Additionally, do not hesitate to mention the equipment you have and how to return it. The simplest procedure is to drop them off at a nearby local spectrum shop. That’s all, you're free to move on now!