In the modern digital age, there are several factors that you need to look towards as harmful for your kids and young ones in your households that might be using the Spectrum Internet connection. Simply having a PG18 symbol on top of online content is not going to cut it anymore and individuals need to focus on taking some matters into their own hands.

The best thing to do for Spectrum Internet consumers is to place a call on the Spectrum Customer Service number and ask for guidance from their 24/7 available customer service representatives. If you feel that this might not be the best step for you, then simply read the below-mentioned instructions and you would make the Spectrum Internet connection a safe secure place for your kids and young ones.

Spectrum Internet Controls That You Need to Know

For Window Users:

All you need to do is follow the following steps if you are a Windows user.

  1. Signing in to your computer or laptop with a username and matching password that has a prerequisite of parental controls. Note that if you have an already existing and signed-in account, then all you need to do is press the keys, WINDOW plus L key, this would automatically switch the user and then continue to follow the instructions as mentioned.
  2. Click open the security suite along with the parental controls.
  3. Choose the select on option.
  4. This would bring forward the currently set parental controls settings to your display screen, simply press the settings option to modify or change the rights to access the files or specific content.
  5. Choose the setting that you prefer and then toggle the button ON and OFF which is given at the top right corner of the window. Once you have done this, simply follow the other numerous on-screen steps or prompts.
  • Some Statistics: When you have this option, you could just as easily as selecting this option, view the history or activity in terms of the names of websites visited, names of potentially risky or harmful websites that had been blocked along with those websites that were previously blocked by you, before the filter settings that were set by you, for the past year, month or even a week or day.
  • Blocking Content: When you have this option, restricting the access to websites, only due to the type of content that it displays could be done by the Spectrum Internet user. This option also permits that you could get access to only a select few websites that you allow.
  • Time Limits: A Spectrum Internet customer could make use of the slider bar by adjusting the total number or the maximum number of total hours permissible for the incidence of web browsing per day. This option gives you complete access to setting different levels of limits for a day, a weekday, or even the weekend.
  • Search Result Filters: This option simply just hides or does not display any adult content as the search results for your web browsing.

For MAC Users:

All you need to do is follow the following steps if you are a MAC user.

  1. The very first step is to open up the security suite on your MAC device.
  2. Find or locate the antivirus tab and then proceed towards selecting the preferences. Once you have done that, a new window would appear for preferences in front of you.
  3. Locate and then proceed to select the parental control tab.
  4. Once you are done with that, all you have to do is switch on the content blocker, this would then enable or give permission to run the parental controls. If the settings do not change, then you would have to look for and then press the lock icon that is given in the parental controls window, then you could change your settings conveniently.
  5. Enter the concerned password that switches of your MAC, this would give you the permission to change or alter things in the settings.
  6. Proceed to select the categories that you would like to block.

There is one additional feature that we would like to share with all of our Spectrum Internet consumers and readers. If you have a MAC device, then you could very well have some exceptions placed into your parental control settings. This means that you could select some website exceptions for yourself and your account by creating a list that bypasses the above-mentioned settings i.e. the parental control and the browser protection settings.

How to Set a Parental Control on Spectrum Receiver?

  1. Creating a 4 digit pin for the parental controls
  2. Creating some common restrictions
  3. Hiding adult titles
  4. Implementing filters on content
  5. Implementing restrictions via a rating system
  6. Implementing restrictions via a channel system
  7. Purchasing controls
  8. Implementing time and day restrictions
  9. Setting up an On-Demand locking system

Wrapping Things Up – The Internet Safety Solution

In the blog above, we have listed some important aspects that you need to know if you want to restrict the type of websites or the online digital content that your family, siblings, young ones or even your kids get view online through the Spectrum internet.

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above if you are a Windows computer owner or a MAC device owner and you would be able to perfectly work around the entire process.