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Wave Broadband Internet Plans

high speed wave internet

High Speed 100


Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
  • Download speed up to 100 Mbps*
  • 400 GB data allowance
  • Data upgrade available
  • Great for connecting multiple devices
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high speed wave internet

High Speed 250


Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
  • Download speed up to 250 Mbps*
  • 500 GB data allowance
  • Data upgrade available
  • Ideal for streaming, gaming, or surfing
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high speed wave internet

High Speed 500


Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
  • Download speed up to 500 Mbps*
  • 1 TB data allowance
  • Data upgrade available
  • Best for high bandwidth activities on multiple devices simultaneously
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high speed wave internet

High Speed GIG


Plus taxes, fees, and other charges.
  • Download speed up to 940 Mbps*
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • Upstream upgrade available
  • Top speed tier for endless streaming, gaming, or surfing on all your devices
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*Experienced speeds may vary. Offer valid in select areas only.

Do You Know the Speed You Need?

If you are confused about which Wave Broadband plan would suit your household’s usage then check out the table below for some recommendations on the Wave Internet speed tiers according to the types of online activities and the frequency of usage. There is something for everyone!

 Light UsageModerate UsageHeavy Usage
Surf, Email, Shop, etc.High Speed 100High Speed 100High Speed 250
Movies, Music, TV, etc.High Speed 100High Speed 500High Speed GIG
Video Calls, Games, File Share, etc.High Speed 250High Speed 500High Speed GIG

Wave Broadband Internet Equipment

When subscribing to one of the Wave internet plans, you have two options – you can choose to use your own equipment or rent it from the company at an additional charge. All rented equipment comes with 24/7 Wave Broadband tech support.

Modem + Enhanced Whole Home WiFi

Wave’s Enhanced Whole Home WiFi is powered by eero and uses the TrueMesh technology to ensure that you never have to deal with dead spots no matter the size or layout of your house. Equipment maintenance is included.

Modem + Standard WiFi Router

For the optimal online experience, you need a Wave Broadband modem and router to match your internet performance. Wave Internet offers the right equipment for your speed and upgrades it so you can enjoy your internet connection without limit.

Modem Only

For the rare breed of people who do not use multiple devices or for the ones who own a WiFi router, Wave Broadband offers the modem separately that matches your internet speed and they will upgrade it when needed.

Use Your Own Equipment

Wave allows its tech-savvy and DIY crazy customers to use their own equipment if they like. It is recommended that you use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem with 32 downstream channels to best experience internet speeds up to 1 GIG.

wave fastest internet

Why Choose Wave Internet?

Say goodbye to lags and interruptions. Wave Broadband matches the pace of your life and the demands of the modern world with its high-speed internet that is delivered through a top-of-the-line infrastructure. Work from home, take online classes, stream movies, play games, or do whatever you like without worrying about a frozen screen or buffering video. And there’s more:

  • According to PCMAg, Wave Broadband is one of the fastest ISPs in the United States.
  • Wave Broadband has been voted # 1 in customer service, value, and tech support by customers.
  • If you feel your data allowance won’t last the month, you can double your data for only $10/month.
  • Don’t like keeping tabs on your usage? Get unlimited data for only $20/month.
  • Wave Internet offers Eero Secure+ that provides total network protection with tools like anti-virus software, VPN, ad blocking, password management and so much more at only $9.99/month

Wave Broadband Community Support Programs

Wave Broadband is not just running a business, but building a community that feels well cared for. Among other community support programs, the initiatives Wave Broadband has taken in response to the Coronavirus outbreak are especially praiseworthy.

no contact support

No Contact Support

In order for the customers, employees, and communities to stay safe and connected, Wave Broadband offers several online tools to help manage your account, return the equipment, pay your bill remotely, get support & help with troubleshooting, and so much more. In case technicians have to visit a home for installation of new Wave internet service or repairs to old wiring, etc. all CDC guidelines are followed to ensure maximum safety.

internet first

Internet First

Wave Internet is made available to low-income households through the Internet First program that offers high-speed internet with up to 50 Mbps download speed at just $9.95/month to qualifying households. On top of this, there is no contract, no installation fee, no credit check, and the first 2 months are free.

wave brandband coverage

Home Automation Just Got Easier

Home automation is no longer a thing we only see in movies. There is a rising trend in people opting for home automation and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want some convenience at home? With the eero powered Wave Whole-Home WiFi, you can turn your dream of a connected home into a reality. Connect your smart home appliances, smart thermostats, smart lights, security system, etc. to the Wave Broadband internet and control everything remotely through your smartphone. While at home, you can connect voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri from Apple, or Google Home to Wave Internet and manage everything from your playlist to your security system cameras without lifting a finger. Wave Broadband also supports Sonos smart speakers that can be connected to your WiFi to play your favorite playlists wherever and whenever.

Is Wave Broadband Available Near Me?

Wave Broadband locations currently include Washington, Oregon, and California. The ISP caters to over 1.5 million users throughout these states. Wave Broadband also offers copper and fiber internet services on top of the cable internet making it the 11th largest cable internet service provider and the 51st largest fiber internet provider in the U.S. according to the coverage area. Wave Internet is equally useful for both residential and business customers, and while it provides home services in over 347 zip codes throughout the country, Wave Broadband business internet service is available in over 118 of the zip codes.

home automation

Call Wave Broadband at 1-844-726-0727 to order one of the best Wave internet plans for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wave Broadband primarily offers cable internet. However, its fiber and DSL internet is available in select areas. Call Wave Broadband support at 1-844-726-0727 to check service availability in your area.

Since there are no contracts, you can call the Wave Broadband customer service number anytime to make changes to your plan or cancel your services if you want.

You can choose between four methods to pay your Wave internet bill:

MyWave Account

Register your MyWave account to generate the Wave internet login credentials. Sign in to your account and make one-time payments or choose the auto-pay option.

By Phone

Call the Wave internet phone number and follow the instructions to pay your bill via a debit or credit card.

By Mail

If you’re not comfortable providing your banking details over the phone then use the U.S. mail. Send a check or money order along with the bill stub from your monthly paper bill statement to Wave Broadband.

In Person

You can always go to your nearest Wave payment location and pay your bill through cash, money order, check, or a credit card that has a MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover logo on it.

The highest internet speed offered by Wave Broadband is 1Gig. However, not everyone would need such a fast speed. Check out the table above for speed recommendations according to your usage and activity.

Wave internet prices start from $34.95/month and can go up to $79.95/month. However, these can vary by location so it is best to get in touch with Wave internet customer service to find out the exact rates available in your area.

Wave Broadband offers a variety of internet plans to fit every household’s usage. On top of this, you receive 24/7 support and Wave Broadband prices will not burn a hole in your pocket either. It is a win-win all the way!

Wave Internet is available across California, Washington, and Oregon offering residential as well as business internet services. To check if your area is covered, dial the Wave Broadband contact number to speak to a customer service representative.!

The advertised Wave internet prices do not include any taxes, fees, surcharges, equipment rental, or installation fees. Taxes, fees, and surcharges are applicable as per your state’s regulations. However, the equipment and installation charges depend on your choices. You can choose to use your own equipment and install it yourself which would incur no charges. Alternatively, you can rent Wave internet equipment that ranges between $16/month and $25.95/month depending on your choice.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.