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Philadelphia’s Residential Internet Providers

Connection Type


Max. Speed

987 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


Connection Type


Max. Speed

25 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


The ‘City of Brotherly Love’ values internet to the max. That is why its providers deliver connectivity to over 99% of the residents. While most Philly households use a wired connection, the rest of the population stays connected through wireless plans.

Philadelphia is among the most connected cities in Pennsylvania, meeting the average broadband requirement of 25 Mbps, and housing providers like Xfinity, which ensure that you get speeds as fast as 1 Gbps. Such a great variety of internet providers in Philadelphia means that you can enjoy flexible options at competitive rates.

Philadelphia’s Cable & Satellite TV Providers

Connection Type

Digital Cable TV

Max. Channels Offered




Star Features
  • Easy Access to Netflix
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • DVR services
User Rating
Connection Type

Satellite TV

Max. Channels Offered


Premiums (Free for the first three months)


Star Features
  • 50,000+ on demand titles
  • 4k HDR programming
  • DIRECTV app
User Rating

Entertainment is what rewinds you and charges your batteries. A long day at work and a week of hectic routine asks for a fun-filled weekend. All this requires is a great number of channel options.

Luckily, the cable companies in Philadelphia offer amazing lineups. With the number of available channels starting at 200, you will always be entertained. If a provider does not suit you, then worry not, simply look for the next option.

A wide variety of channels entertains the entire household. Movies, seasons for you. Reality shows, dramas, and music for the family. Cartoons, Disney channel, and many other options for your children. Entertainment is truly unlimited for Philadelphians.

Philadelphia’s Reliable Phone Providers

Service Type



Talk Time

Unlimited calling

Unlimited talk and text

Star Features
  • 12+ calling features including Voicemail
  • Caller ID on TV
  • Keep current phone number
  • Free internet with the most Wi-Fi hotspots around the country
  • Included with Xfinity internet
  • Access to 4G LTE network
User Rating
Service Type


Talk Time

Unlimited talk and text

Star Features
  • Unlimited data*
  • 4G LTE network access
  • Bring your own phone
User Rating
*AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed.

Keeping in touch and staying connected over the phone is a great way to show your affection & concern. Picking up the receiver and dialing your loved one’s number takes zero effort, yet proves to be simple & effective when it comes to strengthening relationships.

Philadelphians can talk freely with unlimited minutes and countless texts. AT&T and Xfinity both allow you to stay connected and talk as much as you want. One comes with unlimited local freedom, while the other offers hassle-free dialing to many destinations around the world.

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Internet Accessibility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The internet is the very foundation of modern communication systems. It not only connects but also ensures that we live our lives to the fullest and get our work done on time. It is a means of communication, source of knowledge and touches almost every aspect of our lives.

Philadelphia enjoys internet connectivity through amazing network technologies, such as cable, DSL, satellite and state of the art fiber-optic lines. The combination of legacy connection types along with the latest fiber optic ensures that this city gets unfaltering web access with speed and reliability. The broadband speeds in Philadelphia start from 3 Mbps, ideal for basic internet usage, and climb up to a blistering 1000 Mbps that can handle anything! No matter which zip you belong to, you will have access to at least three providers. To know more about the internet accessibility scenario is the top boroughs of Philly, check out LocalCableDeals’ geographic account below.

Best Providers in Center City

Center City enjoys various connectivity options. Residents of this area can take advantage of any internet connection type – DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber-optic. No matter what your preference is, you get what you want. These options allow you to choose with freedom and meet your connectivity needs. Center City is located in the bustling heart of Philadelphia and gets a lot of attention from some of the top providers in the country. The fastest speeds in this business hub are 987 Mbps, which are extremely fast. The competition is healthy and brings the overall ISP coverage close to 100%. Competition gets you competitive prices so that you can stay connected and share the love. Here are the top internet providers in Center City:

  • Xfinity 100% Availability – Best Fiber-Backed Cable
  • EarthLink 97.7% Availability – Best DSL Internet
  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in University City/West Philly

Host to the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania, University City gets a lot of love and affection from the best providers in the country. With a huge student body in the area, the internet requirements skyrocket, and the ever-expanding university campus asks a little more from the internet providers in Philadelphia. Making internet access affordable for students and other residents is the top priority for the ISPs in this area, which is why West Philly gets pretty cheap internet in Philadelphia. The fastest speeds here climb to 987 Mbps, and the top providers are:

  • EarthLink 98.1% Availability – Best DSL Internet
  • Xfinity 97.2% Availability – Best Fiber-Backed Cable
  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in Chestnut Hill

With a population of over 100,000, Chestnut Hill’s average age demographic lingers around 33 years. That is a lot of young people and to providers, a lot of potential customers. These numbers make it an attractive market. The ‘garden district’ of Philadelphia may be home to vintage houses and classic architecture, but the internet facilities here are state of the art. Like the rest of Philadelphia, Chestnut Hill gets speeds reaching up to 1000 Mbps, making it a part of the best-connected areas. Here are the top ISPs in this neighborhood:

  • Xfinity 100% Availability – Best Fiber-Backed Cable
  • EarthLink 73.9% Availability – Best DSL Internet
  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in Washington Square West

Washington Square West has a better broadband coverage than the average zip code in Philadelphia. With multiple options available, it is easy to get cable internet, DSL internet, wired internet and state of the art fiber-optic internet for your home or office. This wide variety enables you to choose an ISP based on your budget, and take advantage of the amazingly low prices on internet-only plans. Fiber-optic may be a new technology that makes it scarce, but here in Washington Square West, about 55.9% of households have access to a fiber-optic internet connection. Impeccable connectivity is further delivered by the following providers:

  • Xfinity 97.1% Availability – Best Fiber-Backed Cable
  • EarthLink 96.7% Availability – Best DSL Internet
  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in Manayunk

Manayunk, with its ‘small town’ vibe, happens to be one of the most connected areas with multiple internet provider options. The sheer variety of plans makes the decision hard for the folks, but the competitive environment helps maintain equal serviceability. The speed options in Manayunk fall between 3 Mbps and 987 Mbps, which are diverse enough to cater to all types of users. You can surf, play online games and download heavy files all at once. Here are some of the best ISPs in this region:

  • Xfinity 100% Availability – Best Fiber-Backed Cable
  • EarthLink 94.1% Availability – Best DSL Internet
  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Compare Philadelphia’s Top Internet Providers

Committing to an internet provider for years to come is a huge deal. So, before you make the choice of a lifetime, be sure to do your research and evaluate the best-suited options in your particular area. Here is a crisp comparison of the best internet providers in Philadelphia, courtesy of LocalCableDeals:

Provider Service Type Max Speed* Availability Contact
Xfinity Cable 987 Mbps 99.3%+ Call Now
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps 100% Call Now
Speeds may vary based on location

Compare Philadelphia’s Top TV Providers

Watching television in the comfort of your house is one of the best ways to let go of the day’s stress. In order to dial this entertainment up to the max, you need to have access to the best TV providers, offering exciting lineups and premium packages. Philadelphia has a number of options that offer a wide range of channels lists. Here is a quick comparison between the top TV providers in Philly for you:

Provider Service Type Talk-Time Added Perks Contact
Xfinity Digital Cable TV 260+
  • X1 Voice Remote
  • DVR library & free HD
  • Xfinity Stream App
Order Now
AT&T DIRECTV Satellite TV 330+
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Genie HD DVR
Call Now
Channel availability may vary based on location

Compare Philadelphia’s Top Phone Providers

Mobile phones provide a lot of ease and comfort, and Philadelphia has a score of excellent cell phone providers. Plus, landlines are also held in favor by the residents, as the most convenient way of staying in touch and spreading love. Check out the city’s top phone providers in a comparative table below, brought to you by LocalCableDeals, and choose the fittest voice plan for your home.

Provider Service Type Talk-Time Added Perks Contact
AT&T Wireless Unlimited talk & text
  • Unlimited data* on 4G LTE network
  • Access to nationwide Hotspots
Call Now
Xfinity MobileVoice Unlimited talk & textUnlimited Calling
  • Unlimited data** on 4G LTE network
  • Access to nationwide hotspots
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
Call Now
*AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed. **Reduced speeds after 20 GB of usage per line. In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

The Fastest Internet Service Providers of Philadelphia

We know Philadelphia shares its love through internet connectivity. With all the providers available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. The key is to identify your needs, calculate what speeds work for you, and then proceed from there. It may sound complicated but a simple device count and a brief analysis of usage per device will do the trick.

When it comes to high-speed internet in Philadelphia, no one beats Xfinity. With both cable and fiber-backed options, it brings you the fastest internet on the block. Comcast’s advertised speeds reach up to 987 Mbps in Philly with upload resting at 35 Mbps – enough to undergo 1 GB data download in under 1 second. With such a first-rate speed, your internet connection will be second to none. And if you have a more basic usage pattern, then a 15 Mbps DSL connection from EarthLink will do the job, enabling you to download 1 GB data in a minute. So, no matter what your requirements are, there’s always something for you in Philadelphia’s broadband stores.

Summarizing Internet Provision in Philadelphia, PA

One thing we can learn from Philadelphia’s telecom market is that the connection and speed you choose can greatly affect your internet experience. If you use only a couple of devices at a time for casual surfing, then speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 15 Mbps, as provided by EarthLink to 88% of the Philadelphians, will do the job. If your internet usage extends beyond basic surfing to a single-device streaming, then connection speeds between 15 Mbps and 50 Mbps will surely work. In this regard, HughesNet® comes to the aid of Philadelphians with a startling 100% coverage. Last but not the least, if you have more than 5 devices connected at the same time, and you use the internet for 4K streaming, multiplayer online gaming and downloading heavy files, then a connection exceeding 100 Mbps will work as your last resort. And luckily, Philadelphians can get fiber-level speeds, amounting to 1 Gig, on their simple cable line with Xfinity, which has a 99.3% availability in the city.

Moving to Philadelphia?

If you are thinking about moving to Philadelphia, here a few useful links that can help you answer a few of your queries and provide you with a head start as well as prove to be useful resources.

Philadelphia Provider Availability and Coverage Map

Free Internet Access Points in Philadelphia

The internet is a great amenity, but when you’re on the move, it can be a little expensive. However, there are a number of free Wi-Fi access points, dispersed throughout the city of Philadelphia for your convenience. All you need to do is connect your device and start enjoying Wi-Fi on the go. Some of these spots can be found at:

  • Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts (400 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Blanche A Nixon Branch, Cobbs Creek(5800 Cobbs Creek Parkway, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Race Street Pier (N Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Falls Of Schuylkill Branch Library (3501 Midvale Ave, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Ultimo Coffee Bar (2149 Catharine St, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Rescue Spa (1601 Walnut Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Di Bruno Bros. (1730 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA)
  • Kimpton Hotel (117 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA)

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet & Cable Providers in Philadelphia

- Philadelphia is home to multiple internet service providers. The cost of your internet connection will depend on various factors. You can get an internet connection for as low as $14.95 a month in Philly, by EarthLink.

- Philadelphia is connected and entertained by multiple providers. When it comes to your TV service, Xfinity proves to be the best option. It offers multiple channel lineups, along with premium subscription access and DVR.

Philadelphia is one of the most connected cities. With multiple providers offering a plethora of plans and deals, it is hard to identify the best one. When it comes to lightning-fast speeds, delicious extras, and free features, Xfinity from Comcast is hard to beat. If you are looking for nominal speeds, EarthLink and HughesNet® are fairly good too.

With speeds ranging from 5 Mbps to 1 Gig, it is hard to identify which internet works for you. If you are looking for the fastest internet in Philadelphia, then Xfinity is the way to go.

Philadelphia is home to a great number of internet options, including fiber-optic. This specialized network line gets you amazing speeds at great reliability. Xfinity happens to be the front-runner in fiber-level internet service in Philadelphia. Though it is essentially a cable company, Comcast has incorporated the advanced hybrid technology to boost speeds and offer the best to its customers.

Cheap internet in Philadelphia is easy to find. All you need to do is visit , enter your zip code or complete address, and choose from a variety of available options specific to your locality.

Almost all providers offer Wi-Fi facility with your internet connection. Ideally, you should go for a provider that offers free modem or discounted rentals on your modem fees. Xfinity, however, uses 3.0 DOCSIS technology that provides you with seamless wireless connectivity.

- AT&T has a 100% cell phone coverage in Philadelphia, spanning across 149.07 sq. meters of geographical area, and offering wireless service to nearly all the zip codes. makes it easier for you to find internet options in your area. Use your zip code or complete address to search for your local internet providers.

Customer Reviews of Philadelphia’s Outstanding Providers


“The download speeds are never constant. The speeds vary all the time and browsing is especially slow during peak hours. Less than satisfactory experience.”

Kate | on November 15, 2018

“I am connected to the internet all the time. The wifi device is decent as well. The only trouble I am facing is the varying speeds. It feels like a roller coaster ride, the only difference is that the speeds are slower than promised. Consistent speeds, even if they are not as promised, are all I ask!”

Bill | on January 19, 2019

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