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Top Optimum Internet Packages for a 21st Century User

Optimum Internet 300 [Limited Time]

Download speeds up to 300 Mbps

  • Whole Home smart Wi-Fi
  • Free smart router
  • Free access to Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Economical service & device protection options
$39.99/mo.For 12 months. Plus taxes, fees and other charges.

Altice Fiber

Download speeds up to 1 Gig

  • The fastest speed available (in select areas)
  • Built-in, smart mesh Wi-Fi
  • Free Wi-Fi Extender
  • Unlimited data – ideal for streaming in 4K
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card included
    (Valid for customers who remain in good standing with no past dues or returned payments in the first 90 days following account activation)
$69.99/mo.For life. Plus taxes, fees and other charges.

Altice One Double Play

Internet 200 & Core TV with 220+ channels

  • 4K Ultra HD content
  • Premium, sports and international channel lineup options
  • Voice-Activated Remote provided
  • $100 Amazon Gift Card included
    (Valid for customers who remain in good standing with no past dues or returned payments in the first 90 days following account activation)
$64.99/mo.For 24 months. Plus taxes, fees and other charges.

*Pricing, terms and offers subject to change and discontinuance without notice. Wired connection speeds. Wi-Fi speeds may vary. All services not available in all areas.

What Makes Optimum so Irresistible as an ISP?

Optimum by Altice is among the top 5 fastest internet providers nationwide, and being so, offers incredible internet packages at the most affordable prices. It values its customers to the end, and never fails to satisfy them with seamless connectivity. Mastering both cable and fiber networks, Optimum ensures residential as well as business users can access blazing-fast internet speeds at a wider scale and at much cheaper rates. Ranking among the top in the U.S. telecom industry for all the right reasons, Optimum by Altice delivers a digital experience of a lifetime. What's more? Optimum internet plans usually come with a solid “Price for Life” guarantee. Meaning, you can rely on its advertised rates to stay the same and not suffer from unannounced hikes later on. After all, Optimum believes in building a lifelong relationship of high-quality service and trust with the customers.

Optimum Deals

A Quick Overview of Optimum Internet Speeds

Whether you want to check your emails, stream your favorite shows or indulge in crazy online gaming sessions, Optimum provides the perfect internet speed to suit every need. With download starting from 200 Mbps and going as high as 940 Mbps, and upload speed ranging between 35 and 940 Mbps, you get way more for way less. That too without the stress of data caps.

With Optimum, you are in for an amazing connectivity experience, for sure!

Connect Wirelessly with Optimum Wi-Fi

Dynamic Whole Home Wi-Fi

Optimum by Altice includes a Whole Home Wi-Fi system in its internet plans, so you can enjoy streaming, downloading, browsing or gaming from anywhere in the house at an incredible speed. Its smart and superfast mesh Wi-Fi technology guarantees 40% greater efficiency compared to other traditional routers, ensuring full-home coverage.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Access

Optimum grants free access to more than 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots, which is a real catch for users. This facility ensures you stay connected to the web even while waiting for your train, dining at a restaurant or strolling in a park. It doesn’t matter if out running errands; now you can stream music on the go by simply linking to your nearest hotspot.

Summarizing Optimum Internet Plans & Prices

One of the most outstanding features of Optimum by Altice is how it offers high-end internet speeds at dialed-down rates. For just under $50, you can get a taste of both cable and fiber broadband speeds, maximizing to 400 Mbps, which is more than enough to support the online needs of a large household. Optimum’s internet plans are currently categorized as:

PlanConnection TypeMax SpeedPricing per month
Internet 200FiberUp to 200 Mbps$44.99
Internet 300CableUp to 300 Mbps$39.99/1 yr. (Limited time offer)
Internet 400CableUp to 400 Mbps$64.99 for life
Internet 400FiberUp to 400 Mbps$39.99/1 yr. (Limited time offer)
Internet 1 GigFiberUp to 1000 MbpsUp to 400 Mbps

Additional taxes, fees and other charges apply. Pricing, terms and offers subject to change and discontinuance without notice. Wired connection speeds. Wi-Fi speeds may vary. All services not available in all areas.

Benefits of Subscribing to Optimum Internet Service

Get Award-Winning Speeds

According to FCC, Optimum outperforms even Verizon FiOS®, when it comes to download speeds. With Optimum’s 200M, 300M, 400M and Gig plans, you can expect to receive the promised speeds almost 100% of the time. Get a taste of real luxury without having to overspend.

Say Goodbye to Data Caps

Many providers in the market impose strong checks on your bandwidth in the form of data caps. These annoying limitations take the flavor of freedom out of your essential web experience. This is why, with Optimum, you won’t find any data caps at all. Every plan comes with unlimited data allowance and unlimited power!

Bundle up and SAVE!

Optimum gives you the most flexible options when you’re in the process of creating a service package. You can either go for a standalone internet plan, if that rows your boat. Or, you can choose to combine internet with TV and/or phone in the form of double/triple plays, and save on all two/three services in one shot.

Ensure Device Protection

An electrical or mechanical failure can occur at any time and halt all your online activities, while making a dent in your budget. Optimum allows you to utilize its device protection & service options. For under $20, you can ensure your equipment stays well covered while remote access to premium tech support is always at hand.

Why Optimum is a Top Choice Among Users

Optimum remains a top preference for residential and business users. Why? Because it gives them an ultimate edge in the form of a seamless, secure and superfast internet connection. Some of the reasons why people like Optimum and give it the highest reviews are:

  • Blazing-fast speeds at cheaper rates
  • Availability of suitable plans for average and heavy net users
  • No contract policy
  • Unlimited data
  • Provision of Smart Router
  • Access to more than 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Price for Life guarantee
  • Strong and fast Mesh Wi-Fi system
  • Top-rated customer service
  • Device Security and Service Protection
Optimum Internet

Is Optimum Internet Available in My Area?

Interesting fact: Optimum has a huge cable internet footprint, encompassing about 12.4 million people in the U.S. Whereas, its fiber internet service is available to an approx. 360 thousand users, making it one of the most prominent among providers of Fiber connectivity. Optimum’s best-served areas include cities in and around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other states. While, its top speeds escalate to 1 Gig on purely fiber infrastructure available in select areas, more widely it hovers around 400 Mbps at most and is mostly delivered via a hybrid fiber-coaxial network with only the ‘last mile’ employing coaxial lines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Optimum Internet

Yes, Optimum offers a range of exciting internet standalone plans with Gig speeds in select areas.
You can self-install Optimum Internet by simply calling 1-855-771-3154 and following the set of instructions provided in order to get connected. You can also avail yourself of professional installation.
Optimum offers both cable and fiber internet to its users in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York.
Optimum offers multiple cheap internet plans for users. Its outstanding Altice 400 fiber plan is currently available at an affordable price of just $39.99 per month (Limited time offer).
Optimum by Altice offers self-installation for most of its internet plans with no extra fee. For professional setup, you will be charged a one-time-only installation fee that stands at $99; the discounted offer for standard installation will cost you $59.
The provider does charge an equipment fee of $10 per month for the Modem. Smart router is included for free with high speed tier plans.
Yes, stick to Optimum and it will make sure your new home gets the best internet service. If you are relocating to a new city, keep your Optimum ID and password with you, login to enjoy access to free hotspots and dial the customer service phone number to know about mover deals, loyalty discounts, chances of outage in the new area and other area specific details.
No, Optimum facilitates its users by offering a no-contract policy. It does not bind its customers with annoying contracts.
Yes, Optimum offers free access to more than 2 million Wi-Fi hotpots with its services. Altice makes sure you stay connected even when you're running errands.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.