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Internet Accessibility Stats, GA State

Going to the beach or climbing a mountain is fun but only until you have all the required services to keep you in touch with the rest of the world. Georgia, known for its blue coastal beaches, lush green farmland and scenic mountains, offers great hobbies to the residents. However, a good internet connection is important for the day to day tasks whether they are related to education, general knowledge, politics or business. The relaxing state of Georgia homes various providers and lucky for you LocalCableDeals is here to help you compare and choose them wisely!

Did You Know?

  • 49 local internet providers operate in Georgia
  • AT&T and Spectrum take the lead in Georgia with Cox and Xfinity following them at 2nd position as per the providers’ availability throughout the city and its customer satisfaction ratings
  • “21st most connected” state rank when it comes to internet connectivity has been awarded to Georgia
  • 56.7 Mbps is the average state-wide speed for GA
  • 92.7% of the populace has access to basic broadband services in their respective areas

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Ratio


of the Georgians have access to a wired network line.


of the general populace has the option to choose DSL services in Georgia.


have cable internet service in their area, consisting of 46 different cable internet plans.


have the chance to opt for fiber connectivity, consisting of a total of 47 plans.

Wireless Network Ratio

100% GA residents have access to mobile broadband, boasting 31+ plans.

12.4% of the Georgians have the opportunity to get a fixed wireless service without trouble.

Satellite Network Ratio

7% of the total Georgians can get satellite internet with any one of its 5 provider plans.

Speed Quotient

  • 92.7% of the total populace in Georgia can relish 25 Mbps or higher speeds.
  • 89.4% have access to 100 Mbps or faster broadband speeds.
  • 40.9% have access to the 1 Gigabit internet speeds provided in Georgia.
  • Among the fastest internet speed locales in GA, these five regions manage to make the cut:.
Locale County Average Download Speed Outstanding Provider Coverage
Hoschton Jackson County 215.4 MBPS Windstream 69.0%+
Silver Creek Floyd County 206.3 Mbps EarthLink 95.4%+
Woodstock Cherokee County 125.6 Mbps AT&T 97.5%+
Statham Barrow County 142.0 Mbps AT&T 98.2%+
Tignall Wilkes County 183.8 Mbps HughesNet® 100%

*Speeds and price may vary based on location

Connectivity Issues

  • 649,000 Georgians can’t get access to a network wireline service capable of delivering 25 Mbps or higher speeds.
  • 983,000 people in Georgia don’t have any option other than a single wired internet provider in their area, making it impossible for them to switch to better ones.
  • 281,000 residents of Georgia don’t have any kind of wired coverage in their area.
  • However, there has been a 4.2% improvement in the broadband provision (at least 10 Mbps) since 2011.

TV Accessibility Stats, GA State

Catching the old and new movies or seasons of your favorite genre on TV is one of the best ways to spend an introvertish weekend. The joy is doubled in case you live in Georgia, due to the fact that you definitely would have a variety of providers to choose from with the help of LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 20+ cable & satellite TV companies operate in Georgia.
  • With DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, Spectrum and Xfinity leading the TV provider list.
  • 8,165,611 Georgians still have a live broadcast television service at their homes which makes up about 97% of the total populace of Georgia.
  • 7,083,422 people combine their TV service with internet to form bundle deals in order to divulge in more for less.
  • 4,722,281 prefer to stream TV online which is about 48% of the total population in Georgia.
  • A total of 7% Georgian residents watch the TV shows and movies of their choice in recorded formats (via DVR) rather than opting for any network timeline.

Voice Accessibility Stats, GA State

Talking to your friends and family to share a heartfelt chuckle or two is literally beyond the realm of imagination without a dependable phone line. Luckily, Georgia bears the gift of a lengthy list of phone providers that offer great “Voice” packages. You can check them all out and see which one fits your needs best with a little help from LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 20+ different phone service providers are available throughout the state of Georgia.
  • AT&T stands as the best network in the state of Georgia just as it does in several others, proposing many flexible cell phone plans.
  • 98.75% of Georgia’s 733 zip codes are covered by AT&T itself.
  • 85/100 is the average score designated to the overall cell phone coverage in Georgia, which in all honesty is amazing!
  • 58,811 m2 of the Peach State is covered by AT&T while 3G and 4G-LTE are widely available almost everywhere.

Comparing the Supreme Georgia Internet Providers

The Peach State just like its peaches houses an amazing assortment of internet providers and service options, from DSL to Fiber. This immense telecom variety is sufficient to make anybody feel anxious when making a decision. Which supplier would it be a good idea to pick and which service could be avoided, given your pocket limitations? How can you just gamble away like that? Worry not! LocalCableDeals has it all sorted for you, in view of the most significant information assembled about the best internet service providers in your general vicinity. Just go over the table below and take your pick.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Coverage Other Available Services ACSI Score
1. AT&T DSL & Fiber 5 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps 82% U-Verse TV with 550+ channels DIRECTV packages starting with 155+ channels Digital home phone with 20+ calling features AT&T Wireless 69
2. Spectrum Cable 30 Mbps to 300 Mbps 61% Spectrum TV with 200+ channels & FREE HD Spectrum Voice with 28 calling features Spectrum Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data plans 59
3. Xfinity Cable 15 Mbps to 987 Mbps 80% Xfinity TV with XI integrationXfinity Voice with 12+ calling featuresXfinity Home SecurityXfinity Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data plans 61
4. Cox Communications Cable & Fiber 10 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps 75% Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ channels Cox Voice Premier with 14+ features Cox Homelife 60
5. Mediacom Cable 60 Mbps to 500 Mbps 69% Xtream TV with 170+ channels Phone with Voicemail and 15+ other features 56
6. HughesNet® Satellite Up to 25 Mbps 90% HughesNet® Voice with free equipmentBuilt-in Wi-Fi -
7. Windstream VDSL & Fiber Up to 1 Gbps 15.8% - 57
8. EarthLink Fiber & DSL Up to 1 Gbps 49% - -

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

Why Place Your Trust in LocalCableDeals?

Three things matter the most with regards to choosing a telecom service provider in Georgia. Speed, dependability and practicality. LocalCableDeals comprehends these variables totally, and on this premise, shows the most appropriate provider alternatives and bundles to you – sparing you from the endlessly long stretches of research and disappointment. Overall, for what reason would it be advisable for you to depend on LCD when you’re trying to upgrade your lifestyle, digitally overhauling your Peach State home?

Believe LocalCableDeals has the best of intentions for you because it:

  • Helps you track down the kinds of internet providers being offered in your GA neighborhood, whether you want DSL, cable, satellite or fiber.
  • Enables you to pick the broadband speeds you need from a wide range of satellite (25 Mbps) to fiber internet (1000 Mbps).
  • Allows you to think about the internet bundles in your general vicinity and locate the ones providing extraordinary network speeds for low-budget consumers.
  • Listens you your entertainment based needs by identifying and singling out the best TV providers in Georgia, from cable to satellite, alongside their channel lineups.
  • Assists you in searching for the perfect telephone service providers in the Peach State and adaptable information plans so you can chat with the provider’s representative with good knowledge at your end.

Georgia’s Internet Situation

In a 2016 broadband overview, most of Georgia residents expressed that internet network assumed a huge role in finding a new line of work inside the state and considerably more individuals felt that it was essential to their personal satisfaction.

Overall, an astounding 30% of the total Georgian populace didn't have a home broadband network and many still don't have it. Internet costs in Georgia always show signs of change with the quantity of active broadband subscriptions in every district. So to put it out essentially, as a state, Georgia wasn't constantly known for availability. Indeed, it positioned as the 33rd most "connected" state in the U.S. according to the FCC analysis report in 2017. It was from there onwards that it began the voyage to be among the top 25!

All things considered, just as the Peach State, we accept that everybody should have a chance at a good internet connection at moderate costs. There are some great deals out there, you just need to be a keen customer!

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Internet Service In Georgia
Georgia TV Service

Georgia’s TV Setting

Here's something intriguing about Georgia and TV. This state is home to various TV characters, including Alicia Leigh Willis, who featured as Elizabeth in the MyNetworkTv telenovela American Heiress. Before beginning her TV career in 1996, Willis was born in Atlanta in 1978. Despite the fact that Willis shows up in homes across the nation, Georgia will always be her home.

Most cable organizations don't offer services in every area of the state. We have the most recent data on who works where, so put in your zip code and find out Georgia cable providers in your area with the help of LocalCableDeals.

To Sum Up…

There might be a zillion providers working all over Georgia with the aim to provide the general public with a good internet speed bandwidth, incredible entertainment packages for TV that have some great channel lineups as well as phone services with a line so crystal clear you can even hear each other’s breath. However, how would you know which one best suits you if you don’t have LocalCableDeals by your side to help you compare and contrast all the factors you need to keep in mind while making a decision?

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