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Internet Accessibility Stats, NY State

A high-speed internet connection is an absolute necessity these days, given the rate at which the whole world is advancing towards the digital end. Whether you would like a viable connection for your home or for your corporate concern, Local Cable Deals has you covered, especially if you happen to live in the Empire State.

Did You Know?

  • There are approximately 40 local internet providers in New York.
  • Out of which, Spectrum and Xfinity occupy the most prominent positions.
  • Interestingly, New York ranks 4th on the most connected inter-state scale.
  • Meaning, about 98% of the overall NY population enjoys easy access to a basic broadband network.

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Ratio


residents have a wireline service and access to a wired broadband connection at their homes.


have a subscription to the DSL network and its 76+ multi-tiered plans.


have cable service and access to 92+ featured plans.


population has upgraded to the super-fast, quite rare fiber-optic connection, consisting of 12+ plans.

Wireless Network Ratio

A full 100% of the NY residents have the option to get mobile broadband by choosing from any of 32+ provider-given plans.

Only 32.2% people have access to a fixed wireless connection.

Satellite Network Ratio

37% of New Yorkers are tended towards the satellite network and its 12+ major plans.

Speed Quotient

  • Speed-wise, about 98.4% of NY residents enjoy 25 Mbps or higher broadband speeds.
  • 98.2% go for 100 Mbps or faster.
  • Whereas, only a minority of 6.4% residents get 1 Gig internet speeds for their homes.
  • New York has an average speed of 69.4 Mbps on the state-wide scale, which is increasing by the day.
  • Geographically, among its top three locations with the fastest-ever cable internet speeds are.
Locale County Average Download Speed Outstanding Provider Coverage
Swan Lake Sullivan County 347.6 Mbps Spectrum 96%+
Fallsburg Sullivan County 219.3 Mbps Spectrum 100%
Olivebridge Ulster County 217.6 Mbps Spectrum 100%

Connectivity Issues

  • Coming to deprivation, around 307,000 New Yorkers don’t have access to a wired connection capable of driving 25 Mbps or higher speeds.
  • About 814,000 residents don’t have the option to switch to other wired internet providers and are restricted to only one in their area.
  • Another 112,000 people don’t even have wired service providers operating in the areas that they live in and are forced to make do.
  • However, research shows the provision of wired connectivity (of up to 10 Mbps at least) to NYS populace is increasing with the passage of time and has improved from 97.9% to 98.9% since 2011.

TV Accessibility Stats, NY State

Whether you like to watch the hourly news, the Sunday sports sessions or the broadcasted shows, having a reliable TV connection from the best provider in your New York state area is a given. This is where Local Cable Deals comes in, matchmaking you with the TV company of your dreams.

Did You Know?

  • There are 30+ cable companies in the state of New York.
  • With DIRECTV and Spectrum ranking among the highest in TV service provision.
  • In New York, approximately 13,926,622 residents have a cable TV connection at their homes.
  • Out of which, about 9,284,415 homes prefer to watch TV on the internet.
  • Still, a large majority of 97% consumers (18,762,255 to be precise) continue to enjoy direct broadcasts the traditional way.
  • Even though DVR usage has increased to 7% across the U.S., 85% (almost 16,441,151) of people in the state of New York are fans of watching TV shows broadcasted on the respective network timeline.
  • In NY, only 6% of the households have embraced OTA (Over-The-Air) television, showing the overwhelming popularity of Pay-TV services (cable & satellite) among New Yorkers.

Cable TV Residential Users


Broadcast Viewers


Network Timeline Followers


Voice Accessibility Stats, NY State

Communication is key to performing day-to-day tasks, which is why a dedicated home phone line and a pliant cell phone connection is a must. Allow Local Cable Deals to bring you the best NYS providers in the business at the touch of a button.

Did You Know?

  • There are a total of 40 incumbent local telephone companies working throughout the New York state.
  • Out of which, AT&T stands as the best provider with the most widespread network.
  • Based on coverage, AT&T scores the highest, occupying 95.34% of all New York zip codes.
  • As regards the 3G & 4G LTE provision, 38 small NYS carriers or MVNOs run on the four major networks and offer 185 cell phone plans starting at $7 per month.
  • Around 98% of the housing units in NYS have access to a wireline or a wireless voice service.
  • Overall, cell phone coverage in the Empire State earns a pretty decent score of 85 out of 100.

AT&T Coverage


Wireless Voice Service


Compare Your Local Internet & TV Providers With Us (New York Style!)

Looking for the best telecom options for your Empire State home? Fret no more. Local Cable Deals not only does all the research FOR YOU, but also gives you a winning comparative analysis of the best local providers in the market – in a zap! Now, you can easily compare the connection types, the speed limits, the price brackets, the availability spectrum, the adjoining services and even the ACSI scores of the internet and TV providers, operating across the New York state. Get an idea about which provider’s right for you and make an informed choice with LCD.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Coverage Other Available Services ACSI Score
1. Spectrum Cable & Fiber Up to 940 Mbps 70% Spectrum TV with 200+ HD channels Spectrum Home Phone with 28 calling features 59
2. Xfinity Cable & Fiber Up to 987 Mbps 76% Xfinity TV with 125+ channelsXfinity Voice with 12+ calling featuresXfinity Home Secure with 24/7 monitoringXfinity Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data 61
3. Windstream DSL, Cable & Fiber Up to 100 Mbps 72% Voice with 14 essential calling featuresCan be bundled with DIRECTV 57
4. EarthLink ADSL/VDSL Up to 15 Mbps 76.5% - -
5. AT&T Wireless Up to 10 Mbps 100% DIRECTV satellite subscription upon bundling -
6. HughesNet® Satellite Up to 25 Mbps 95% HughesNet ® Voice with free equipmentCan be bundled with DIRECTV -

Reasons to Rely on LocalCableDeals

Choosing the perfect cable TV & internet service provider for your home is easier said than done. It is one nerve-wracking job – involving countless hours of exhaustive research and having to sort through conflicting user opinions. Luckily, Local Cable Deals makes this task significantly easier for you, by offering a one-stop solution to all your problems. So, why should I not rely on LCD when searching for the telecom providers in my Empire State area, when it:

  • Helps me discover the fastest internet deals near me with speeds ranging across the NY state, from HughesNet’s 25 Mbps to Xfinity’s 987 Mbps, down to my locality.
  • Enables me to further specify my search by marking the service availability of NY state internet providers near me against the types of internet connection they provide (DSL, Cable, Fiber & Satellite are the most common).
  • Assists me in chancing upon the cheapest internet in my area in New York, ranging from At&t’s deals on a DSL connection to Xfinity for a super-fast cable connection.
  • Gives me an information boost regarding the top-ranking TV providers in New York (DISH, DIRECTV, Spectrum) so you can easily compare their prices, lineups, coverage and bundle deals – all in one place.
  • Provides me an updated account of the best stand-alone cell phone providers in New York (with AT&T occupying the top position), and services offered as add-ons by popular NYS networks like Spectrum.

New York Internet Environment

Home to the bustling Time Square intersection and the sophisticated NFL headquarters, New York is justifiably famous for being one of the most connected states across the U.S. Climbing the staircase of progress requires gold-standard internet speeds, after all, which are majorly provided by its cable, DSL and now flourishing fiber-optic network corporations. Once you move away from the metropolis, you will find satellite internet powering the lives of people living in the rural hamlets. You can say that the internet infrastructure in New York is in transition, expanding to include more households in its fold every day, while striving towards better standards. Local Cable Deals follows the state’s internet behavior quite closely to offer you only the best and the latest in the business.

Internet Service In New York
New York TV Service

New York TV Scenario

From among the star-studded celebrities you often catch on TV, Ben Stiller (“Wish Kids”), David Schwimmer (“F.R.I.E.N.D.S”), Angela Bassett (“American Horror Story”), David Duchovny (“The X-Files”), Brooke Smith (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Adam Sandler (“Saturday Night Live”), Eddie Murphy (“The PJs”) and Alan Reed (“The Flintstones”) all hail from various boroughs in the New York state. You can catch their best performances by subscribing to DISH TV’s America Top 120 plan or DIRECTV SELECT service, which promises a quality TV scene for New Yorkers especially.

To Sum Up…

So, if you’re looking to buy a reliable internet, TV or phone connection for your New York state residence, then hop onto LCD’s bandwagon right away. Why? Because it will take you through various data-driven comparisons conducted around speed, price, features and coverage between the top telecom providers in your area. Not only will this cut your research time in half, but will also direct your decision towards the most recommended internet & TV services in NY state.

Internet TV Phone Bundle New York

Find New York Cable Providers at City-Level

LocalCableDeals breaks your search further down by offering city-specific provider options for your ultimate convenience. Simply select your city of residence in the state of New York below and be transported to a whole other telecom information portal.

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