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Internet Accessibility in the Cotton State

A reliable internet connection is one of the necessities for businesses and households alike. Alabama comes 40th in the list of the most “connected” states across the U.S. when ranked based on the percentage of population with access to broadband speeds. LocalCableDeals brings you an easy comparison of all the plans available in Alabama - a quick assessment of pricing and features pertaining to varied packages is just a glance away. For everything from fiber, satellite, DSL and cable companies in Alabama, this is your one-stop-shop!

Internet in Alabama: A glance at the numbers

  • 35+ internet providers serve the masses in Alabama
  • AT&T, Xfinity and Spectrum are the top providers in the state
  • 40th ‘most connected’ state rank is conferred on Alabama given its overall broadband coverage
  • 86% of the populace has access to basic broadband in their respective areas

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Coverage in Alabama


of Alabama’s population has access to some kind of wired network service


of the Cotton State’s population can subscribe to fiber-optic service


of the Alabamian populace has access to cable service


dwellers of this south-eastern state have the option of DSL service

Wireless Network Coverage in Alabama

Mobile Broadband has 100% penetration in the state

18.4% of Alabama’s population has access to fixed wireless service

Satellite Network Coverage

100% of population in Alabama has access to at least one satellite provider

Speed Quotient

  • 86.4% of the inhabitants in the state can access 25 Mbps or faster downstream speeds
  • 82.6% have access to 100 Mbps or faster broadband speeds
  • 31.3% of Alabamians can access one Gbps broadband speeds
  • 45.7 Mbps is the average state-wide speed

Top cities in Alabama with the fastest internet connectivity

The following cities have the fastest internet speeds with the best internet penetration in the locality.

City Avg. Download Speed Major Providers City Coverage
Gurley 336.4 Mbps Mediacom 65.5%
Red Bay 133.2 Mbps AT&T 78.8%
Lineville 149.3 Mbps EarthLink 90.0%
Kimberly 144.4 Mbps AT&T 99.9%
Allgood 305.1 Mbps HughesNet. 100%

Connectivity Issues

  • 561,000 Alabamians can’t get access to a wireline service delivering 25 Mbps or higher speeds
  • 511,000 people have only one wired internet provider in their area
  • 221,000 residents don’t have wired coverage in their area AT ALL

However, 9.7% improvement in the mass broadband provision (at least 10 Mbps) can be seen since 2011, and is increasing by the day.

Access to TV in Alabama

If you’re planning to move to Alabama or switching from your current cable provider, there are a handful of options available to choose from. Catching your favorite TV shows in packages you like is no longer a hassle. Have a cozy Saturday-night-in watching that nightmarish horror movie.

It’s good to know

  • Approximately 250 cable companies (big & small) operate in Alabama, offering satellite and cable TV services
  • Top service providers however include names known nationwide i.e. AT&T U-Verse TV, Dish TV, Direct TV, Mediacom Cable, and Spectrum
  • 77.7%, around 3,880,887, of Alabamians, still like to watch broadcast TV
  • However, 57.8%, around 2,244,369, of TV enthusiasts like to stream entertainment online.

Access to Phone Service in Alabama

One cannot imagine being without a phone in these times. Not being able to know the whereabouts of a loved one is nothing short of horror. Lucky for all the Alabamians, there is a handful of reliable providers offering phone services at competitive rates.

  • Multiple home phone service providers with traditional, DSL, and VoIP services operate in the Yellowhammer state
  • AT&T rules the ground in 3G+4G and has the highest penetration of 98.53% in the state with respect to wireless accessibility
  • Overall Alabama has a solid 84% cell-phone coverage providing unperturbed connectivity to its approx. 4.88 million denizens

The Finest Internet Service Providers in Alabama

With the Cotton State teaming up with a whole lot of internet service providers, it gets confusing sometimes to be able to see and compare them all. Thus making the decision of choosing the right one even harder. We at LocalCableDeals have taken the trouble for you and sorted most of the providers with general information that you look for when switching to a new provider.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Population Covered* Other Services ACSI** Score
1. Spectrum (Charter Communications) Cable & Fiber 400 Mbps 45.5% Spectrum TV with 200+ channels & FREE HD Spectrum Voice with 28 calling features 59
2. AT&T Fiber & DSL 1000 Mbps 62.7% U-Verse TV Plans with up to 550+ TV ChannelsDIRECTV Plans starting at 155+ ChannelsDigital Phone with 20+ calling Features 69
3. Xfinity Cable & Fiber 987 Mbps 17.4% Xfinity TV Xfinity Voice with 12+ calling features Xfinity Home Security 61
4. EarthLink DSL & Fiber 1000 Mbps 65.33% EarthLink Protect - Device and Online Security -
5. Mediacom Cable 1000 Mbps 13.6% Xtream TV with 270+ channels Phone with caller ID on TV 56
6. HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps 97.7% HughesNet. Voice with free equipment -
7. Windstream Cable, Fiber, DSL, & Fixed Wireless 1000 Mbps 2.63% Windstream Voice with Unlimited nationwide callingKinetic Secure Packages 57

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

**American Consumer Satisfaction Index

What Makes LocalCableDeals better than others?

We all rely on a telecom and mass media company to make TV, phone, and internet connectivity accessible to every business and household. There is no finish line when it comes to better services, but LocalCableDeals brings you just the right providers matching your personalized needs anywhere in Alabama.

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Internet Service in Alabama

Alabama prides itself on having access to the country’s most renowned (by scale of operations) service providers such as Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity etc. Residents get to choose from different internet connection options including DSL, cable, satellite, and fiber optic. Alabama, however, is ranked a little low when it comes to being the “most connected state” but that, in no way, means the sultry residents of Alabama have to settle for something less.

LocalCableDeals brings a comprehensive comparison of the high-speed internet enterprises operational in Alabama, ranging from satellite companies servicing the peripheries to lightning-fast fiber internet in the central parts of the state, and cable and DSL services in the metropolitan areas. Just type in your zip code to see and compare the kind of services you have available in your locality. Alabama can easily boast multiple choice in terms of the types of connectivity in vogue nowadays whether it is DSL, fiber, cable or satellite internet, and we at LocalCableDeals have will have all that laid out for you to take your pick.

Internet Service In Alabama
Alabama TV Service

Cable TV Companies in Alabama

The Yellowhammer state has been home to a bunch of our beloved celebrities including the all-time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S star, Courtney Cox who was born in Mountain Brook, here in Alabama. Similarly, the well-known TV Journalist Robin Roberts and our much-loved American Idol Judge Lionel Richie are both from Tuskegee. Last, but definitely not the least, the American heartthrob who gained popularity from the Step Up movie series, the beloved Channing Tatum too is from Cullman, Alabama. To keep you close to your desired celebrities, TV shows and other entertainment options, Alabama’s cable along with fiber and satellite based TV options has everything to offer with irresistible channel line-ups to choose from.

In Short…

Alabama has a whole lot of telecom providers working to deliver TV, internet, and phone services to its residents. However, going through all of their offerings can be extremely confusing thus making it difficult to reach a conclusion. LocalCableDeals comes to the rescue here, bringing you an easy comparison of area-specific offers. This not only assists you with choosing the right provider but also with regards to competitive pricing that suits your residential or business needs perfectly.

Internet TV Phone Bundle Alabama

Find your Local Alabama Providers at City-Level

Finding the telecom companies servicing your city is no hassle any more. LocalCableDeals has taken the trouble to sort TV, internet and phone offers in your city to make things a little easier for you. See who is offering services in your city in the Heart of Dixie. Click below to find out!

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