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Internet Accessibility Statistics in the State of Florida:

Each one of us requires dependable high-speed internet to perform routine tasks efficiently. Be it calling in Uber or sending off an important document to a client, internet service is essential. Florida, unlike some other states, houses several internet service providers on its soil.

Did You Know?

  • 20+ local internet providers are catering to the needs of Floridians
  • Spectrum, AT&T, Comcast Xfinity and HughesNet. are among the ones known well for their internet services in Florida
  • Florida is the 14th ‘most connected’ state with 96% broadband coverage overall
  • Average internet speed recorded in the State of Florida is 12 Mbps

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired network Ratio in Florida:


inhabitants of Florida can access wired internet


of the population can opt to subscribe to any of the 77+ Florida internet plans


Floridians can get themselves DSL connectivity by choosing from among the 151+ DSL internet plans available


Floridian populace can benefit from fiber optic internet services and pick from a variety of 70+ plans

Wireless Network Ratio

100% Floridian population has access to wireless internet

19.8% can subscribe to fixed wireless internet

Satellite Internet Ratio

23% can choose satellite internet from 12+ plans

Florida Internet Speed Facts:

  • 96.4% Floridians can avail themselves of speeds up to 25Mbps
  • 95.5% Florida residents can get themselves speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • However, only 21.8% Floridian population can enjoy speeds as high as 1000 Mbps

Following is a table that will give you an idea of the highest speeds enjoyed by dwellers of some cities, towns, villages and islands, incorporated into the state of Florida:

Locale County Average Download Speed Outstanding Provider Coverage
Islamorada Monroe County 205.7 Mbps Comcast Xfinity 98.7%+
North Miami Beach Miami-Dade County 139.6 Mbps AT&T 96.5%+
Key Largo Monroe County 143.8 Mbps AT&T 98.4%+
Key Biscayne Miami-Dade County 129.6 Mbps AT&T 98.5%+
Longboat Key Manatee & Sarasota Counties 130.8 Mbps Comcast Xfinity 98.6%+

All in all fast internet in Florida is readily accessible to the vast majority of Florida residents!

Connectivity Problems

  • 273,000 Floridians cannot access wired internet and are driven to opt for satellite and/or wireless internet services
  • 553,000 people in Florida cannot access a wired connection able to deliver 25 Mbps-fast internet
  • 712,000 Floridians only have the option of one ISP and cannot switch to another

TV Accessibility Statistics in the State of Florida:

Here at LocalCableDeals, we know quite a number of facts and stats pertinent to internet, phone, and cable TV services. Audiences across America have come to believe in LocalCableDeals’ smart search algorithm to find suitable telecom providers. You can find Florida cable TV, internet and phone service providers just by inputting your zip code.

Did You Know?

  • DIRECTV, AT&T U-verse, and Xfinity Digital Cable are among the toppers in Florida cable TV providers’ chart
  • 16,975,383 Floridians subscribe to cable TV while 13,580,307 of them prefer to bundle services
  • 9,053,538 of Floridians now view Over-the-top TV programming via streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. while 1,320,308 prefer to access entertainment via DVR services

Voice Accessibility Statistics in the State of Florida:

There is no substitute to a seemingly endless phone conversation with a loved one. Now, voice service providers are facilitating their customers with several smart features that come included in the digital voice service. The state of Florida can easily boast several voice service providers operating in the state that can be located with LocalCableDeals’ smart search.

Did You Know?

  • Out of 4 major wireless voice service providers, AT&T turns out the best in Florida in terms of zip code coverage
  • Ranked as the best voice network in the state, AT&T wireless offers competitive, economical, reliable and flexible packages
  • There are 35+ VoIP providers in Florida

Comparing the Best of Florida Internet Providers:

As we said earlier on, Florida – the 14th most connected state in the U.S. - is naturally home to multiple internet service providers. There was once a time when finding an ISP and comparing their packages felt more like working your way out of a labyrinth, but not now. We at LocalCableDeals have solved this problem for you. View this quick comparison of major internet service providers in Florida to form a fair idea of their services. Once you have surfed through this information, you will find yourself ready to simply take your pick.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Coverage Other Available Services ACSI Score
1. Spectrum Cable, Fiber-optic Up to 940 Mbps 83% 200+ Channels & free HD on Spectrum Cable TV Spectrum phone with 28+ calling featuresMonthly LTE Data Options with Spectrum Mobile 59
2. Xfinity Cable Up to 1000 Mbps 82% Xfinity TV offers X1 integrationXfinity Voice with 12+ FeaturesXfinity home securityXfinity Mobile data plans by the Gig 61
3. Windstream DSL, Fiber-optic Up to 1000 Mbps 67% Kinetic Basic TVUnlimited home phoneKinetic plus internet offering a wide range of speeds 57
4. Mediacom Cable Up to 1000 Mbps 76% Mediacom TV with 170+ ChannelsMediacom Voice 56
5. AT&T DSL, Fiber-optic Up to 1000 Mbps 89% U-verse TV with 550+ ChannelsDIRECTV offering 330+ Channels Out of market games on NFL Sunday Ticket AT&T Wireless 69
6. HughesNet® Satellite Up to 25 Mbps 98% HughesNet ® Voice with free equipmentHughesNet Gen5 Plans -

Why come to LocalCableDeals?

What matters the most while finding a telecom service provider? More often than not, reliability, speed and affordability are the factors that influence our decision as far as subscribing to a particular internet, cable TV and voice provider. Well, LocalCableDeals understands these considerations thoroughly and we have built our selection criteria based on these core metrics.

So why do people like you come to LocalCableDeals in search of the right internet, cable, and phone service? Because LocalCableDeals:

  • Lends you a hand when searching for high-speed internet, reliable cable TV, and home phone service.
  • Finds you multiple standalone and bundle offers available in your locality coupled with exciting value-added features.
  • Enables you to compare internet packages offered by different ISPs.
  • Helps you with finding a suitable phone service provider with relaxed data plans so you can enjoy endless chats.
  • Caters to your entertainment needs by fetching you the best TV service providers and packages in Florida through its smart algorithms .

Internet Environment in Florida:

Quite obviously, Florida holds a whole lot of choices to pick from when it comes to getting yourself an internet connection. From DSL to cable internet, fiber-optic to satellite, all types of connection can be accessed in the state of Florida with a one-click search on LocalCableDeals. Major players in the telecom industry such as AT&T, Xfinity, Spectrum, Mediacom, Windstream, and HughesNet. are easily accessible across the state, although coverage extended by every provider varies from location to location.

Internet Service In Florida
Florida TV Service

Florida TV Network:

For those least interested in stats, we have got something interesting about Florida and TV entertainment. A number of television & movie stars, writers, directors, producers, and investors, etc. are Floridians, which makes it an important state for the entertainment industry. Jimmy Buffet, Michael Jordan, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), David Cassidy, Pharrell Williams, Christian Slater, and several other Floridian names rule the Hollywood with their charismatic performances. Bill Gates also owns a seasonal home in Wellington, Florida. And as we said before, the state is also home to gigantic telecom companies of the stature of AT&T, Xfinity, Spectrum etc. delivering endless entertainment to over 1.6 million viewers via a sound and efficient network.

To Sum Up…

Several Florida internet, TV and phone service providers are competing against each other by providing competitive packages and bundling their services to design attractive deals. Jotting down a few suitable choices is therefore all the more difficult. LocalCableDeals offers the help of its smart algorithm to facilitate masses in Florida to do just that. Now search all the amazing packages offered by reliable internet service providers in your area through LocalCableDeals smart zip code search method. It will find you bundle deals and standalone offers in your locality in line with your budget and according to your needs.

Internet TV Phone Bundle Florida

Find Florida TV, Internet, and Phone Providers City-wise:

LocalCableDeals has extended its database and now offers city-wise internet, TV and phone provider search. Just select your Floridian city from the list and find the most efficient and economical telecom providers in your area.

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