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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Popular Cox Internet Plans

Go Fast

$50/mo Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • Up to 100 Mbps Download Speed
  • Seamless browsing and streaming
  • Cost-effective connectivity solution
  • Ideal for individual users and smaller families
(855) 814-6044

Go Faster

$70/mo Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • Up to 250 Mbps Download Speed
  • Suitable for live streaming
  • Connect to multiple devices simultaneously
  • Ideal for small families with multiple users
(855) 814-6044

Go Even Faster

$90/mo Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • Up to 500 Mbps Download Speed
  • Smooth HD and ultra-HD streaming
  • Suitable for an optimal online gaming experience
  • Sufficient for most average households
(855) 814-6044

What Makes Cox Internet a Good Fit?

Cox Internet is one of the fastest-growing providers in the United States, connecting people across the country with its high-speed plans and FREE access to millions of nationwide wifi hotspots.

The many perks of Cox Internet service include gigabit-level speeds of up to 2,000 Mbps, superb bundling options, secure connectivity, Panoramic Wifi control, and more.

However, Cox, being primarily a cable provider, falls short of achieving the symmetrical speeds characteristic of fiber-optic connections. Another thing worth noticing is that the internet plans come with a data cap, which while being generous at 1.25 TB, may pose limitations for heavy users.

Users, however, do have the option to purchase additional gigabytes of internet for a reasonable extra cost.

Overall, other than these few limitations, Cox Internet provides excellent value for your money, delivering a reliable and secure connection to those in search of excellent online experiences.

pros Things We Like About Cox Internet

  • Downloads faster than 5G networks
  • Secure connectivity with Security Suite Plus
  • Panoramic Wifi Control
  • Access to millions of wifi hotspots

cons Things to Consider:

  • Data cap
  • Asymmetrical speeds
  • Price revisions after the promotional period

Got questions? We’d love to help out. Reach us at (855) 814-6044

Cox Internet Packages and Prices

Plan Max. Download Speed Avg. Upload Speed Price
Go Fast Up to 100 Mbps Up to 5 Mbps $50/mo.*
Go Faster Up to 250 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps $70/mo.*
Go Even Faster Up to 500 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps $90/mo.*
Go Super Fast Up to 1 Gbps Up to 35 Mbps $110/mo.
For 24 months
Go Beyond Fast Up to 2 Gbps Up to 100 Mbps $150/mo.*

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Shop Cox Gig Plans

For dedicated users and larger families, Cox offers gigabit plans with speeds up to 2 Gbps. These are perfect for gamers, streamers, and remote workers alike. And you can get this level of connectivity while staying within budget!

Go Super Fast Internet

$110/mo. For 24 mos

  • Up to 1 Gbps Download Speed
  • Swift download of large files
  • Seamless 4K visuals
  • Consistent online gaming
  • Perfect for larger families with multiple connected devices
(855) 814-6044

Go Beyond Fast Internet


  • Up to 2 Gbps Download Speed
  • Amazing 8K streaming
  • Smooth pixels on multiple devices
  • Stellar speed and bandwidth
  • For households full of gamers, streamers, and work-from-home employees
(855) 814-6044

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Check if Cox Internet Is Available in Your Area

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Top Cox Internet Deals



  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Perfect for ultra-HD streaming, online gaming, and more
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • 14+ advanced calling features
(855) 814-6044


$185/mo* For 24 mos

  • Download speeds up to 250 Mbps
  • 140+ channels
  • Access to popular subscription apps like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney+
  • One Contour box included
(855) 814-6044



  • Download speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • 140+ channels
  • Stream on the go with the Contour mobile app
  • Unlimited nationwide calling and 14+ advanced calling features
(855) 814-6044

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Overview of Cox Internet Features

Score extra value with Cox Internet, where every feature adds a layer of brilliance, providing you with an ultimate online experience.

super-fast speed

Blazing Speeds

Experience the thrills of super-fast speeds with Cox’s coaxial cable-based network that gives 5G a run for its money!

Wifi Control

Panoramic Wifi Control

Take charge of your network with Panoramic Wifi, ensuring seamless connectivity and better coverage.


Fortified Security

Secure your digital world with Cox Security Suite Plus, powered by McAfee, and stay worry-free from cyber threats.


Wifi Hotspots

Access 4 million wifi hotspots nationwide, ensuring you're always connected, even on your adventures.

Cox Installation Guide

The process of setting up your connection with Cox is flexible just like its internet plans; you have the following two options to get started:

1- Easy Connect

Set things up at your pace with installation assistance from Cox tech support. This free service empowers the user with liberty and choice.

2- Pro Connect

Get expert help by scheduling a technician visit. The exclusivity makes this a charged service but it’s totally worth the cost.

If you have chosen the first option, refer to this guide for a seamless self-setup:

Cox Internet Self-Installation Kit:

Upon subscribing to Cox services, you will receive an installation kit, inside of which, you'll find:

  1. An instruction guide
  2. Coax cable
  3. Power cord
  4. Ethernet cable
  5. Panoramic Wifi gateway

And that’s all you need to connect your devices and enjoy super-fast internet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cox faster than 5G?  

Cox Internet is faster and more reliable than the 5G home network, offering download speeds up to 2000 Mbps. Contact Cox Customer Service to learn more.

What does Cox wifi do?  

Cox in-home wifi allows wireless connectivity throughout the house. Moreover, as their internet subscriber, you get FREE access to over 4 million nationwide wifi hotspots for on-the-go connectivity.

How many Mbps are with Cox Internet?  

Cox Internet offers a wide range of Internet packages. Each plan gives you 1.25 TB of data every month. You will be automatically charged $10 for every additional 50GB.

What is the fastest internet speed that Cox offers?  

Cox offers a variety of packages and plans tailored to your needs. Choose from budget-friendly packages with up to 2 Gbps speed.

Is Cox Internet good?  

Cox is among the top cable internet service providers in the US, providing reliable and superfast services in 647 service areas across 19 states.

How do I connect to Cox Internet?  

You can either choose the professional installation known as Pro-Connect or self-install your Cox internet service with Easy Connect by following the simple instructions in the kit.

How to test your Cox Internet speed?  

You can check the speed of your Cox internet by taking a free-to-use speed test on LocalCableDeals. Just visit the page and click on the start button to take the test.

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