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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Why Choose Us?

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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Cox Contour TV Plans

Unlock Premier Entertainment With Superb TV Packages

Contour TV Starter

$61/month Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • 75+ local networks
  • Top broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, & more!
  • One Contour box with Voice Remote included
  • Premium add-ons available
(888) 693-1932

Contour TV Preferred

$115/month Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • 140+ local and cable TV channels
  • Popular cable channels, including local broadcast networks, ESPN, HGTV, USA, PBS, & more!
  • One Contour box with Voice Remote included
  • Customize with add-ons
(888) 693-1932

Contour TV Ultimate

$146/month Everyday low price. No annual contract.

  • 250+ local and cable TV channels
  • Extensive lineup with premium networks like NFL Network, Disney Junior, HBO Max & more!
  • One Contour box with Voice Remote included
  • Exciting add-ons available
(888) 693-1932

Why Choose Cox Contour TV?

Cox Contour TV gives you maximum control over your entertainment. With hundreds of channels, streaming platforms, and on-demand services, you can navigate, record shows, and bundle up with other services for a good price.

pros Things We Like

  • Affordable Prices – Cheap starter plan with multiple channel options.
  • On-the-go Streaming – The Cox Contour app allows you to take your TV with you on your phone.
  • Premium Channels – With any plan, you can add your favorite premium channels for a small monthly price.

cons Things to Consider:

  • Additional Charges – Equipment fees and broadcast and regional sports surcharges can contribute to the monthly fee.
  • Limited DVR Recordings – Cheaper DVR plans allow recording only 2 shows at a time with up to 250 hours of storage limit.

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Find Out if Cox Cable TV is Available in Your Area

What Does Cox Contour TV Include?

Cox Communications is known for reliability and unbeatable services. With personalization at its core, Cox Cable offers multiple benefits that make entertainment more accessible and enjoyable


A Diverse Channel Line-up

Cox Contour TV offers a variety of channels and exciting add-ons, ensuring you never run out of options. From streaming apps to on-demand movies, sports, news, and music - you have it all!


Voice-Control Remote

The Cox Contour TV box comes with a voice-controlled remote that allows you to simply use your voice to command and search across multiple platforms and navigate with ease.


On-the-go Streaming

Download the Cox Contour App on your phone and catch up with entertainment on the go. Download the show you are watching, or use one of the millions of Cox WiFi hotspots around town!


Access to Streaming Apps

Cox Contour lets you enjoy your favorite apps, like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and more. Switch from the news to the show you’re watching by saying the app name with your voice remote.

Choose a Cox Contour TV Plan That Suits Your Requirements

Plan Channel Count Starting Monthly Price
Contour TV Starter 75+ $61/mo.*
Contour TV Preferred 140+ $115/mo.*
Contour TV Ultimate 250+ $146/mo.*

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Compare Cox Packages to Other TV Providers

Provider Starting Price Channel Count
Cox $61/month
(Everyday low price. No annual contract)
Dish TV 84.99/month 190-290+
Hulu + Live TV $76.99/month 90+
YouTube TV $72.99/month
($62.99/mo. for the first 3 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of cable does Cox use?  

Cox offers a coaxial cable for both its internet and TV services. A fiber optic cable makes up the central hub from where a coax cable transmits data to your home.

Does Cox Cable have a wireless TV?  

Yes, Cox offers a 4K Contour stream player that is wireless and powered by Cox Panoramic Wifi.

Does Cox require a cable box for every TV?  

Yes, you will need a cable box to enjoy your desired programs on your TV. The starter box comes with your Cox Cable package; additional boxes require separate monthly charges.

Does Cox offer free streaming?  

If you have any of the Cox Cable TV Plans, you can stream on your laptop, computer, or mobile device through the Contour TV app for free.

Is Cox Cable available in my area?  

You can check Cox Availability in your area by calling (888) 693-1932 or by entering your zip code under the designated functionality on this page.


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