Home WiFi requirements are diverse as connectivity needs vary from person to person. that is the case for your home as well, Cox Panoramic WiFi is for you.

Panoramic WiFi from Cox is an internet with razor-sharp WiFi speed along with tools that enable wall-to-wall coverage, and complete control over your smart in-home WiFi network. This connection does not leave you with any dead zones with the included service of Panoramic WiFi Pods.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Cox Panoramic WiFi and how you can get it:

Benefits of Cox Panoramic WiFi

The benefits of Cox panoramic WiFi depend on a lot of factors, chief of which are improved equipment hardware and software support. Read ahead to find out more about them.  

1. Elevated WiFi Experience with a Two-for-One Device

Cox Panoramic WiFi raises the bar for home WiFi networks by offering a Gateway that includes a router and modem in the same device. This reduces signal interference, thereby, increasing the WiFi speed on your devices. You no longer have to put up with a cracked internet signal with the Panoramic WiFi.

Cox Panoramic Gateway is programmed to pick up the optimal frequencies for activities like web surfing, video calling, streaming, or gaming.

Cox Panoramic WiFi router assures secure and dependable internet coverage along with the advanced equipment that is applicable for Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) or Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax). It allows for a certain peace of mind for the user due to its personalized privacy management capabilities.

Cox also offers device upgrades for the Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway every three years. You no longer have to be brought down by an outdated device.

2.  Enhanced wall-to-wall coverage with Cox Panoramic WiFi Pods

If you consistently get weak signals in particular areas of your home, it could be because that area is far from the router i.e. a dead zone.  This is where Panoramic Wifi pods come in.

Think of Panoramic WiFi pods as signal extenders giving you complete coverage all over the house. You can install them in places where the signal is weak. These pods can connect to your router and can be activated through the Cox Panoramic WiFi app.

Panoramic WiFi Pods are ideal for homes with metal frame structures that obstruct signals or if you have a multi-story house.  These pods amplify your signal range giving you a mesh network coverage.

3. App-Assisted Easy Home WiFi Management

Cox offers a savvy app that is simple to use and easily downloadable from Google Play and App Store. It controls the in-home network of devices on your WiFi. It can perform the following functions:

  • Have visibility over primary and guest connections.
  • Protect your connection by changing security settings.
  • Change your network name and WiFi password.
  • Conceal or Publicize your SSID.
  • Name the devices connected to your network.
  • Check the list of your connected devices
  • Evaluate your signal strength.
  • Notify for outages.

The best part about the Panoramic WiFi app is that it is free to use if you already have a Cox Internet connection and the compatible Cox Panoramic Gateway.

This is a smart WiFi system that lets you customize your usage. You have the liberty to put some connected devices on pause. This can come in handy for multiple reasons like instilling some discipline regarding bedtime using the in-built parental controls.

How Can You Get Cox Panoramic WiFi?

To be able to subscribe to Panoramic WiFi from Cox, you should already have:

  • Cox Internet connection
  • A compatible Panoramic Gateway

If you have the above two, you can benefit from the smart features of the Cox Panoramic app. To purchase Cox Panoramic WiFi, click here.

Call 1-855-814-6044 to Get Cox Panoramic WiFi

Overall Review of Cox Panoramic WiFi

Cox Panoramic WiFi provides 360-degree lag-free coverage as promised with its two-in-one Gateway and WiFi pods. Once you have a subscription to a plan that has Panoramic WiFi, you can have complete visibility and control over your WiFi network with its app. Sign up for Cox Internet plans today and upgrade your whole in home WiFi experience at no extra cost.


Does Cox Panoramic WiFi cost extra?

Cox Panoramic WiFi comes as an add-on service for a little extra charge with all of Cox’s Internet plans. For more details, .

Is Cox Panoramic WiFi good?

Cox Panoramic WiFi offers a mesh network coverage through WiFi pods. This way, the speed does not drop due to signal interference. It is a smart WiFi option with an easy-to-use app that allows for complete control over your WiFi connection.

Is Cox Panoramic WiFi a router?

Cox Panoramic WiFi is a two-in-one gateway device that is both a modem and a router. Additionally, it comes with WiFi pods to address dead zones and a custom app to control your WiFi.

How to reset Cox Panoramic WiFi?

If you wish to reset your Cox Panoramic WiFi modem, find the reset button cavity on the panel. Insert a pin in this and hold for 10 to 15 seconds. The device will reboot. Click here to find out more.