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Internet Accessibility in the Grand Canyon State

Nothing is more important than staying online 24/7 and enjoying the perks of network technology. The internet has become super important for carrying out everyday tasks, whether personal or corporate. Luckily, Arizona enjoys a remarkable broadband status, and supplies a seamless internet experience to its population, which you can discover with the help of LocalCableDeals.

Internet in Arizona: A Glance at the Numbers

  • 27+ local internet providers serve the masses in Arizona
  • Cox, Xfinity & Spectrum occupy influential positions among other providers
  • 34th ‘most connected’ state rank is earned by Arizona due to its network development
  • 89% of the Arizonan population has access to basic broadband facilities in their respective areas

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Coverage


of Arizonans have access to some kind of wired network provider


of the Grand Canyon state population can subscribe to fiber-optic service


of the people have access to cable service


of Arizonans can opt for DSL service

Wireless Network Coverage

98.9% of AZ residents have access to mobile broadband

90% of people can get fixed wireless service without a hassle

Satellite Network Ratio

94% of Arizona folk enjoy satellite internet service in their zips

Speed Quotient

  • 88.7% of Arizonans have the option of enjoying 25 Mbps or higher broadband speeds
  • 87% of people have access to 100 Mbps or faster speeds
  • 13.2% of AZ residents have 1 Gig internet speeds provided in their area

Top Cities with the Fastest Internet Connectivity

Following are the top 6 cities in Arizona in terms of broadband speeds:

City Average Download Speed Top Provider City Coverage
Fountain Hills 110.0 Mbps Cox 99.2%
Scottsdale 97.2 Mbps Cox 89.6%
Paradise Valley 89.8 Mbps Cox 93.1%
Gilbert 64.5 Mbps Cox 96.4%
Tempe 54.3 Mbps Cox 89.9%

Speeds and price may vary based on location

Connectivity Issues

  • 755,000Arizonans don’t have access to a wired broadband internet connection that can provide at least 25 Mbps internet speeds
  • 862,000 people in Arizona have a single wired provider in their area and don’t have the option to switch
  • 385,000 Arizonans have to rely on wireless internet services like satellite internet due to the absence of a wired service providers
  • However, 2.7% improvement has taken place in the public broadband provision since 2011, and is increasing by the day

TV Accessibility in Arizona

Staying-in on a Saturday night and still having fun doesn’t come off as a surprise now. Especially when there’s a never-ending supply of entertainment for the residents of Arizona. LocalCableDeals carefully assorts the top-notch TV service providers in the AZ state, so you can compare them and find a channel lineup that’s designed especially for you.

It’s good to know that…

  • 30+ companies offer TV services in Arizona, including satellite as well as cable TV
  • DIRECTV, Spectrum, Cox and Mediacom are Arizona’s top TV Service providers
  • 97% of Arizona’s population likes to watch broadcast television
  • 48% of these people are in the habit of streaming video content online
  • 7% of Arizonans tend to catch their favorite TV shows in recorded format (via DVR)

Phone Service Accessibility in Arizona

Phone is a medium that allows us to know the well-being of a loved one in a matter of seconds, making distance completely irrelevant. It lets us conduct important business operations without having to travel extensively. Arizonans have the liberty to choose from a whole bunch of phone service providers, which you can explore via LocalCableDeals.

  • 78.6% of Arizona is serviceable for cell-phone connectivity
  • 38+ phone companies provide landline, VoIP and cell phone lines to Arizona’s population
  • AT&T is one of the best phone providers in the AZ state, among others
  • 59.43% of Arizona is smartly covered by AT&T’s exceptional wireless plans
  • 47/100 is the average score designated to Arizona’s voice connectivity performance

Compare Your Local Arizona Internet Providers

The Grand Canyon State has a vibrant internet service market, packed with next-gen technology and the most credible ISPs you can find around you. It gets confusing sometimes to be able to see and compare them all. Thus making the decision of choosing the right ISP for your Arizona home even harder. LocalCableDeals takes the burden off your shoulders and sets down the most relevant information about the best AZ internet providers all on one page.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Population Covered* Other Services ACSI Score **
1 Spectrum Cable Up to 940 Mbps 2.45% Spectrum TV with 200+ channels & FREE HD Spectrum Voice with 28 calling features Spectrum Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data plans 59
2 Cox Communications Cable Up to 1000 Mbps 59.05% Contour TV Ultimate with 250+ max channels Cox Voice Premier with 20+ features Cox Homelife 60
3 Xfinity Cable Up to 987 Mbps 4.65% Xfinity TV with 200+ channelsXfinity Voice with 12+ calling featuresXfinity Home SecurityXfinity Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data plans 61
4 Mediacom Cable Up to 1000 Mbps 2.52% Xtream TV with TiVo integrationXtream Home Phone with over a dozen calling features 56
5 HughesNet® Satellite Up to 25 Mbps 87.82% HughesNet® Voice with free equipment setup -
6 Windstream Cable, Fiber, DSL, & Fixed Wireless Up to 1000 Mbps 1.01% - 57
7 AT&T Wireless Up to 10 Mbps 100% DIRECTV packages with 330+ channels -
8 EarthLink Fiber-Backed DSL Up to 1000 Mbps 0.9% - -

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

**American Consumer Satisfaction Index

Why Depend on LocalCableDeals?

Telecom companies like Cox Communications, AT&T, and Spectrum, bring the world to every Arizonans’ fingertips. They do so by offering dependable TV, phone, and internet lines to each AZ zip. We rely on them to follow our favorite TV shows and sports, stay connected to the loved ones, make business phone calls, study and conduct transactions online, etc. But finding such credible providers is easier said than done. To solve this problem, LocalCableDeals hunts down the best telecom providers that match your individual needs anywhere in Arizona. Just type in your zip code and let us assure you, there will be something on the plate. LocalCableDeals lets me:

  • Compare internet, phone and cable providers in my area and assess speeds, types, plans, and pricing.
  • Find the right phone service for home or office, no matter if it’s a traditional landline, VoIP or cell phone. Stay connected to your friends and families or conduct business with absolute ease.
  • Say goodbye to excessive researching and save time by checking out ready-made comparisons between every cable TV near me on a single page.
  • Enjoy bundle offers from a single as well as multiple internet and cable providers near me without the need to annoyingly juggle between hundreds of tabs.
  • Discover entertainment options by scanning through LocalCableDeal’s assortment of online TV services, impressive channel line-ups and on-demand options.

Broadband Internet in Arizona

Arizona houses some of the nation’s largest (in terms of scalability of operations) telecom service providers along the likes of AT&T, Spectrum and Xfinity – giving the populace a whole bunch of options to choose from. The Grand Canyon State has a wide network of internet technologies, ranging from satellite internet to the high-speed fiber-optic technology, while also catering the traditional coaxial cable, and DSL services for both wired and wireless connectivity. Arizona has ranked fairly well when it comes to broadband access in the state, where 89% of Arizonans have access to at least 25Mbps down and 3 Mbps up internet speeds.

Internet Service In Arizona
Arizona TV Service

Watch TV in Arizona

The Grand Canyon state is teeming with the celebrities we fall in love with as we watch them on-screen. Arizona has been home and birthplace to people, like Hailey Baldwin Bieber, La La Land star Emma Stone, our Sansa’s husband and the beloved Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas, Linkin Park’s singing sensation Chester Bennington, young singing talent like the much-loved Alec Benjamin, etc. Not to our surprise, but the super human Olympic Swimmer, Micheal Phelps too lives in Arizona, and the list goes on.

To enjoy the best of entertainment from the comfort of your home, place your trust in LocalCableDeals and it will not disappoint.

Summing it up…

Arizona has a whole bunch of TV, internet and phone service providers for its residents. However, the hassle of going through hundreds of offers and comparing them is a lot of work, to be honest. LocalCableDeals takes that burden on itself and brings to you hands-on comparisons of top providers, their plans and pricing and the options you have in your area. So, go ahead and make the right and more informed choice of a service at the most competitive rate in the market.

Internet TV Phone Bundle Arizona

Locate your Local Arizona Providers at City-Level

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