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Residential Internet Providers in Bridgeport, CT

Connection Type


Max. Speed

25 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


Connection Type


Max. Speed

940 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


HughesNet®, being a satellite internet provider, takes pride in covering 100% of Bridgeport, CT, which is saying a lot. Besides, we have Spectrum, handing out 940 Mbps fiber-level speeds to 0.7% of the Bridgeport households. It has a 50% user recommendation, which exceeds expectations.

TV Service Providers in Bridgeport, CT

Connection Type

Cable TV

Max. Channels Offered


Premiums (Included with subscription)


Star Features
  • FREE Primetime on Demand
  • On-the-go Spectrum TV app
User Rating


Connection Type

Satellite TV

Max. Channels Offered


Premiums (Free for the first three months)


Star Features
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • 1000+ On Demand Titles
  • Genie® HD DVR with 200 hours of storage
User Rating

There is a diversity of cable, dish and other TV providers in Bridgeport, CT, who offer some of the most enticing packages, bundles and deals to the residents. AT&T caters its satellite TV service, formally called DIRECTV, to the Park City residents, while Spectrum provides cable TV plans in select areas. AT&T wins the overall customer rating with a 4.02 score out of 5.

Bridgeport’s Phone Service Providers

Service Type


Talk Time

Unlimited talk & text

Plan Count


Star Features
  • 4G LTE network access
  • Unlimited data*
  • Thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide
User Rating
*Users might experience slower speeds during peak times. Roaming may be at 2G speed.
Service Type


Home Phone**


Unlimited talk & text

Unlimited calling

Plan Count



Star Features
  • Reliable LTE network
  • Unlimited data*
  • Access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots across the US
  • 28 popular home phone feature
  • Calls to Mexico and Puerto Rico included
  • Contract buyout up to $500
User Rating
*After 20GB, Spectrum may slow data speeds when the network is busy.
**Not available on standalone basis.

Voice communication in Bridgeport is mainly powered by AT&T, which has the best cell phone coverage in the area. In addition, we have Spectrum taking care of people’s connectivity needs in Bridgeport, CT.

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Internet Accessibility in Bridgeport, Connecticut

The coastal city of Bridgeport has a fairly good broadband coverage, and is miles ahead of Southport connectivity-wise. Around 100% of its citizens enjoy access to 25 Mbps or higher internet speeds, which reflects the advancement in the city’s network technology. A huge chunk of the internet service in the region is provided via DSL infrastructure. Satellite is also available all across the city, but is mostly favored in the town peripheries, rural areas or by households requiring lesser bandwidth. Spectrum brings cable and fiber internet to less than 1% of Bridgeport, while HughesNet® offers DSL and satellite services to all of the Park City. HughesNet® earns the vote for having the best coverage.

An average Bridgeport consumer has access to 2 internet providers in their area. If you’d like to narrow down on the internet accessibility scene in Bridgeport’s top neighborhoods, then stick with LocalCableDeals as it lays out the demographics for you below.

Best Providers in Black Rock

Black Rock is known to attract creative professionals, folks from academia and retirees who wish to have an affordable yet scenic sea-facing place to call ‘home’. The opening of Fairfield Metro Station has added to Black Rock’s commuting convenience. Plus, this region is home to two districts listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The most prevalent internet service in this area is satellite, covering the entire neighborhood. Moreover, DSL brings promising internet speeds to Black Rock residents as well. In that regard, the two top providers in this neighborhood are:

  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Top Satellite Internet Provider

Best Providers in Lake Success Neighborhood

Lake Success is a neighborhood surrounding the titular water reservoir in Bridgeport. It is home to the Lake Success Business Park that was once used to manufacture arms and explosives by a company called Remington Arms Company until 1989. Lake Success has four main providers offering residential internet service to the populace, and broadband speeds as fast at 115 Mbps. In terms of availability, here are the top internet providers in this area:

  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in Madison Ave

Madison Ave and the neighborhood is better known for its Madison Elementry School built 104 years ago, in 1916 and named after the fourth President of the United States, James Madison. Madison Avenue enjoys wired internet connectivity by DSL provider Windstream with plans starting as low as $27.99/mo. However, HughesNet® offers satellite connectivity with packages starting at $39.99/mo. It is home to the Sterling Hill Historic District, which was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places with 43 buildings constructed as early as 1821. Here are top ISPs in this area:

  • HughesNet® 100% City Coverage – Best Satellite Internet
  • Spectrum 2.1% City Coverage – Best Fiber-Backed Cable

Best Providers around North End

North End is one of the best Bridgeport neighborhoods in terms of quality of education, and the lowest crime rates. Just like any other locality, it has a clamoring demand for high-speed network connectivity, which is promptly fulfilled by its score of residential internet service providers. At present, there are six different ISPs catering to the residents of North End. The fastest broadband speeds in the region, amounting to 115 Mbps, are provided via DSL cables to the households. And, here are the top ISPs in this zip:

  • HughesNet® 100% Availability – Best Satellite Internet

Best Providers in East End

The East End neighborhood is located on the border of Long Island Sound, adjacent to Stratford. This Pre World War-I themed locality is designed in such a way as to make walking to work easier. East End has 2-4 family flat-homes, mostly rented by people coming in from nearby towns. If you’re moving in to this community, you need to familiarize yourself with its internet provision scene. Here are the top ISPs in East End, which can offer you speeds climbing up to 115 Mbps:

  • HughesNet® 100% City Coverage – Best Satellite Internet

Compare Bridgeport’s Chief Internet Providers

Finding the perfect internet provider to meet your needs and budget at the same time can be a huge ordeal. Skimming through hundreds of tabs in search of the right provider who offers services in your area, that too affordably, is a nightmarish reality. Luckily, LocalCableDeals brings you a hands-on comparison of all the providers serving in your area, that too in a single tab.

Provider Service Type Max Speed* Data Cap Availability Contact
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps No 0.7%+ Call Now
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps No 100% Call Now
*Prices and Speeds may vary with location

Compare Bridgeport’s Best TV Service Providers

We all look forward to enjoying a good and unperturbed supply of entertainment after a long day at work. LocalCableDeals brings the easiest comparison of all the TV providers offering their plans in your area. Have a look at their star features and choose what suits you best in Bridgeport.

Provider Service Type Max Channels Contract Added Perks Contact
Spectrum Cable 200+ - Free HDOn DemandSpectrum TV App Call Now
DIRECTV Satellite 330+ 24 months NFL Sunday TicketFree Genie HD DVRDIRECTV App Call Now
Mediacom Fiber Optic 400+ - On DemandFree Installation* Call Now
Channel availability and prices may vary depending on your location *upon bundling

Compare Bridgeport’s Top Phone Providers

Everyone wishes to get that perfect phone plan to stay connected with loved ones on end. Fortunately, LocalCableDeals brings you an easy comparison of the top phone offers available in your area. Check it out below.

Provider Service Type Talk-time Added Perks Contact
AT&T Wireless Unlimited talk & text Unlimited data* on 4G LTE networkAccess to nationwide Hotspots Call Now


Home Phone

Unlimited Text & Talk

Unlimited talk

  • Unlimited data at $45/Line
  • Access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots, across the US
  • 28 popular home phone features
  • 911 geo-location ease
Call Now
Speeds may vary based on location.
* After 22GB, AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed. **After 20GB, Spectrum may slow data speeds when the network is busy.

How Fast are the Fastest Internet Providers of Bridgeport, CT?

A better performing internet is the one that has a greater number of data packets travelling per second from the ISP node to your home, and vice versa. The faster this rate of transmission, the smoother your online browsing experience. The more time a page takes to load, the greater the chance of frustration building up. Internet speed also depends greatly on the type of network connection you have. For instance, a satellite connection has a different speed bracket than a DSL or Fiber one. Bridgeport has a pretty decent set of internet providers, and here’s an account of the highest speeds they have to offer:

Provider Connection Type Max. Download Speed Max. Upload Speed Time to Download 1 GB Data
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps 35 Mbps 1s
400 Mbps
  • Basic Browsing
  • HD Video Streaming
  • 4K Heavy Gameplay

Summing Up the Internet Service in Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport has 19 internet service providers competing in the city’s telecom market, out of which 6 are dedicated to the residential areas. Each household or address has at least two provider options to choose from, based on their needs. 3.4% of consumers in Bridgeport, that makes an approximate headcount of 4000, are unable to access multiple internet service providers and have access to one ISP. The zip code with fastest internet speeds in Bridgeport, Ct is 06606, covering areas around Madison Ave, Capitol and Park Ave. It is followed by 06607, covering areas like Newfield and Mill Hill. Some of the most favored providers here include HughesNet® that offers high-speed internet plans to more than 90% of the masses in Bridgeport. HughesNet® is a satellite internet provider sporting speeds up to 25 Mbps, which are good enough for HD streaming. Spectrum has a 0.7% coverage in this city too, and surprisingly caters 1 Gig level speeds, which are the fastest ever, to the areas on Quarry Road and Reservoir Avenue.

Moving to Bridgeport?

If you are new to Bridgeport or are planning to shift to the Park City, following are a few useful links to important gateways that will assist you and reduce your burden while moving.

LocalCableDeals not only gives you instant information on all the providers serving in your area, but it also helps you settle down in your new neighborhood comfortably.

Internet, Phone & TV Availability Map – Bridgeport, CT

Free Wi-Fi Access in Bridgeport, CT

We all have been to the point where we run out of mobile data while driving around town and something important comes up. Cold feet, right? This is the time when we wish to swish and flick a magical wand that’ll get us instant internet access. Well, a free public Wi-Fi can do just that. Here are a few hotspots in Bridgeport where you can access Wi-Fi for free:

  • Fairfield Public Library (1080 Old Post Rd, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Starbucks (255 East Main St, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Funchal Café (211 State St, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Harborview Market (218 Harborview Ave #3334, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Source Coffeehouse (2889 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Woods End Deli (900 Wood Ave, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Park City Hand Car Wash (1267 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet (355 Huntington Turnpike, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Rodeph Sholom (2385 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Newfield Branch Library (1230 Stratford Ave, Bridgeport, CT)
  • Holiday Inn Bridgeport (1070 Main St, Bridgeport, CT)
  • White's Diner (280 Boston Ave, Bridgeport, CT)

Frequently Asked Questions about Internet & Cable Providers in Bridgeport

The best TV and cable service providers meeting Bridgeport’s entertainment expectations are Spectrum (Cable TV) and AT&T (DIRECTV).

The fastest internet speed in Bridgeport City goes up to 1 Gig, and is offered by Spectrum in select areas.

The price for standalone internet subscription ranges from $27.99 for 9 Mbps DSL internet to $129.99 for 25 Mbps satellite connection.

If you wish to check out ISP services, pricing and package details specific to your area, then all you need to do is to enter your zip code in the search bar at the top/bottom of this page and hang around for LocalCableDeals’ algorithm to fetch the best deals for you.

Spectrum, with 50% user recommendation, is one of the best providers you’ll find in the telecom market. With limited but above average service, Spectrum has 200+ channels to offer, unlimited nationwide calling and internet speeds as fast as 940 Mbps in Bridgeport, CT.

You can ensure internet affordability by:

  • Monitoring your web usage
  • Based on that, determining the right speed for your household or business
  • Searching for the most suitable provider.
LocalCableDeals works best in this case by displaying an array of providers serving in your specific area.

Customer Reviews of Bridgeport’s Outstanding Providers

Customer Reviews of Bridgeport’s

“Great Customer Service

Awesome tech support from HughesNet! Their customer care representative was very patient. He offered instructions in a way that was easy to understand and implement. He ensured that I was comfortable and well acquainted with the issue and its solution for future reference too. I would highly recommend HughesNets’ customer service and would suggest everyone to not hesitate before calling them in case of a problem.”

Michael | on June 9, 2019


There have been many hiccups along the way since the day I got HughesNet. I am a work from home professional and internet is a 24/7 MUST-have. I cannot risk being in a no-connectivity phase. But the storm always messes up with my HughesNet reception. I complained many times, but in vain. The only good thing about it is that comes back up eventually.”

Ella | on May 13, 2019

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