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Internet Accessibility Stats, ID State

A reliable internet connection is an absolute MUST for performing everyday tasks, such as streaming videos, sending emails and uploading files. Luckily, the Gem State has a thriving network environment, and houses multiple internet providers of great stature, which you can subscribe to with the help of LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 140+ internet providers serve the masses in Idaho
  • Xfinity, Cox and Spectrum are among the top providers in Idaho
  • 43rd ‘most connected’ state rank is conferred on Idaho given its overall broadband coverage
  • 81.2% of the Idahoans have got access to basic broadband in their respective areas

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Ratio


of the population in Idaho have access to a wired network line


have the option to choose DSL service and its 15+ plans


have cable internet service in their area, offering 56+ plans


have the chance to opt for fiber connectivity, consisting of 9+ plans

Wireless Network Ratio

of ID residents have access to mobile broadband, boasting 32+ plans

can get fixed wireless service without trouble

Satellite Network Ratio

95% of Idahoans can get satellite internet with any of its 8+ provider plans

Speed Quotient

  • 81.2% of ID residents have the benefit of enjoying 25 Mbps or higher speeds
  • 79.4% have access to 100 Mbps or faster broadband speeds
  • 63.2% have 1 Gig internet speeds provided in their area
  • 32 Mbps is the average state-wide speed for ID
  • Among the fastest internet speed locales in ID, these three regions manage to make the cut:
LocaleCountyAverage Download SpeedOutstanding ProviderCoverage
KetchumBlaine County66.8 MbpsCox70.6%+
HaileyBlaine County55.9 MbpsCox96.0%+
Sun ValleyBlaine County54.4 MbpsCox90.5%+
Coeur D AleneKootenai County51.8 MbpsSpectrum95.0%+

Speeds and price may vary based on location

Connectivity Issues

  • 307,000 Idahoans do not have access to a network service capable of providing 25 Mbps or higher speeds
  • 250,000 people only have one wired internet provider in their area, and can’t switch to better ones
  • 107,000 residents are completely deprived from wired coverage in their area
  • However, since 2011, an improvement of 12.8% has taken place in the mass broadband provision (at least 10 Mbps), and is increasing by the day

TV Accessibility Stats, ID State

Nowadays, TV is one of the best sources of entertainment. With thousands of On Demand titles and the facility to watch TV on your smart devices, you can dive into your favorite movies and shows whenever you want to. To enjoy these features, all you need is access to quality service providers, and thankfully, LocalCableDeals ensures that Idahoans get reliable service from the finest TV providers in their area.

Did You Know?

  • 12+ cable & satellite TV companies operate in Idaho
  • DIRECTV and Spectrum currently head ID’s TV provider market
  • 1,284,606 Idahoans get cable or satellite TV transmission at their homes
  • 742,905 prefer to stream TV online
  • 97% of Idahoans tend to watch TV the old way, via the traditional broadcasts
  • 7% use DVR to catch their favorite TV shows in recorded formats instead of going for the network timeline

Voice Accessibility Stats, ID State

Staying connected with your loved ones and sharing special moments is not possible without a reliable phone line. Luckily, the state of Idaho has a fair share of phone operators in its market, who hand out top-notch ‘Voice’ service to the residents and business entities, which you can easily utilize via LocalCableDeals.

Did You Know?

  • 30+ phone service providers work their way through the state of Idaho
  • AT&T stands as the best network in the state, offering convenient cell phone plans
  • 96.9% of Idaho’s zip codes are smartly covered by AT&T
  • 186 total cell phone plans are available to Idahoans starting at $7 per month
  • 43/100 is the average score designated to the overall cell phone coverage in Idaho, and is improving on a daily basis

Comparing the Finest Idaho Internet Providers

The Gem State stocks an impressive collection of internet providers and telecom service options, ranging from DSL to super-fast fiber optic. Since the variety of internet plans is huge, people often get confused as to which service is ideal for them. Fret not. LocalCableDeals has the perfect solution for you, based on the most relevant data gathered about the best provider options in your area. Simply go over the following comparative table and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sr. #ProviderService TypeMax SpeedCoverageOther Available ServicesACSI Score
1.SpectrumCableUp to 940 Mbps8.17%Spectrum TV with 200+ channels & FREE HD Spectrum Voice with 28 calling featuresSpectrum Mobile with Unlimited/By the Gig data plansSpectrum Business59
2.Cox CommunicationsCableUp to 940 Mbps0.97%Cox Contour TV with 250+ channelsCox Voice home phone with 20+ featuresCox HomelifeCox Business60
3.HughesNet®SatelliteUp to 25 Mbps87.72%HughesNet® Voice with free equipment setup-
4.WindstreamDSL, Copper & FiberUp to 400 Mbps0.3%-57
5.EarthLinkDSLUp to 100 Mbps2.6%Webmail-
6.AT&TWirelessUp to 10 Mbps65.72%DIRECTV satellite subscription upon bundling-

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

Why Place Your Trust in LocalCableDeals?

When it comes to selecting a telecom service in Idaho, speed, reliability & affordability matter the most. LocalCableDeals understands these factors completely, and presents only the most suitable provider options and packages to you. In addition to this, this platform helps you save countless hours of research and frustration, so that you can conveniently compare the providers in your area and choose the one that perfectly blends with your household requirements. So, why should you rely on LocalCableDeals when digitally upgrading your Gem State home? Because it:

  • Assists you in tracking down the types of internet services available in your area, from DSL to Fiber
  • Enables you to choose the broadband speeds you need, from a wide spectrum of 25 Mbps satellite-driven network to 1000 Mbps fiber-supported connection
  • Allows you to compare the internet packages in your neighborhood so you can find the ones delivering great network speeds at reasonable prices
  • Supports your entertainment needs by highlighting the best TV providers in Idaho, whether cable or satellite, and helps you explore their channel lineups.
  • Facilitates you in looking for the ideal phone service providers in the Gem State with flexible data plans so you can chat with your loved ones from all over the globe

Idaho’s Internet Environment

The telecom market in Idaho consists of multiple internet service providers, even the big names including Spectrum and Cox, etc. Interestingly, Xfinity from Comcast also has a 0.06% presence in Idaho. Along with other providers, these ISPs deliver diverse network speeds to statewide residents, ranging from 15 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. The types of connection also vary across the region. At the energetic center, we have fiber-fast connectivity. In the tight-knit urban grids, we have cable internet and DSL. Along the outskirts, we have satellite internet options. Besides these wired lines, wireless data plans are also available to Idahoans.

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Idaho’s TV Setting

Here is an interesting fact: Did you know that Idaho is home to that famous “Breaking Bad” actor, Aaron Paul? He is a native of Emmett, who started his career in 1979 and has been in the industry ever since. Even though Aaron Paul has many homes in the US, Idaho is still closer to his heart. Other than that, TV shows and movies are all the rage in this state. People love spending their leisure time catching up on the latest entertainment buzz. Luckily, they have many provider options through which they can get only the best lineups, including Spectrum, Cox, & DIRECTV, who offer premium plans to the residents, so they can fulfill their entertainment dreams and watch TV with absolute ease.

To Sum Up…

With hundreds of internet, TV and phone providers operating across the state of Idaho, it becomes difficult to find the ones that can furnish residents with high-speed bandwidth, entertainment-rich channel lineups and voice capabilities. So, in order to know which provider is perfect for your home, subscribe to LocalCableDeals. Why? Because it will carry out the most comprehensive provider search in the state of Idaho on your behalf, saving you time, energy and money. You can conveniently compare the top plans, while keeping the prices & consumer reviews in mind, and generate geo-accurate results at the click of a button, in order to reach a wise and well-informed decision.

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Locate your Local Idaho Providers at City-Level

The best thing about LocalCableDeals is that it enables you to find city-specific internet, TV and phone providers without having to reach for the yellow pages. Just hover above the Idaho city of your choice, click on the link and get instant information about your particular region.