Xfinity Bundles

xfinity internet
xfinity Tv

Select Double Play

  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Ideal for up to 8 devices
  • Enjoy 210+ channels
  • HD included

$79.99 /mo

For the first year with 2-year agreement

xfinity internet
xfinity Tv
xfinity cable phone

Signature Triple Play

  • Download speeds up to 400 Mbps
  • Ideal for up to 8+ devices
  • Enjoy 210+ channels
  • HD included
  • Unlimited calls to almost half the world

$119.99 /mo

For the first two years with 2-year agreement

xfinity internet
xfinity tv
xfinity cable phone

Super Triple Play

  • Download speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Ideal for up to 8+ devices
  • Enjoy 250+ channels
  • HD included
  • Includes Netflix, HBO, SHOWTIME and more
  • Unlimited calls to almost half the world

$149.99 /mo

For the first two years with 2-year agreement

Xfinity Services

Getting the right set of services for your home is essential. It gives you peace of mind, entertainment, and connectivity. Everyone wants a little piece for themselves. The entire family shares the same internet connection, the same TV and a phone that keeps you connected. Catering to the needs of the entire household with a single service provider used to be difficult. Xfinity offers a trio of services that you have always been looking for with added features and home security.

Xfinity Internet

Internet is all about speed, reliability, and stability. In the modern-day, people have become more demanding, they want more for less. You need the internet for surfing, emailing, gaming, and streaming. All are served but the safety needs to be your priority. Feature-rich Xfinity internet provides you speeds that are reliable and a protection suite that secures you from all kinds of cyber threats.

Xfinity Internet Service
Xfinity Home Wifi

Xfinity Home Wi-Fi

Your internet connection needs to be simple and free from tangling wires. Xfinity Home Wi-Fi offers wireless connectivity throughout your home. No matter which room you’re in, you are always connected. It covers every nook and corner of your house ensuring seamless connectivity with amazing speeds.

Xfinity Wi-Fi on the go

Xfinity internet saves your mobile data. It allows you to take your Wi-Fi with you. Millions of hotspots around the country gets you Wi-Fi on the go. All you need to do is download the hotspot app, look for a hotspot that is within your radius, connect your device and start using free Wi-Fi!

Xfinity Wi-Fi on the go
Xfinity Security

Norton Security Online

Secure your Internet connection and devices with state of the art Norton Security Online software. Xfinity gets you fastest internet speeds and safety that saves from all the threats!

Xfinity TV

TV is all about entertainment. A dynamic family requires a TV connection that covers a variety of genres at a nominal cost. Various service providers offer features like TV on the go and HD channels that require a hefty subscription fee at the end of each month. Xfinity TV, on the other hand, offers all these amenities and a little more at rates that don’t break the bank and let you have all the entertainment you need!

Xfinity TV Service
Xfinity TV App

Xfinity Stream TV App

The Xfinity Stream TV app lets you take your TV with you. No matter where you are, your live TV programming is always with you. Simply, open your device, connect with an internet connection and start enjoying your TV on the go!

Xfinity On Demand

You do not have to pay hefty streaming subscriptions every month just to re-watch your favorite shows. Xfinity TV offers thousands of on-demand options. Relive your favorite episodes any time you like. Select from a wide range of movies, shows, seasons and so much more!

Xfinity On Demand
Xfinity Voice

Xfinity Phone

Always stay in touch with your loved ones with the Xfinity phone. Enjoy crystal clear voice quality with a number of features. Bundle your phone service to take advantage of Xfinity bundles and treat yourself to incredible services along with savings.

Unlimited Calling

Your expression should be free like your love. Feel the freedom with Xfinity phones unlimited calling features. Call around the nation and to almost half the world without having to worry about talk time. Freedom of expression with Xfinity phone!

Xfinity Unlimited Voice
Xfinity Home Secuirty

Xfinity Home

Home is where you and your family are safe. Include Xfinity Home services to secure the entire household. You are always in charge of the online services that let you take control and change settings remotely. On top of that, the easy touchpad control relieves you from the complicated commands, and instead provides you with ease!

24/7 Monitoring

Feel safe with 24/7 monitoring facility. Xfinity home services offer around the clock monitoring of your premises with a week of video back up for your video recordings. You cannot go wrong with Xfinity!

Get Xfinity Now!
Xfinity Home Monitoring

Get The Best Features

Xfinity Download speeds

Download speeds

1000 MBPS

Xfinity Channel List



Xfinity Unlimited Calling

Unlimited Calling

Nationwide and to almost half the world

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Services are all about experience and satisfaction. Getting internet, TV and phone services is a long term commitment that asks you to pay hefty subscriptions every month. Switching providers is a risky task, especially when you are moving to a new neighborhood. Service quality and standards are unknown, all you can see is a lot of promises.

Xfinity in the midst of all this, provides you comfort with a 30-day money back guarantee. You get your preferred services for 30 days after which you can decide whether you like them or not. You like the experience you keep them, if not, you get your money back. You cannot go wrong with Xfinity!

Xfinity Bundles

Enjoy the lavish Xfinity services with a topping of savings. Combine your services to get a bundle and start saving. A combination of two services gets you an Xfinity Double Play and combining three services gets you an Xfinity Triple Play.

Enjoy unparalleled entertainment, high-speed internet, and unlimited calls with the Xfinity bundles. That’s not all, enjoy lots of extras, amazing features, and other amenities at no additional charge. Xfinity, your service provider for savings!

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Xfinity is all about your satisfaction and it all stems from the fact that they care. You may be a student looking to complete assignments or part of the military making our home land safe. Your contributions to the present and the future cannot go unnoticed. You can be a veteran or active on duty, avail the Special Military offer: $100 Visa Prepaid card and $25 Xfinity Coupon. If you’re a student and are tired of sluggish internet at premium costs, follow the Student Discount Link and enjoy high-speed internet with savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

Xfinity by Comcast is a service provider that offers you internet, TV and phone services. In addition to this, you can also get Xfinity home security systems at affordable prices.
Xfinity has presence and coverage in most of the states but the best way to find out about your area is by using your zip code.
Xfinity offers different services that are available in multiple packages. Your monthly subscription amount depends on the services and packages you select. One way to save on your Xfinity bills is by bundling your Xfinity services.

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