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Internet Accessibility in Arkansas – A Statistical Overview:

A reliable internet connection has become an absolute necessity in order to function and progress in this technologically advanced competitive world. From shopping to calling a cab, everything has gone online making interconnectivity the new way of living.

Did you know?

  • 76% of Arkansas is covered by broadband internet
  • 50th ‘most connected’ state rank is conferred on Arkansas given its overall broadband coverage
  • 40+ internet service providers are serving the mass public in the State of Arkansas
  • Xfinity, Cox, AT&T, Spectrum, EarthLink and HughesNet. are among the top providers across the state

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Ratio in Arkansas:


Arkansans can get themselves wired internet connectivity


residents have access to fiber-optic internet service


Among the 93.1% who can access wired internet, cable internet is available to 71.9%


Arkansan population has access to DSL service

Wireless Network Ratio in Arkansas:

While 100% of state-inhabitants can access mobile broadband

41.1% of Arkansans can avail themselves of fixed wireless internet

Satellite Network Ratio

Arkansans are facilitated by satellite networks and can choose from 5+ satellite internet packages

Speed Facts:

  • 76.3% Arkansan populace can enjoy speeds as fast as 25 Mbps or higher with wired internet
  • Whereas, 61.1% can take delight in broadband speeds as high as 100 Mbps or faster
  • And as of yet 18.9% dwellers of the state of Arkansas can utilize Gig speeds
  • 39.5 Mbps is the average state-wide speed
  • Cities enjoying the highest AR Internet speeds are:
Locale County Average Download Speed Outstanding Provider Coverage
Quitman Cleburne & Faulkner 199.5 Mbps HughesNet. Windstream 100% 92.0%
Heth St. Francis 146.7 Mbps AT&T HughesNet. 55.5% 100%
Jonesboro Craighead 63.2 Mbps AT&T HughesNet. EarthLink 81.4% 100% 69%
Coy Lonoke 84.2 Mbps HughesNet. 100%
Batesville Independence 59.5 Mbps HughesNet EarthLink AT&T HughesNet. 63.4% 62.5% 100%

Speeds and price may vary based on location

Connectivity Issues:

  • Even with 40+ internet service providers available to masses in Arkansas, 595,000 people do not have access to an internet connection which can deliver download speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • On the other hand, 409,000 Arkansans have access to just one wired ISP, leaving them with no other choice
  • Whereas, 208,000 Arkansans cannot enjoy wired internet because of its unavailability in their localities

Arkansas TV Accessibility Statistics:

Being able to watch shows On Demand or record your favorite TV show/movie makes cable TV all the more suitable and easy to use. Watching TV shows while munching on your favorite snack in a cozy room is one of the best ways to spend a restful weekend. Its not any different for Arkansans. TV is the go-to thing to relax for them too, and statistics below indeed stand as a testimony to that:

Did you know?

  • Among the 2,872,297 strong Arkansan population 2,585,067 are TV watchers
  • While 2,068,054 are subscribed to bundled services
  • 1,378,703 people in Arkansas are OTT subscribers now i.e. shifted to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • Still, 85% Arkansans like to catch their favorite TV shows the traditional way i.e. according to the network’s timeline

Arkansas Voice Accessibility Statistics:

Landline and digital voice is the best way to have endless chats with your loved ones. A reliable phone line enables you to check up on family and friends at any time. Yet, despite the long-time use of traditional phone services, mass consumers in the state do tend to favor wireless service given the mobility that comes with it. Fortunately, the state of Arkansas has a number of phone operators delivering quality voice services and can be probed with LocalCableDeals’ one-click search tool.

Did you know?

  • There are 35+ voice providers functioning in the state of Arkansas
  • AT&T stands as the best wireless phone service provider with comprehensive plans
  • From among the 593 zip codes in Arkansas, AT&T covers 583
  • Arkansas scores 84 out of 100 in terms of 3G & 4G network coverage

Top ISPs in Arkansas: A Comparison

The state of Arkansas is fortunate to enjoy the gigantic presence of several country-wide internet service providers, delivering to meet the needs of Arkansans across the state. With AT&T, Cox, Xfinity and EarthLink all in the field, deciding to choose one and that too the right one, is an exhausting task. If you’re looking for ISPs in Arkansas, this quick comparison table highlighting the chief ones can prove of great help to you.

Sr. # Provider Service Type Max Speed Coverage Other Services & Features ACSI Score
1. EarthLink DSL & Fiber Up to 1GB 65.08% No Data caps Integrated Wi-Fi access -
2. HughesNet Satellite Up to 25 Mbps 100% No hard data caps50GB Bonus Zone
3. AT&T DSL & Fiber Up to 300 Mbps 53.34 % Direct TV and U-verse TV servicesAT&T Digital home phone & Wireless cellular service 69
4. Cox Communications Cable Up to 1000 Mbps 19.68% Cox Contour TV Cox Voice with 20+ features 60
5. Xfinity by Comcast Cable Up to 250 Mbps 13.07% Xfinity TV Xfinity Voice with 12+ features 61
8. Windstream Cable DSL & Fiber Up to 1000 Mbps 9.08% Unlimited Home phone No Data Caps Kinetic TV 57

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The Internet Environment in Arkansas:

Widely known by its nickname, the Natural State, Arkansas is famous for its wildlife and picturesque landscape boasting 600,000 acres of lakes and a string of parks. With 76% Arkansans now able to access broadband internet and a variety of connection types available, wired connectivity has improved from 71.3% in 2011 to 88.4% in 2019. Big names in the telecom industry such as Xfinity, AT&T, HughesNet., EarthLink and Windstream etc. are efficiently engaged in the provision of telecom services to the masses. Wired and satellite broadband internet tend complement each other when it comes to urbanized cities and rural suburbs ensuring Arkansans everywhere can gain access to high-speed connectivity regardless of where they reside in the state.

Internet Service In Arkansas
Arkansas TV Service

AR TV Network:

Among a population of 2,872,297 the number of TV subscribers in Arkansas is as high as 2,585,067 and 2,068,054 TV enthusiasts have also subscribed to other services such as internet and voice alongside TV. With the busy and always occupied modern lifestyle, most of us don’t have the time to catch television shows according to the network timeline. But you’ll be surprised to know 85% Arkansans still prefer to catch their favorite TV on the network’s schedule and enjoy a great family hour. Perhaps, this is why the Arkansas cable channel lineup is one of the most entertaining.

To Conclude:

Multiple renowned telecom providers compete against each other at providing great bandwidth, a wide range of TV channels and economical talk time, but deciding on a specific provider is all the more a task these days. After all you would not want to get into a contract and stay stuck with the same provider for an entire term regardless of the quality of service. If you’re engaged with the quest of finding yourself an efficient ISP in Arkansas then employing LocalCableDeals can help you big time. Their smart search algorithm will introduce you to the best providers and packages after a thorough comparison.

Internet TV Phone Bundle Arkansas

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