After a long and arduous search for reliable and affordable internet and cable TV provider, you decided that Spectrum was the one for you and rightfully so. You called the sales hotline to sign up for Spectrum cable and internet. While pitching the perfect package for you the representative mentioned Spectrum’s TV App. Upon asking, all you were told was that the app can be used to watch TV on the go without any extra charges. Of course, that’s not enough information and I’m sure you’re confused about it. So here’s everything you need to know about the amazing app you’ve been wondering about.

What is it?

  Spectrum TV App (Mobile)

This is an app you can download on your cell phone just like any other app. Once installed and signed in, you will be able to watch live TV and access On Demand choices on your mobile phone without any extra fees being charged. You can also remotely control your DVR, search for movies, check the channel guide, learn about the trending shows and much more.

  Spectrum TV App (Connected Devices)

You can use the app with your Samsung smart TV, Roku TV as well as your Xbox One. It allows you to access your TV service on more devices in your home via the internet allowing you all the options that would be available on your mobile app.

How to sign in?

Once you’ve installed the app in your mobile phone or connected device, sign in to the app by using your account credentials provided by Spectrum. If you haven’t received these, visit Spectrum’s website to create these credentials or to reset your password in case you forgot it.

Once you’ve registered your user ID on Spectrum’s website your username and password will be automatically authorized if you’re on a connected device, otherwise, the app will guide you through the process.

Which devices are compatible?


Any of the below-mentioned devices running on iOS 11 or higher are compatible. Check the iOS version in the Settings and run a software update if necessary.


Any mobile phone or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher will work perfectly for the Spectrum TV App.


Except for first-generation Kindle Fire, all Kindle Fire models are compatible. Check the system version in Settings to see which model you own. If the version number starts with 6 then it is a first-generation model.

Samsung Smart TV:

All models from 2012 onwards.

Xbox One:

All version.

What is Send to TV?

This is a feature only available on your mobile app and It allows you to control any of your TV boxes to access live content or on-demand choices remotely.

Which channels are available?

Please visit the Spectrum channel lineup to check the latest channels available for live streaming through the app.

Now you know what exactly the Spectrum TV App is and how to use it. Go ahead and enjoy your cable service anywhere you are.