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  • Blazing fast internet
  • Free Internet Modem
  • Free HD programming
  • Unlimited calling
Spectrum Services

Spectrum Services in 60 seconds

Spectrum bundles get you all you need with the added advantage of savings. Combine Spectrum services to form bundles and avail amazing discounts and free features. Here’s a video showing extras, savings, and the features you get.

Triple Play Select125+ channels with free HD. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection. Unlimited local and long distance calling and 18+ value-added telephone features.$99.97/mo
for the first 12 months*
Triple Play Silver175+ channels with free HD. Includes HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection. Unlimited local and long distance calling and 18+ value-added telephone features.$124.97/mo
for the first 12 months*
Triple Play Gold200+ channels with free HD. Includes HBO, STARZ ENCORE, ePIX, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection. Unlimited local and long distance calling and 18+ value-added telephone features.$144.97/mo
for the first 12 months*
TV Select and Internet125+ channels including free HD. DVR service for up to 4 televisions available. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection.$89.98/mo
for the first 12 months*
TV Silver & Internet175+ channels, DVR service for up to 4 televisions available. Includes HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection.$114.98/mo
for the first 12 months*
TV Gold & Internet200+ channels, DVR service for up to 4 televisions available. Includes HBO, STARZ ENCORE, ePIX, NFL Network, NFL Redzone, and THE MOVIE CHANNEL. Download speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection.$134.98/mo
for the first 12 months*
Internet and VoiceDownload speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data cap, free internet modem and online protection. Unlimited local and long distance Calling and 18+ value-added telephone features.$59.98/mo
for the first 12 months*
TV SelectEnjoy up to 125+ channels plus free HD$44.99/mo
for first 12 months*
TV SilverEnjoy up to 175+ channels including HBO, Showtime, and NFL Network.$69.99/mo
for the first 12 months*
TV GoldEnjoy up to 200+ channels including HBO, Showtime, Starz, Encore, EPIX, TMC, NFL Network and NFL Redzone$89.99/mo
for the first 12 months*
InternetGet internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps with no data caps, free internet modem and online protection.$49.99/mo
for first 12 months*

Offers and availability subject to change.

Spectrum Triple Play for best services with amazing savings

spectrum triple play services


For 12 months*
  • Get 125+ channels
  • Super-fast internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps
  • Get Free DVR service along with the first box
  • Landline phone with Indefinite Calling, Voicemail and Private Listing

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Spectrum Services
Set yourself free with Spectrum Services!

How many times have you thought about changing your service provider? You are tired of the lousy internet speeds or you may not be getting the channels you wanted. There also chances you may be paying more than the promised price. At the end of the day, you are tired of the existing services and want to jump ships. You like Spectrum and the services they offer? You are not alone and help can be just a call away.

Spectrum services aren’t just about reliable internet, amazing channel lists, and attractive phone features. After all what good are these services if you cannot avail them when you want. Say goodbye to slow internet speeds, limited channels, and break free of your existing contract. Spectrum offers you a contract buyout of up to $500. All you need to do is make a call and get entertainment as you want!

Spectrum Internet: Fast, Safe, Reliable

Not everyone is tech savvy and it is easy to make mistakes. These mistakes sometimes mean you leave the internet gate open. What is that? It means that your internet or network is open to threats. Your computer and all the devices using the internet are under a threat. The increasing number of cyber threats means you cannot put this issue in the background. This is a sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with now!

Spectrum Internet service allows you to surf, connect, and download without worry. You are always secure with the Spectrum Security Suite. Getting Spectrum deals to get you the power of McAfee which keeps you secure. It covers up to 10 devices that include both Windows and Mac operating systems. You get more than a fast and reliable service, it is secure!

Spectrum Internet
Spectrum services
Express yourself!

Love knows no bounds. You feel the need to connect, talk and express yourself. The time before the one meant distance which was bridged with letters that would take ages to reach. The times have long changed but the difficulty to express oneself with freedom still remains a constraint. Most phone companies would give you the freedom that would give you limited talk time and thus limiting your freedom and expression.

Spectrum phone allows you to break the chains and express yourself the way you want to. This feature-rich Spectrum service let’s talk all you want. You can talk to your loved ones, friends and family within the US, Canada, and other destinations. Freedom, connection, and liberty!

Spectrum Services on the go!

Life is fast and it is hard to keep up with it. You are always on the move and you want your entertainment and connectivity to follow you. You can have that but only after spending extra money for similar services. Mobile internet replaces your home Wi-Fi and streaming services replace your TV. It is great to have these amenities but should you pay extra for them?

Spectrum offers you connectivity and entertainment on the go. You can use Wi-Fi outside your home and watch TV anywhere you want. This way you get more out of your Spectrum deals. What makes it different? The fact that you get these on the go services without any extra cost!

Spectrum services
Wi-Fi Hotspots

No matter where you go Spectrum has you covered. You are always connected and it is like carrying your internet in a pocket. Find your nearest WiFi Hotspot location and connect. You are live and have connectivity on the go. Same speeds, same reliability, and no extra costs.

Spectrum TV App

Got internet connectivity on the go? It is time you get to watch live TV as well. Spectrum lets you take your TV with you. You can watch live programming where ever you are. TV on the go is merely a smart device and an internet connection away. Download the Spectrum TV App and enjoy Spectrum TV and internet. This allows you to make the best of your Spectrum TV deals!

Why Spectrum Bundles?

Design your Bundles as per Your Tastes

Even if you have unusual demands, Spectrum has got you covered! You can select from a variety of customized bundles. Just decide the combo of all the services you need and design your bundle which suits you best. In addition to standalone services, Spectrum also offers Double Play and Triple Play bundles. The Internet, Home Phone, and TV package for triple-play bundles ensure you get worth for your money as well as your entertainment preferences.

Best TV Shows, Top Movies & Live Sports

Great news for movie enthusiasts, sports fans, and television obsessives. Find the right content to quench their entertainment thirst through Spectrum packages. Whoever binge watch on movies, TV shows, and like to host movie nights for family and friends or set alarms for catching live sports coverage. Plan your weekend ahead and grab your midnight munching snacks, and be prepared to watch the top TV, movies or your favorite sports. Spectrum TV starts at 125+ HD channels plus you can avail more content than any Satellite television through On Demand feature. Skim through the Spectrum HD sequence and it will leave you addicted!

Tons of On Demand Choices and DVR Options

Get over 10,000 On Demand titles once you get the Spectrum cable TV. The wide-ranging content collection offers an unlimited time of entertainment at your disposal. Through the Multi-Room DVR, you can record two shows simultaneously. Spectrum gives you the control and freedom at the time, over what content you watch, where you can watch the content at, and decide when you can watch it. Add up the cable TV services with tremendous fast internet speed to get the free DVR service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spectrum worth it?

The latest Charter Communications upgrade has arrived with a long list of development to an already existing extensive collection of services. The obvious answer to this question would be: Yes, it is totally worth it. However, it is good to find logical reasons that will actually make sense. Spectrum suites comes with Spectrum's cable TV with free HD channels and 1500 on-demand channels, Free DVR and Spectrum Internet offering starting speed from 200 Mbps for downloading, and Spectrum Phone with infinite local and long distance calling. Unlimited dialing applies to calls made with in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and other destinations. Also, Spectrum TV & Spectrum Internet services are available in standalone options too and can be combined to make a double play, triple play too. The best part is you can design your own Spectrum package. Now, if you say Spectrum is best, it checks all the pre-requisites.

Are Charter Spectrum™ and Spectrum same?

The answer to this question is yes and no. Why? All the existing Charter Spectrum™ services will soon be upgraded to Spectrum, therefore, if you get any Charter Spectrum™ service either TV, Internet, or Phone, you get Spectrum service. Spectrum has reached most of the Charter Spectrum™ areas, while some areas will soon get this upgrade. Existing Spectrum customers will automatically get the upgrades without having to do something.

How to check if the Spectrum is available in my area?

Simply, enter your zip code in order to find out, if Spectrum Services are available in your area. Charter Communication is serviceable in 29 states with HD cable TV, high-speed internet, and digital home phone, and more areas to cover.

What is Spectrum on Demand?

Charter Spectrum™ is the second largest cable TV provider throughout the country, based off of the customer base. Spectrum On Demand enables you to watch everything you want through your own remote, majority of them are free of cost. It counts all your favorite shows from the subscribed channels, whenever you want without missing out on the aired time of the content. On-Demand Spectrum includes Hollywood movies, documentary films, and events like live concerts, top-tier boxing, UFC, WWE, if you want to watch, and more.

When is Spectrum Coming to My Area?

With over 30 million existing customers from 29 serviceable states out of 50, Charter communication is the top second telecommunication provider in the United States. To get the amazing Spectrum services, please confirm by entering your zip code at the top of the page, and check the availability of Spectrum services in your area.

How to get spectrum discount?

Spectrum offers a variety of services at amazing prices. There are often limited time discounts on offer. You can also get special discounts exclusively available in your locality. However, the best way to save with Spectrum services is by combining them together. You get amazing savings and incredible extras.

When will spectrum have multi-room DVR?

Spectrum does not offer multi-room DVR at this time. However, there are speculations of a cloud-based option in the future. Spectrum TV app lets you enjoy live programming where ever you are. This app serves as your Spectrum streaming package.

Best deal with the spectrum for TV, internet, and voice?

Combining Spectrum services get you a bundle. When you combine Spectrum TV, internet, and phone, you get a triple play. This bundle gets a variety of options to choose from. You can select the right deal for you by visiting the Spectrum deals page.

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