In this age of everything digital, when the internet has evolved all the industries and amid the global pandemic, COVID’19, only those survived that were relying on the internet. The times when almost all the essentials are a click away and luxuries have to be as technologically advanced as possible. Only then it is feasible for them to be validated in the industry irrespective of which category it belongs to. While the audience always accepted the premium services by cable TV providers wholeheartedly, the industry never stopped to evolve and came up with DVRs and Cable TV Apps. These innovations were developed keeping in mind the demand of the customers that have progressed quite speedily in the last decade.

Now Spectrum, which is the second-largest cable TV service provider in the country with its footprint in 44 states has launched Spectrum TV Essentials. Launched in 2019, Spectrum TV Essentials is designed for Spectrum’s internet users to provide them an option of the high-value audiovisual at a low price.

With the arrival of Spectrum TV Essentials, Spectrum has indeed raised the bar when it comes to the OTT industry after joining the scorching hot battle of online streaming services. The online streaming service by Spectrum brings along more opportunities for its subscribers to customize their preference for TV entertainment. It offers a wide array of entertainment, lifestyle, kids programming, and news channels. Several other choices are accessible to all the subscribers amongst the 50 channels currently on special offer.

What do we need to learn about Spectrum TV Essentials?

There is no doubt, Spectrum TV Essentials has grown quite a drive in a relatively short period of time – predominantly for the reason that the online streaming service bundle demonstrated to be extremely economical particularly as compared to the corded rivals on the market. The enormously entertaining characteristics of cable TV provided by the service have played their part in the growing admiration for the latest Spectrum Bundles.

Spectrum TV Essentials comes with a multifaceted channel lineup which includes Bloomberg TV, Discovery, Destination America, AMC, Weather Channel, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Cooking Channel, and several other channels. The service brings about local channels included in its package that are owned by Spectrum, though, their serviceability is restricted to Los Angeles, Orlando, New York City, Tampa, Charlotte, and a number of other zones.

The not-so-long-ago released online streaming service has met the expectations of entertainment enthusiasts quite effortlessly but when it concerns the diehard sports lovers, the Spectrum TV Essentials does not have much to propose. The grounds behind the service made available at $15 is because no substantial broadcast retransmission agreement fees for costly sports programming were paid by Spectrum.

Unluckily, the users will not be able to watch local TV channels while using this online streaming service such as Fox, CW, NBC, Univision, CBS, ABC, and Telemundo along with the absence of sports broadcasts and the majority of premium TV channels. Though, the extremely reasonable price it is available at, will surely not disappoint its viewers provided their televisual keenness is restricted to not-very-extraordinary entertainment for which they can find plenty of options in the Spectrum channel lineup.

How to watch Spectrum TV Essentials?

When it comes to watching, Spectrum has made sure that this streaming service is compatible with quite a few devices. As it assured that the Spectrum cable TV service worked with all types of TV sets, the provider also observed the same path in the context of Spectrum TV Essentials launched last year. You could easily stream Spectrum TV Essentials on your Android phones, iPhones, Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox One and Roku, through the Spectrum TV App. The shortcoming of this app could possibly be that it is yet to be supported by Android TV, PlayStation, Vizio, Google Chromecast, Nintendo, and a couple of others.

Speaking of the consumer experience of the Spectrum TV app, the experience is very much streamlined where you can look through a selection of TV shows and movies based on their genre or network. Additionally, you can build a WATCH LIST that will allow you to bundle all of your much-loved content in one place as well. In the same manner as Spectrum Cable TV (Spectrum TV Español), the app lets you watch TV Essentials while you are on-the-go – you can connect to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspots and get to your tailored realm of entertainment wherever and whenever you want!

You should also remember that the subscription of TV Essentials lets you stream on one device only. Therefore if you want to get this deal for yourself only, this is going to be an ideal pick for you. Also if you live with family and love to chit chat together over your favorite shows in the TV lounge, then this online streaming service would not disappoint you at all.

What Benefits Spectrum TV Essentials has to offer?

  • On-Demand Video

Spectrum TV Essentials has prepared all the features as that of Spectrum Cable TV – so it has its own On-Demand library which allows you to watch whatever you may have had missed out earlier.

  • Watch wherever and whenever you want

Not sure how to kill time while commuting to or from work? With the Spectrum TV app, by means of your Spectrum TV Essentials ID, you could watch your favorite shows even while traveling. It’s quite straightforward. You go to log into your channel app, start streaming, and watch your favorite seasons on the go.

  • Quality of Picture and Sound

With Spectrum TV Essentials online streaming service, most of the shows are accessible in 720p HD quality that is pretty good. Furthermore, you can also watch some TV shows in 1080p HD quality.

Most Anticipated Features

  • Safety for Children

Do you have concerns when it comes to kids? As in when they might encounter content that may not be appropriate for their age. Do not fret because Spectrum brings along an outstanding solution with reference to the cable TV service. Despite the fact that you cannot keep a strict eye on your children 24/7, you could still prevent this risk by applying Parental Controls offered by the cable TV service. As of now, this treasured feature is not accessible to the online streaming service from Spectrum though it could be technically projected soon.

  • More Exciting Compatibility of Device

Compatibility of devices is quite remarkable for the rate being charged, though, if a broader spectrum is included and the Spectrum TV App remains supported by additional smart gadgets, the reputation of the online streaming service might as well undergo an upsurge. If you use one of the smart devices listed above, you should do fine with a subscription to Spectrum TV Essentials. It entirely depends on the quality of your network, however owing to its flexible functionality of streaming, the service is made to minimalize hiccups by bringing into line the online streaming feature with whatever connectivity level is available. The quality of sound is not going to be regal – you are not getting Dolby Digital sound though you are going to experience a reasonable quality of stereo sound.

How to Subscribe to Spectrum TV Essentials?

Anyone is eligible for Spectrum TV Essentials service, provided you are a current subscriber of Spectrum Internet. Yes, you are fit to freely subscribe to this online streaming service as long as you are an existing Spectrum Internet client as the streaming service is fundamentally offered in a package. If you are certainly one, you could contact the Spectrum Customer Service and avail of this deal.

Taking everything into account

Spectrum TV Essentials is an atypical online streaming opportunity that will not slam your financial resources. Perfect fit for the individuals and families similarly, with entertaining options accessible in more than a few genres (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Kids, and News). As this service comes together with the internet, only existing Spectrum subscribers may take advantage of it, which might appear a little limiting but considering the fact that Spectrum is one of the fastest starting speed providers it is only logical. Dependable and stable fiber-optic speeds would make sure you relish a seamless online streaming experience throughout with Spectrum!