Charter Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider in the United States offering internet, TV, and phone services to around 102.7 million customers across the nation. That is not all. This telecommunications giant is paddling its way into new markets by offering mobile phone service.

What is Spectrum Mobile?

In June 2018, Charter Spectrum launched its mobile service by the name of Spectrum Mobile, which utilizes the company’s service area Wi-Fi for extended network coverage. The provider is currently offering two Spectrum Mobile plans, By the Gig and Unlimited.

Spectrum Mobile Plans
Spectrum Mobile By the Gig Spectrum Mobile Unlimited
1 GB Data Unlimited Data
Share Data Between up to 5 Lines Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data
Pay for the Data You Use Freedom to Surf and Stream
Option to Switch to Unlimited Anytime 5G at No Extra Cost
No Contract Requirement No Contract Requirement
Price: $14/month Price: $45/month

How to get Spectrum Mobile?

The eligibility criteria to enjoy this cutting-edge facility is to become a Spectrum Internet customer because Spectrum Mobile is exclusively available to only Spectrum internet users. In addition to this, you have to sign up for AutoPay and meet the credit requirements to prove that you are a customer of good standing. Once these terms are met, you can avail the mobile deal and add up to five lines to your account.

Here are the most sought-after Spectrum internet plans to choose from:

Spectrum Internet Plans
Plan Maximum Download Speeds Price
Spectrum Internet 100 Mbps $49.99/month
Spectrum Internet Ultra 400 Mbps $69.99/month
Spectrum Internet Gig 940 Mbps $109.99/month

How does Spectrum Mobile work?

The key difference that separates Spectrum Mobile from other competitors in the market is that the connection automatically shifts over to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot whenever one is within range. This feature is great for saving cellular data, especially for those who have subscribed to By the Gig plan.

Does Spectrum Mobile support Apple Watch?

Unfortunately, Spectrum Mobile currently does not support wearable technology like Apple Watch or Samsung Gear but the company is expanding its operations to add such features. Nevertheless, the provider does allow you to bring your own mobile and keep your old number so you can conveniently shift to Spectrum.

Is Spectrum Mobile good?

Spectrum Mobile delivers the best nationwide wireless connection. With such a huge coverage network, you can easily binge-watch your favorite shows during the entire cross-country road trip. In addition to this, the Unlimited Spectrum Mobile plan comes with free access to 5G technology, which is by far the fastest network available globally.

What do users have to say about Spectrum Mobile?

Despite the fact that telecommunications companies receive negative feedback most of the time, Spectrum Mobile has managed to score positive reviews from most of its customers. This is majorly due to the convenience that the company fashions for its customers. For instance, the Spectrum App enables you to track your data usage, pay your monthly bills, and make basic alterations to your account. The app is available on both the major platforms including Android and iOS.

Final Words

So, if you have already subscribed to Spectrum Internet, then go ahead and take advantage of this amazing offer. In case you are not an existing Spectrum customer, then contact Spectrum customer service and sign up for the service today.