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New York Residential Internet Providers

Connection Type


Max. Speed

940 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


Connection Type


Max. Speed

25 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Recommendation


Connection Type


Max. Speed

400 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Rating
Connection Type


Max. Speed

50 Mbps

Plan Count


City Coverage


User Rating

Among the local internet providers in NYC, Spectrum, HughesNet and EarthLink manage to score relatively better, coverage-wise. This is interesting because the three service providers offer three different types of internet connections to New Yorkers.

Charter Spectrum uses fiber-backed cable as its medium for transferring super-fast 940 Mbps speeds to 99.9% of metropolitan homes, without enforcing data caps. HughesNet powers NYC boroughs with 25 Mbps satellite-strong broadband speed with 100% coverage. While, EarthLink delivers a good DSL based speed range (3 Mbps to 15 Mbps) to 98.4% of New York residents.

New York’s Trendier TV Companies

Connection Type


Max. Channels Offered


Included Premiums (in Silver & Gold plans)

HBO®, SHOWTIME®, NFL RedZone etc.

Star Features
  • FREE Primetime on Demand
  • On-the-go Spectrum TV app
User Rating (Out of 5)
Connection Type


Max. Channels Offered


Included Premiums (in Silver & Gold plans)


Star Features
  • Advanced HD DVR
  • Thousands of On Demand titles
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
User Rating (Out of 5)

NYC’s TV provision scene neatly covers both cable and satellite services, giving the city residents more than one entertainment options to choose from. The two service providers in each respective category that outshine others are Spectrum (cable) and DIRECTV (satellite). Both can be seen to offer extensive channel line-ups, premium content access and DVR capability, while maintaining their unique selling touch.

New York’s Working Phone Operators

Service Type


Talk Time

Unlimited talk & text

Plan Count


Star Features
  • 4G LTE network connection
  • Unlimited data*
  • Access to over 25,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Mobile tethering allowed to compatible devices
User Rating
* After 22GB, AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed.
Service Type



Unlimited talk & text

Plan Count


Star Features
  • LTE Network Reliability
  • Unlimited data*
  • 480p video streaming
  • No contracts
User Rating
After 20GB, Spectrum may slow data speeds when the network is busy.

As regards the New York phone plans, we have the wireless giant AT&T taking the top position with a 100% coverage of the city boroughs. To learn more about the local telecom providers in your NYC neighborhood, stick with Local Cable Deals!

Internet Accessibility Account – New York, New York

Let’s talk numbers. There are approx. 59 internet service providers supplying quality bandwidth speeds across NYC, with 13 of those dedicated to residential areas. This largescale concentration of ISPs in the Big Apple hub creates a healthy atmosphere of competition and justifies New York’s title as the ‘most connected city’ state wide – superseding Jersey, Weehawken, Hoboken, Long Island and Union in the run. This is further corroborated by the fact that about 99% of New Yorkers have internet speeds of 250 Mbps or higher within easy reach, in contrast to 58.19% of the rest of the nation who have to strive harder to get a viable connection in one form or the other.

Speaking of forms, the most prevalent type of network tech available to almost a hundred percent of New York masses is cable. Why? Because it’s a flexible medium which can be conveniently leveraged to distribute both the internet and cable TV services at the same time. Charter Spectrum shines here as not only the top cable internet provider in NYC with 99.9% coverage, but also a cable provider who gives the residents access to the next-gen fiber-backed speeds, as high as 940 Mbps. Besides, cable and fiber, New Yorkers can take advantage of DSL networks, which can be fiber-backed with EarthLink, and satellite broadband, which is ideal even for the most outlying hamlets, as signified by HughesNet’s 100% reach.

Basically, an average home in the NYC neighborhood has access to five to six internet service providers, each competing for people’s trust and offering discounted rates to their local customers. In order to know which ISP(s) are dispensing connectivity in your area, you have to step back and see the market competition that’s raging in the particular borough you live in. Almost all five boroughs of the New York City host top-end internet providers in their neighborhoods.

Allow Local Cable Deals to break down the ISP availability in each NYC borough, so you can have a more detailed picture of what you’re getting into.

Best Providers in Brooklyn

Home to the famous Coney Island, Brooklyn is one of the most populous boroughs of New York City. In its metropolitan center, you can find the presence of gigabit internet, provided a la carte by Charter Spectrum as a part of its 5 official plans. Spectrum covers 27.8% of Brooklyn, giving cable internet options to the residents.

Besides that, DSL has an astounding 99.7% coverage across Brooklyn, and is largely made available to the public by EarthLink via 4 well-tiered plans, leading to 15 Mbps bandwidth speed.

For people living on the outskirts and finding it difficult to get access to a cable infrastructure, HughesNet exists as one of the best options, with 100% coverage and offering 4 solid 25 Mbps-fast plans to the residents of Brooklyn.

TV-wise, Spectrum (cable) and DIRECTV (satellite) clearly rank higher than other providers do in this borough, with a 3.91 and 4.02 customer rating (out of 5) respectively.

When it comes to the cell phone service in Brooklyn, AT&T wireless outperforms its competitors being 100% available to 2,504,700 Brooklynese at present.

In general, the best providers in Brooklyn are:

  • EarthLink (Best Fiber-backed DSL)
  • HughesNet (Best Satellite Internet)
  • Spectrum (Best Fiber-backed Cable Internet, Cable TV)
  • AT&T (Best Wireless, Satellite DIRECTV)

Best Providers in Manhattan

You might’ve heard of the iconic Empire State Building, the neon-lit Times Square and that hub of culture, Broadway. All of these remarkable icons are located in the heart of Manhattan, the most densely populated borough of New York City. It would be interesting to note about 100% of the Manhattanites have easy access to a basic broadband connection of 25 Mbps speeds or above. And about 3/4th of them have the option of choosing higher tiered speeds, starting at 250 Mbps. At least three internet providers are available in each locality. However, due to the population density, their service distribution across the borough is oftentimes recognized as limited or uneven. For instance, Xfinity can only be found in a minute part of Midtown, nowhere else in the region.

One of the most predominant network operators in the Manhattan region, covering a large majority of the area, is Charter Spectrum. This notable provider offers both cable internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps and fiber-backed connectivity of up to 940 Mbps in select neighborhoods. Besides internet, Spectrum also offers cable TV service to the residents of Manhattan – its ‘gold’ package consisting of 200+ channels – and Spectrum Mobile LTE network too.

DIRECTV deals are also highly favored among the populace, catering to top-notch home entertainment requirements.

Clearly, the outstanding provider in Manhattan, NYC is:

  • Spectrum (Best Coverage Overall)

Best Providers in Queens

This panoramic borough is majorly known for its Flushing Meadows, the Museum of Moving Image and for hosting the annual U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. With healthy population density, Queens Village sits on the Long Island curvature, and has 7 residential internet providers giving out 7 different broadband choices, in 3 varied connection types i.e. fiber, cable and DSL. Fiber availability in this borough amounts to around 99%, offering 6.5% better download speed performance than the rest of NYC.

Among the active ISPs in Queens, Charter Spectrum stands out with a 100% coverage and the highest speed value extending to 940 Mbps. It delivers fiber-backed cable internet, cable TV and home phone services to 68,000 Villagers.

Besides Spectrum, we have EarthLink providing a 15 Mbps-fast DSL connectivity to around 61.8% of the residents. And, for satellite internet lovers in Queens, HughesNet dispenses 25 Mbps stable speeds with a resounding 100% coverage.

Cell phone provision is majorly taken over by AT&T and its wireless deals, earning it 3 stars from the subscribers. Whereas, its DIRECTV service, with a 4.02/5 customer satisfaction rating, shines the best in the satellite TV domain.

Summing up, these are some of the best providers in Queens, NYC:

  • Spectrum (Best Fiber-backed Cable Internet, Cable TV)
  • EarthLink (Best Fiber-Backed DSL)
  • HughesNet (Best Satellite Internet)
  • AT&T (Best Wireless, Satellite DIRECTV)

Best Providers in Bronx

Yankees, ahoy! Home to the famous baseball team, The Bronx is the northernmost borough of New York City. Almost everyone in the BX area has access to 250 Mbps or higher speeds, with each neighborhood being covered by at least three different providers.

Like other boroughs, the most prevalent form of network tech in this region is cable and fiber. In contrast to other boroughs, Spectrum’s coverage in The Bronx is only equal to a footprint, i.e. around 1.3%. EarthLink shines better here with a 99.0% availability, delivering tetra-tiered plans that build up to 15 Mbps DSL speeds. When it comes to wireless networks, AT&T holds the fort in The Bronx with a 100% coverage. Its subsidiary DIRECTV has a prominent presence in this borough as well.

So, which providers make the cut in BX?

  • EarthLink (Best Fiber-Backed DSL)
  • AT&T (Best Wireless, Satellite DIRECTV)

Best Providers in Staten Island

Located in the southernmost region, Staten Island has a score of picturesque beaches and a population density that’s the least of all NYC boroughs. That is why a significant majority of local residents are supplied bandwidth via traditional cable TV wires.

Not surprisingly, Charter Spectrum performs excellently in this regard, furnishing at least a 100 Mbps internet speeds to 100% Staten Island homes. Alongside that, Spectrum offers a contract-free fiber-backed line, FREE HD cable TV plans and a flexible home phone service. Neat, right?

Alternatively, we have EarthLink providing 15 Mbps DSL connectivity to 12 zip codes in Staten Island, which amounts to 96.4% coverage.

Satellite-wise, HughesNet makes huge waves with its 100% region-wide availability and 25 Mbps stable speeds, mirrored across four solid plans. This is ideal for those residents who live farther away from cable-centric neighborhoods.

Speaking of satellite, DIRECTV is one of the best entertainment options for Islanders, furnishing 330+ channels and top-line premium access to all neighborhoods. This TV service works especially well when it’s bundled with AT&T’s wireless plans, the crown of the category.

To sum up, some of the best providers in Staten Island are:

  • Spectrum (Best Cable Internet, Cable TV)
  • EarthLink (Best Fiber-Backed DSL)
  • HughesNet (Best Satellite Internet)
  • AT&T (Best Wireless, Satellite DIRECTV)

Compare NYC’s Chief Internet Providers

With so many ISPs offering this service or that to match New York’s happening vibe, it might get tricky for you to choose that ONE perfect provider for your home. Local Cable Deals answers your call and brings you a number of evaluative factors, which can help you make the right selection. Check out the research-based comparison between New York’s most eligible internet providers below and make your move.

Provider Service Type Max Speed* Data Cap Availability Contact
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps No 99.9% Call Now
HughesNet Satellite 25 Mbps Yes (10 – 50 GB) 100% Call Now
*Speeds and prices may vary based on location

Compare NYC’s Chief TV Providers

“More” is never enough when it comes to televisual entertainment. That is why TV providers in NYC compete with one another to offer you endless streaming options of both local and premium variety. Stick with Local Cable Deals as it dissects the principal TV providers in your area to help you reach an informed decision.

Provider Service Type Max Speed* Contract Added Perks Contact
Spectrum Cable 200+ - Free HDOn DemandSpectrum TV App Call Now
DIRECTV Satellite 330+ 24 months NFL Sunday TicketFree Genie HD DVRDIRECTV CINEMA Call Now
*Channel availability and price may vary based on location

Compare NYC’s Chief Phone Providers

Staying in touch with loved ones is elementary, but how can you possibly pick a suitable cell phone provider who’d enable you to do just that? Local Cable Deals has a solution. Go over the following comparison chart, drawn with precision, between the pre-eminent phone operators available in the NY city area, and find what you’re looking for.

Provider Service Type Talk-time Added Perks Contact
AT&T Wireless Unlimited talk & text Unlimited data*Access to nationwide Hotspots Call Now
Spectrum Mobile Wireless Unlimited talk + text Unlimited data**Access to nationwide Hotspots Call Now
Data Speed and price may vary based on location
* After 22GB, AT&T may slow data speeds when the network is busy. Roaming may be at 2G speed.
**After 20GB, Spectrum may slow data speeds when the network is busy.

How Fast are the Fastest Internet Providers in NYC?

Speed is everything when it comes to bandwidth provision. And in the ‘most connected city’ of New York, the fastest network speeds reach up to the gigabit level. That is, around 83% of New Yorkers have a wired fiber-based connection, with a 1,000 Mbps fast delivery, available for residential usage. However impressive this fact may be, people oftentimes don’t need such exalted speeds. This is where other alternatives come into play, such as cable (99.9% coverage), DSL (98.4% coverage) and satellite internet (100.0% coverage). These options enable the NYC populace to fulfill its essential broadband requirements. Let’s see how well the internet providers of New York actually score on the speed test table, brought to you by Local Cable Deals.

Provider Connection Type Max. Download Speed Max. Upload Speed Time to Download 1 GB Data
Spectrum CableFiber-backed Cable 400 Mbps940 Mbps 10 Mbps35 Mbps 2.5s1s
400 Mbps - 940 Mbps
  • Basic Browsing
  • HD Video Streaming
  • 4K Quality Gameplay

Summarizing Internet Provision in New York, New York

A high-speed internet connection is crucial for powering a fast-paced lifestyle, such as the one New Yorkers have. To address this public need, a significant majority of NYC ISPs strive to offer a variety of broadband options to the residents. Heading these is fiber internet, boasting up to 940 Mbps blazing-fast speeds and most readily available in select metropolitan regions. Next comes cable internet, supporting up to 400 Mbps speeds and performing the best in close-knit neighborhood grids. After that, we have phone-line based DSL internet, carrying 15 Mbps speeds at most and prevalent in households that do not want a shared cable connection. Last but not the least, there’s satellite internet, dispensing 25 Mbps maximum speeds to people living away from the city and in the outlying hamlets. Overall, the internet provider profile of New York City consists of the following ISPs, give or take:

  • Charter Spectrum – 940 Mbps fiber-backed speeds – 99.9% or higher coverage
  • EarthLink – 15 Mbps DSL speeds – 98.4% or higher coverage
  • HughesNet – 25 Mbps satellite speeds – 100.0% coverage

Planning to Move to NYC?

Allow Local Cable Deals to give you the best house-warming present, besides acquainting you with the top-performing telecom providers in the area. Here are a few service links you might find useful while settling in.

Points of Wi-Fi Access in New York, NY

NYC providers make sure when you’re on the move and are low on data, you still have access to the wonders of internet via public Wi-Fi Hotspots. Charter Spectrum and other ISPs have allocated thousands of nationwide Hotspots to their subscribers to ensure seamless connectivity. So, if you’re out and about on the streets of New York, you can get free internet at:

  • Coffee Project NY (239 E. 5th St New York, NY)
  • Ace Bar (531 E 5th St, New York, NY)
  • Chelsea Market (75 9th Ave, New York, NY)
  • Union Square Greenmarket (1 Union Sq W, New York, NY)
  • Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY)
  • Madison Square Park (Madison Ave, New York, NY)
  • Bryant Park (E 42nd St, New York, NY)
  • The Public Theatre (425 Lafayette St, New York, NY)
  • Winter Garden Theatre (1634 Broadway, New York, NY)
  • Aperture Foundation, Inc. (547 W 27th St, New York, NY)
  • Van Alen Institute (30 W 22nd St 6th FL, New York, NY)
  • The Grolier Club Of New York (47 East 60th St, New York, NY)
  • And nearly all New York Public Library branches.

NYC Telecom Providers: Frequently Asked Questions

The cheapest internet service in NYC is EarthLink, because its basic DSL package price starts at only $14.95/month.

A few of the best cable and TV providers in New York are DIRECTV ($59.99/mo. for 155+ channels) and Spectrum ($44.99/mo. for 125+ channels).

Some of the best ISPs in New York are Spectrum ($49.99/mo. for 100 Mbps), EarthLink ($14.95/mo. for 3 Mbps) and HughesNet ($39.99/mo. for 25 Mbps).

The fastest internet in NYC reaches up to 940 Mbps (Gig speeds), provided largely by Spectrum, besides others.

Internet only prices in New York range between $14.95/mo. for 3 Mbps and $104.99/mo. for 940 Mbps. Rates are reduced upon bundling.

Charter Spectrum is a commendable fiber-backed cable internet option for New Yorkers, available to almost a hundred percent of the residences across all boroughs.

In order to check internet availability options in your area, simply enter your zip code in the search bar given at the top/bottom of this page and sit back as Local Cable Deals’ advanced engine fetches the latest provider entries for you.

With 50% user recommendation and 99.9% coverage across New York City, Charter Spectrum manages to come at the top of the best providers list. Spectrum Internet is well tiered between basic (100 Mbps), Ultra (400 Mbps) and Gig (940 Mbps) plans – giving the users enough variety to go on.

You can get cheap internet by following these three simple steps:

  • 1. Evaluate your internet usage pattern
  • 2. Determine the speeds you actually NEED, not what you want
  • 3. Find the best provider in your area with Local Cable Deals who’s offering such plans and make the contact

AT&T supersedes other providers when it comes to wireless internet provision. Its 4G LTE network is expansive and gives access to nationwide Wi-Fi Hotspots in its plans. Other than that, Spectrum has a pretty strong Wi-Fi coverage too.

There are two ways you can go about this:

  • 1. Get wireless mobile broadband service, like the one offered by AT&T
  • 2. Subscribe to satellite internet providers, like HughesNet

AT&T’s cell phone coverage is relatively stronger in New York, spanning across 46,680 sq. meters geographical area, and offering wireless service to 1,743 zip codes.

Customer Reviews of Top NYC Internet Providers

What’s with the Lopsided Speeds, Spectrum?

I’ve had Triple Play Select for about two weeks now, and even though the download speeds are good enough for a 4K streaming of Rugrats, the upload speeds are puzzling af! I can’t even send an eBook to Marsha without having to wait a good few minutes. But, on the bright side, at least they don’t bind us in a contract or cut our bandwidth with those nasty data caps. Eesh.”

Kate | August 28, 2019

“Time Saver!

Had some issues with the cable modem, went to the 3rd Ave branch, and was out of the door within a matter of minutes. That’s how fast they are.”

Mike | September 12, 2018

“Good Customer Service, For a Change

The wife and I decided to head to San Juan for a vacay last month, and so I got a basic Data Connect pass to check in on work every once in a while. Before our trip was halfway through, I got a message about data overage, and then another, and then another, even though I hadn’t used any. Then, my service was suspended! Out of the blue! With my pockets in a knot, I dialed the support and got Biff on the line. Luckily, he turned out to be quite helpful and not at all what I’d expected. After running a quick check on the problem (caused at AT&T’s end), he and the staff negotiated my case and restored my bill. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to pay $500 for nothing!”

Sam | July 3, 2019

“Crowded, Crowded

Over at the Times Sq outlet, went to exchange a phone and got caught in a mob. Was in a bit of a hurry, didn’t like the agent’s attitude but at least got done 10 min before the cranky lady in the back could shove me the moon”

Jay | February 14, 2019

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