The era of digitization is among us and many consumers have decided to shift to live and on-demand broadcasting services. However, one can still not just write off the importance of cable TV just yet. Speaking from a consumer’s point of view, cable TV just gives off a lot more options to a person, and strictly speaking about the money side of things, cable TV does indeed leave a consumer with a higher level of disposable income, this statement is subjective though.

Talking about the major cable TV providers and how they’ve updated their methods, one can’t go overlooking the efforts made by Spectrum Cable TV. Having access to over 200 channels is a very good and attractive thing to have but also being able to live stream it from the comfort of your phones, laptops and other digital devices is one thing that pushes cable TV to the next level.

What to expect from WGN on Spectrum?

A channel that has the slogan “We Play Favorites” literally tells you all there is to know about them. To us, it says that WGN has got our backs when it comes to handpicking the best viewing line ups for us so that we don’t have to go through the hassle. WGN on Spectrum gives you a wide range of options in HD quality so that whenever you decide to binge-watch your favorite show, you get the best experience out of it.

Brought over to you the Nextar Media Group back in 1978, WGN America is an American TV Subscription network that prides itself on its ability to deliver top-quality content to all its consumers. The network has since taken off and has an expected reach of over 80 million households, just in America. Insane, isn’t it?

WGN on Spectrum brings a host of programs to your doorstep, from comedy shows and soap operas to the latest feature films along with an exclusive insight into the show NewsNation.

Sister channels

WGN America holds some distinct channels to its name and all specialize in different features and options that entice a customer to get a hold of that service. The shortlist is given below:

  1. Antenna TV
  2. WGN-TV
  3. WGN (AM)

Channel Guide That WGN Broadcasts

One place for it all, the WGN America showcases a host of unique viewing options for its consumers. The network has taken on broadcasting fan-favorite TV shows like How I Met Your Mother, Murder, etc. along with their original content, the likes of Carter and Dog’s Most Wanted.

Moreover, the network does indeed bring us all aspects of our daily routines to the comfort f our couches and sofas as WGA America proudly showcases a brand new 3-hour long newscast program to its ranks which is likely to bring in more attention, especially the latest presidential elections just looming around the corner.

Lastly, the channel also attracts sports enthusiasts. Games of the White Sox and Chicago Cubs baseball, basketball, games of Chicago Bulls among others are featured regularly on the network and this makes everything a lot easier for the consumer as now he won’t have to jump between stations or sites to get a working streaming link.

The complete programming list is given below:

A guide to Spectrum TV’s WGN: What To Watch

As mentioned before, WGN brings a host of options for the viewer but sometimes having too many options, and not knowing what to watch can cause headaches. So we took it upon ourselves to list down the very best of the best in two categories.

  • Latest Programs
    Shows that have just recently been aired.
  • Old Programs
    Shows that the audience knows all too well and still have the option of watching.

Latest Programs

  • Blue Bloods
  • Camp Meeting
  • Jag
  • Joseph Prince
  • Joyce Meyer Enjoying Everyday Life
  • Person of Interest
  • Through the Bible with Les Feldick
  • Newsnation
  • Tomorrow’s World

Old Programs

  • 100 Code
  • Dog’s Most Wanted
  • Almost Paradise
  • Gone
  • Manhattan
  • Underground
  • Pure
  • Outsiders

Where is WGN on Spectrum?

We just keep on giving, don’t we? Since we knew it would be some inconvenience if we told you all about what Spectrum’s WGN America is all about and left you without the channel number on which you could see it, would be quite the tease. So we took the initiative and jotted down all the relevant channel numbers for each state.

City/State Channel Number
New York, New York 126
Dallas, Texas 25
Birmingham, Alabama 3,783
Covington, Louisiana 19,714
Orlando, Florida 20
Trumbull, Connecticut 35,806
Worcester, Massachusetts 84,806
La Junta, Colorado 37,521
Suffolk, Virginia 22,736
Livonia, Michigan 18
Los Angeles, California 25
Pasco, Washington 7,787

I bet right now all you’re thinking about is how we managed to help you save so much time and energy. Your welcome.

Spectrum Packages That Support WGN?

Spectrum’s Cable TV service provides an exemplary lineup of options to choose from when opting for a package however one must know where and which package holds the networks that one wishes to view. In the case of WGN America, Spectrum TV streaming service includes the network in the following three packages.

Package Channel Count WGN America Introductory Price
Spectrum TV Select 125 Channels Yes $44.99/mo. for 12 months*
Spectrum TV Silver 175 Channels Yes $69.99/mo. For 12 months*
Spectrum TV Gold 200 Channels Yes $89.99/mo. For 12 months*


Is WGN America on Spectrum Cable TV?

Yes, WGN America is available on Spectrum on three different packages.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in New York, New York?

WGN is on channel number 126 on Spectrum Cable TV in New York, New York.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Dallas, Texas?

WGN is on channel number 25 on Spectrum Cable TV in Dallas, Texas.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Birmingham, Alabama?

WGN is on channel number 3,783 on Spectrum Cable TV in Birmingham, Alabama.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Covington, Louisiana?

WGN is on channel number 19,714 on Spectrum Cable TV in Covington, Louisiana.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Orlando, Florida?

WGN is on channel number 20 on Spectrum Cable TV in Orlando, Florida.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Trumbull, Connecticut?

WGN is on channel 35,806 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Worcester, Massachusetts?

WGN is on channel 84,806 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in La Junta, Colorado?

WGN is on channel 37,521 number on Spectrum Cable TV in La Junta, Colorado.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Suffolk, Virginia?

WGN is on channel 22,736 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Suffolk, Virginia.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Livonia, Michigan?

WGN is on channel 18 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Livonia, Michigan.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Los Angeles, California?

WGN is on channel 25 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Los Angeles, California.

Which Channel Number is WGN on Spectrum in Pasco, Washington?

WGN is on channel 8,787 number on Spectrum Cable TV in Pasco, Washington.

How Done One Subscribe To Spectrum’s Bundles?

Get to know your zip code and then visit the Spectrum Cable TV Website to review the packages that you would like to subscribe to.

What Is Spectrum’s Customer Support Number?

Call 1-855-423-0918. A representative of Spectrum will handle all your further queries.