The cable industry has been a strong force behind America’s innovation in the telecom field. The revolution began in Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas back in 1948 and brought distant over-the-air signals from miles away to geographically remote areas of the country.

The 60s and 70s were, more or less, times of expansion in the bigger cities. While the cable-based home entertainment amazed many, others expected cable to become the magic wand of the technological revolution.

When such utopian ideas began to flow, it created a hype that cable would improve education, save people from social isolation, strengthen democracy and help people to communicate. Of course, not every cable fan was a utopian tech-revolutionary, there were people who discussed the importance of system design, mixing of different technologies, and building communities on the wires.

The public activists tried to turn the real power structure of communications upside down by advocating for a countrywide accessibility, paving the way for this cable revolution.

Right now, America’s cable providers distribute subscription video content from cable networks to the people with the help of wired telecommunications network. In addition to cable TV services, they offer high-speed internet and digital phone services. The industry has combined revenue of more than $85 billion and experiences intense competition.

Cox Communications is one of the major stakeholders in the American cable industry providing advanced digital video, high-speed internet, landline, home security & automation services nationwide. Cox is, by far, the third largest private telecom company in the US. It serves more than 6 million residences and businesses.

As a facilities-based provider of video, voice, and data solutions for commercial purposes, Cox is known for its pioneering efforts in the commercial sector. Owing to the popularity of Cox Internet and Cox Cable, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide about all the packages, plans, promotions, and services for residential and commercial customers.

Cox Serviceability

Cox Serviceability

Cox is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the US and offers services in 18 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Virginia.

Oklahoma City, Phoenix, and Vegas are among the top served cities within its coverage footprint. Additionally, Cox Communications has a public Wi-Fi network of 500,000 plus hotspots for its customers on the go. The hotspots are located in public areas within the network.


State Population Covered
Arizona 4,298,391
Arkansas 586,117
California 3,289,630
Connecticut 450,109
District of Columbia 1,571
Florida 750,412
Georgia 290,225
Idaho 17,329
Iowa 75,463
Kansas 1,095,681
Louisiana 1,941,449
Massachusetts 3,731
Nebraska 657,659
Nevada 1,848,970
North Carolina 2,078
Ohio 255,180
Oklahoma 1,723,312
Rhode Island 1,030,277
Virginia 2,836,416

Type of Connection

Cox Connection

Connection type plays a big role in the quality of services you get. The most common avenues for television, internet, and landline phone services are Cable, Satellite, DSL, and Fiber.

Satellite is notorious for the lack of reliability and therefore not recommended for internet and cable services. DSL uses the phone lines to connect you with the internet but it is an outdated technology.

On the other hand, cable and fiber are the fastest network types. The reason behind this is sheer physics. You see, satellite sends a signal that travels thousands of miles into space and gets back to you, taking more time for a webpage or an app to load. Whereas, cable lines directly carry data signals from the provider’s node to your home in a much quicker way and with a far less distortion.

Cox is a cable provider. This means that the last mile of your television and internet service is delivered over a network of coaxial wires.

Back in the past, these cables were just used for TV. Now, they carry both TV and internet signals, side by side, giving you access to two services in one shot. This is the reason why no satellite or DSL provider stands a chance against Cox. Since the coaxial network is widespread in the US, Cox is our ultimate savior as it gets us high-speed internet and high-definition cable TV in one go.

COX Services

Cox Customer Service

Cox Communication offer services for every age group. Whether you spend most of the time playing online games on your PS4 or you love watching The Rachel Maddow Show on television, Cox has got you covered in every aspect.

The most frustrating thing about getting individual services from separate providers is that you get multiple bills. The bills have different due dates and there is a possibility that you might miss one of the dates and end up with a connection cut down due to non-payment.

For example, if you move to a new house and need a single bill for cable, internet, landline phone, and home security, Cox is the provider that will get you all.

Cox offers four services:

  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Landline
  • Home Security and Automation

Most importantly, the ambit of their services is not limited to residential areas, but covers commercial customers also.

Cox Services for Residential Customers

In this guide, we will do a systematic breakdown of all the services offered by Cox, their prices, availability, and plans offered. Let us start with Cox Cable first:

Cox Cable

Cox cable offers all your favorite channels and on-demand services. Although its competitors offer a bigger channel lineup, the benefit of getting Cox is that the prices do not rise dramatically as the promotion term ends.


Cox pricing

Most people complain that Cox Cable’s prices are higher than the other brands. Honestly, they are right. Cox cable will cost you $10 to $20 extra but at least they are honest about it and spell it out for you in the sign-up process. Secondly, the quality of services offered does justify the price tag.

The most basic package costs you $25 per month and prices go up to $69.99 for the most high-tier package. The add-ons are always on top of your monthly bill and you can get them in $5-$10 every month depending on the kind of channel bundle you want.

Additional Fees

Along with the basic plan, there are additional charges every customer has to pay.

  • Broadcast Surcharge: up to $10.00 a month
  • Regional Sports Surcharge: up to $9.00 a month

However, these surcharges depend on the standalone live TV package you sign up for with Cox Cable. For starter plan, the DVR service is available and for getting services on multiple TVs, you have to pay monthly rental for receivers.

Cox mini box receiver:

box receiver
  • 1 box: $2.99/mo.
  • 2 boxes: $5.98/mo.
  • 3 boxes: $8.97/mo.
  • 4 boxes: $11.96/mo.

Many providers charge customers extra for the box even if they sign-up for the most basic package. Luckily, Cox does not charge $10 per month for a box with the Starter plan.

For all Contour TV packages, a high-definition box will cost you $10 per month.

In addition, there are standard fees for DVR services.

  • Record 6 Whole Home DVR Service: $19.99 per month.
  • Record 2 DVR Service: $12.99 per month.

For all the higher-tier plans of Contour TV, the standard HD boxes will cost you $10 per month and the DVR boxes come with a separate fee.

Technical Costs

A technician request in case of worn-out wiring or other faults may cost you more than $50 on a single visit. Cox understands the ever-increasing prices of technical support, and introduces the Cox Complete Care plan to make life easier for you.

So, in just $10, you can get hassle-free repairs and replacements for defective wiring and normal wear & tear with no additional cost. Moreover, you can self-install the TV service for $20, but for professional installation, you’ll have to pay $75.


Cox Cable TV has two standalone packages. If you only need the local channels, some news channels, and a few popular channels, then the TV Starter package is for you. Conversely, if you need an extensive channel lineup with all the local news channels, popular sports channels, movie channels, music channels, kids’ channels, and lifestyle then you can get Contour TV, which is a solid service for a reasonable monthly fee.

Cox TV Starter

In just $25 a month, you get a pretty bare-bones offer with Starter TV. It is suitable for basic viewers, and includes notable channels like Fox, CBS, PBS, NBC, and C-Span.

Contour TV

Get yourself entertained with more than 140 channels, and enjoy the ability to record your favorite shows on the go with DVR service. Contour TV is pretty convenient and offers a lot more than what you expect. You get all the notable sports channels, kid channels, lifestyle channels, and a plethora of entertainment channels.



Although the lineups you get with Cox Cable TV don’t have the numbers, but they are a great blend of every channel you need on your TV. You get plenty of HD programming to choose from. It has all the premium channels like HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® so that you do not miss out on an episode of Westworld and can enjoy all your favorite TV shows

Cox Cable Plans are heaven, especially if you are a fan of the major-league sports. You get NFL RedZone and other top-notch sports networks.

Monthly charges for Premium Channels

  • HBO®: $16
  • CINEMAX®: $12
  • SHOWTIME®: $12
  • STARZ®: $12
  • EPIX®: $12

Additional Channel packs:

  • Variety Pak: $12/mo.
  • Movie Pak: $12/mo.
  • Sports and Information Pak: $10/mo.
  • Sports Pak 2: $10/mo.
  • Latino Pak: $10/mo.

Equipment and Perks

Contour TV box is one of the most advanced boxes available in the market. It lets you stream cable TV on your smartphones, tablets, and big screens. The Contour TV app lets you organize your stored library for the access of up to seven friends and family.

Secondly, the Record 6 HD-DVR enables you to record up to six shows or movies in high-definition without any restriction. Conversely, the Record 2 HD-DVR lets you record two shows or movies at one time.

The Cox Contour app is quite user-friendly and you can get some amazing features like video on demand, parental control, and live channels just one tap away.

Cox Internet

Cox Internet

It is not surprising to know that Cox Internet service has a plan for almost everyone. Whether you are a hardcore gamer and need super-fast internet or you are just into regular browsing and social media, Cox has a plan for you in the bag.

Internet Plans

With its diverse internet plans, Cox does a decent job of catering to the needs of its entire customer base. For basic usage, you can sign up for their most basic package that gets you up to 30 Mbps and for excessive usage that involves high-definition streaming and gaming, you can sign up for the 300 Mbps plan. Cox is one of the few providers who offer residential customers up to 1 Gbps download speeds.

Plan Download Speeds
Cox Internet Starter 10 10 Mbps
Cox Internet Essential 30 30 Mbps
Cox Internet Preferred 150 150 Mbps
Cox Internet Ultimate 300 Mbps
Cox Gigablast 940 Mbps

Data Caps

All Cox Internet plans come with a data cap of 1 TB, so it is safe to assume it as almost unlimited. To run out of this data limit in a month, you just have to stream your favorite show in HD for 8 hours a day along with online gaming, web browsing, and music streaming.


All the internet plans have one or two-year contracts.


Here is a price breakdown of all the Cox Internet Plans:

Plan Price
Cox Internet Starter 10 $29.99
Cox Internet Essential 30 $39.99
Cox Internet Preferred 150 $59.99
Cox Internet Ultimate $79.99
Cox Gigablast $99.99

The equipment rental, taxes, fees, and other surcharges will always be on top.


Cox Internet has the same equipment fees like other providers. There is a monthly rent of $10 for the Panoramic Wi-Fi gateway, and you can even bring your own modem, provided that it is Cox-compatible. Self-installation charges are $20, whereas professional installation costs $75.

Cox Security Suite

Cox Security Suite

In a world full of internet scams, identity theft, frauds, and hacking, online security has paramount importance. Your service provider may get you blazing-fast speeds and reliability, but it may be of no use if it does not ensure online safety and security. All Cox Internet Packages come with Cox Security Suite – a complete cybersecurity solution that makes your browsing safe and secure!

Cox Elite Gamer Plan

With Cox Elite Gamer, you can enhance your gaming experience and it is available as an add-on. This service optimizes the path between your computer and the gaming servers for Battle Royale level games. The add-on reroutes your sever on the fastest path and reduces lag. As a result, the game runs smoothly.

Cox Phone Service

Cox's digital phone is available as a standalone service and includes a variety of features to meet your communication needs. You can choose from a basic voicemail service to a multi-featured plan involving cheaper international calling rates.

Cox Home Security and Automation Services

Cox Home Security

Cox barged into the home security market as Cox Homelife with a $29.99 per month package for the existing cable and internet customers.

Key Features

Cox Homelife comes with some amazing features such as:

  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Home Automation
  • Intrusion Protection
  • Environmental Protection
  • Disaster Protection
  • 24/7 Surveillance


You get to choose between two different packages with Cox Homelife. For existing internet and cable customers, the home automation package is $19.99 a month Otherwise, it is $29.99 a month.

The Home Security and Home Automation Plan is $44.99 for existing customers and $54.99 for regular customers. Cox has thought this through and with only two plans, you do not have to decipher a lot of similar options. So, either you can get the home automation service alone or home security plus home automation, whichever best suits your unique needs.

Cox Homelife Equipment

Cox Homelife Equipment

Cox Homelife Security and Automation Plan comes with two windows/door sensors and one motion sensor by default. You can monitor everything with the live stream and play particular clips at the hour of need.

Add-on Equipment

There are dozens of additional home security and automation equipment to add on top of your current package.

  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Smart Door lock
  • Glass break sensors
  • Water and flood sensors
  • Wireless keypad

Cox Services for Businesses

Cox provides services for businesses in more than 17 states across the US. Among the larger cities, Cox operates in Las Vegas, San Diego, Oklahoma, Phoenix, Cleveland, and Omaha. Cox business covers all the small, mid-sized and enterprise-sized organizations. Based on the requirement, Cox Business has coaxial cable connections for smaller businesses. The internet service has a Static IP address, online backup storage, and email accounts.

No matter how big or small your organization is, you have to figure out how much internet speed and bandwidth your business requires. Although there is no exact science for figuring this sum out, the best way is to consider the number of workers you have in your organization and their needs.

If you are a budding startup with 10 employees or 50,000 employees strong, Cox Business will hook you up with the service so that you can focus on your core business for success and growth.

Cox Customer Service

Cox Customers Services

It is easy for anyone to claim they are one of the biggest service providers in the US, but it all comes down to nothing if they have poor customer service. Many ISPs tend to shy away from addressing the common issues faced by consumers; their customer support falls short in every aspect.

Contrarily, Cox Cable does a decent job of earning customer satisfaction over the years as compared to other providers. It ended up being in the top three companies to get 5 stars for customer service in J.D Power’s 2018 study.

The study uses many matrixes to rate a service provider based on performance, problem-solving, and billing.

Final Verdict!

With all being said, Cox offers you a variety of plans and packages for all your residential and business needs. The reliability is a major factor that makes people sign up for this company and although it might sound $10-$15 expensive than your average provider, the service quality is worth every penny.