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Cox Wifi Benefits at a Glance

Cox Communications Wifi plans are not only superior in terms of speed, but the Cox Panoramic Wifi provides enhanced wall-to-wall coverage in order to eliminate any dead spots in your house. You no longer have to worry about bad signals, which are often linked to cheap wifi networks. Here are some of the premium features that you get with Cox Wifi.


Enhanced Security

Cox Panoramic Wifi modem has a built-in Advance Security Suite with real-time alerts and protection of all wireless devices.


Free Upgrade

With Cox Wifi, you have the option to upgrade your equipment every three years free of cost.


Top-Notch Speed & Coverage

Get dependable internet speeds and enhanced wireless coverage in your home through Cox Panoramic Wifi.


Ideal for Gamers

Cox Wifi internet plans are optimal for gamers as they come with Elite Gamer, which reduces lag for a seamless online gaming experience.

Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway

Your One-Stop Solution for Wireless Internet Connectivity

The equipment that makes Cox Wifi phenomenal is the Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway, which is a trademarked equipment by Cox. It is a single device, packing the capabilities of both a modem and a router, and acts as the backbone that keeps Cox Wifi fast and secured.

With a single sleek device, you can enjoy wireless internet speeds on the go. The Panoramic Wifi Gateway senses the best wifi frequencies on its dual-band to connect your smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the internet.

Cox Panoramic Wifi Pods

Say Goodbye to Dead Spots

Eliminate dead spots in your house with Cox Panoramic Wifi Pods. Cox Wifi Pods are little booster devices that extend the range of the Panoramic Wifi Gateway and create a mesh network for full-fledged wireless coverage of your house. Usually, one pod is enough to take care of an entire house, since the combination of Panoramic Wifi along with the pod takes care of any dead spots. However, you can purchase as many Cox Wifi Pods as per your convenience and the area you want to cover.

Cox Panoramic Wifi App

One App to Rule them All

Download the Cox Panoramic Wifi App to take complete control of your Wifi network. The Cox Wifi app not only eases the process of Cox Panoramic Wifi setup but also allows you to unlock the true potential of such a sophisticated device through a simple user interface. You can create accounts, monitor every user on your network, place limits on data consumption, put up separate hotspots for guests, manage the Advanced Security settings and things like parental control, and reset passwords along with other basic features.

Cox Wifi Plans & Internet Packages

Tailor-Made for Your Needs

Check out the most popular Cox Wifi plans below and select one as per your requirement.

COX Wifi Plans Speeds Up to Cox Panoramic Wifi Starting Price Place Your Order
Go Fast Internet 100 Mbps Included $49.99/mo.* Call Now
Go Faster Internet 250 Mbps Included $69.99/mo.* Call Now
Go Even Faster Internet 500 Mbps Included $89.99/mo.* Call Now

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Subscribing to Cox Wifi Plans is quite easy. Just go to the Cox internet page, select your desired internet speed and package as per your usage, and dial 1-855-647-4298 to place your order. Just make sure you add the Cox Panoramic Wifi while placing the order or tell the customer service rep to do that for you.

Cox Wifi Add-Ons

There’s So much More than Just Wifi

The wonders of Panoramic Wifi don’t just stop at providing you with superior wireless internet coverage. There are a couple of add-ons that you can seamlessly integrate with the Panoramic Wifi Gateway. So, go ahead and create a wireless ecosystem of Cox devices that not only work together to provide you with entertainment services but also enhance the security of your house.

Contour Stream Player

Entertainment at your Fingertips

Cox Cable is a popular entertainment source, but for streaming-lovers, Cox has a remarkable option in place. The Cox Contour Stream player works with the Panoramic Wifi Gateway to provide you with an enjoyable streaming experience. It is packed with the latest streaming apps like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, and many more. No TV subscription required! With Contour Stream Player, you can also get Peacock Premium free of cost. Just make sure to include Contour Stream Player as an add-on during or even after the purchase of a Cox Wifi Internet package.


Cox Homelife

Monitor your Entire House using Cox Panoramic Wifi

Cox Homelife is the smart monitoring system by Cox Communications that runs on Panoramic Wifi and allows you to monitor your entire house wirelessly. It works round the clock with 24/7 continuous video recording, live feeds, and motion detection in your house. Devices in this system like indoor/outdoor cameras and the video doorbell connect to the Panoramic Wifi Gateway seamlessly and create a network of monitoring and two-way audio communication that is easily manageable using the Panoramic Wifi App - no matter where you are! Cox Homelife is available as an add-on for customers who subscribe to Cox Panoramic Wifi.

Cox Cable, Internet and Phone

Cox Wifi Customer Service Offers Round-the-Clock Support

It is only natural to run into some kind of connection issue from time to time and Cox fully understands it. This is why the Cox Wifi support team is always one call away to take care of any kind of problem that you may face.

Cox customer service maintains a high standard for offering 24/7 assistance and delivering the utmost satisfaction to customers. Whether it is anything related to upgrading speeds or resetting equipment, just dial the Cox Wifi customer service number and get everything sorted on a single call.

Call Cox Customer Service At: 1-855-647-4298

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cox Panoramic Wifi?

Cox Panoramic Wifi is a Wifi gateway by Cox that packs the functionality of two devices, a wifi router, and a modem, in a single gadget. It connects users to Cox internet through wireless signals and offers a huge coverage area.

Cox Wifi packages range differently in price, depending on speed tiers. Technically, all Cox internet packages are wifi equipped (Check Cox internet pricing here) but there is an additional rental charge for a Panoramic Wifi gateway that is added on top of the internet bill to make it a wifi package. You can contact Cox customer service to get an exact quote for your internet bill including the Panoramic Wifi gateway rental.

Well, the best Cox Wifi plan is the Cox Go Beyond Fast, which gives users speeds up to 2 Gbps - optimal for gaming, 4K streaming, and even working from home.

Yes, eligible students studying in grades K-12 can apply for the Cox Connect2Compete program, which is a special internet program aimed at students. It gives them a low-cost internet connection and includes the Panoramic Wifi Gateway. Click here to check eligibility and apply for Cox Connect2Compete program.

Go to, enter your zip code, and check whether Cox services appear at your address or not.

You can go to and enter your address to check whether Cox internet services can be availed of in your area or not. Alternatively, you can contact Cox customer service to check if Cox is offering Wifi services in your area.

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