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Modern security systems are all about technology, vigilance, and preparation for contingencies. Safety does not stop here and you can get a feature-rich security system that secures the entire household and gets you a good night’s sleep.

Xfinity 24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Love does not take a break, why should your security? Xfinity home gets you unparalleled security with around the clock monitoring that keeps your family safe. Your security system is alert and does not falter. Emergencies like power failure will no longer affect your family as you get a battery and cellular backup. Your control with 24/7 monitoring is what makes your home safe!

Xfinity Home APP

Controls on Your Fingertips

Xfinity Home app gets you the control you need. This app is a unique combination of flexibility and control. You get to change settings, arm and disarm your systems. Avail options to set alerts which ensure you never forget to turn your alarms on or off. This is just the beginning and it lets you be in charge of the entire house. Control lights, switch thermostats, locks and much more with the best remote control app in the market!

Xfinity Video Recording

Video Recording

Security is vital but so are archives. Video recording is only useful if you have it when you need it. Xfinity home security offers non-stop monitoring and video recordings. You can fetch them whenever you like. 7 days backup recordings by 4 cameras get you all the details you want. You have all the vantage points covered and nothing escapes your eye. You have your eye on everything!

Xfinity Home systems

Remote Control with Xfinity xFi

Your home security system powered by Xfinity xFi can be managed remotely through the Xfinity Home app. Purchase an Xfinity Camera for $5/month for 24 months to keep an eye on your home at all times. Make use of the added layer of protection provided by xFi Advanced Security to keep your cameras and video recordings safe from cyberattacks.

Xfinity Quadplay Bundle

/ The Ultimate Four Xfinity Products Bundle

Nothing in life can be ignored. You need to stay safe yet connected with your loved ones. You should be watchful but entertainment is a must. You should observe but expression should know no bounds. Xfinity gets you all this in a single super bundle. Get Four Xfinity Products (formerly Xfinity Quadplay) to enjoy an entertaining TV, lightning-fast internet, and unlimited voice calls in a home that is safer than ever.

The Four Xfinity Products include an additional X1 feature that gives you control that you have never had before. Change all you want by just saying the command. Voice control runs the entire home!

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Home security systems are based on technology that requires human supervision. Technology and hardware do most of the heavy lifting and the reliance on them is undeniable. Unflinching security systems are all about modern technology and updated systems. Top-notch systems get you the security that you need but they come at a price. However, Xfinity home security price is quite affordable when taken as a standalone service or bundled with other services.

In case of any query, feel free to reach out to the Xfinity customer service at any hour.

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Xfinity Home security systems

/ Frequently Asked Questions

Xfinity home app lets you control the entire house from anywhere you want. Change settings, set reminders, change temperature and much more.
Home security sounds complex and expensive but Xfinity makes it easy and affordable. Features like touch screen remote, X1, Xfinity home app, and others make it worth your money!
Xfinity Home provides a variety of deals and offers. Choose the best one that suits you or get the ultimate four products bundle that makes the most out of your Xfinity services.

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