Technologies evolve with time and the era of digitalization is here. Many consumers have decided to switch from TV services to streaming services because of the flexibility offered by the streaming platforms. However, you cannot deny the fact that the perks and quality offered by the TV services cannot be ignored.

If we see the customer's perspective regarding the TV services, TV services offer you a lot more options than the streaming platform. With streaming services, you don’t get to choose from a lot of options and you don’t have enough ground to play as you have limited options. With the TV services, you get to choose from multiple plans and you can choose any plan that suits your budget and needs.

There are many service providers currently in the US who are offering TV services to millions of people and it’s really hard to find out the company which offers reliable and economic services to their customers. You need to make sure that you get services through a service provider that offers you an amazing channel lineup with astonishing features and finding out a service provider when you have multiple options can be a very tiring process.

Thanks to Optimum, which is one of the largest TV service providers in America who is, providing services to more than 4.9 million people in 21 states and the numbers are going up every day. Optimum offers a channel lineup that includes all the regular and local channels. Plus you will get premium channels. The channel lineup that you get with the basic plan with Optimum is something that you cannot get with any other basic plan offered by other service providers.

Optimum anticipate the customer’s needs and offer the customer what they are looking for. Every person has their own taste when it comes to entertainment. Some people like to watch movies so they tune in to movies channels. Similarly, those people who are into sports will tune in to sports networks. It all depends on what you want and Optimum will offer you what you need.

What channel is WGN America on optimum in NY?

The name says it all. WGN America is an American subscription TV channel. WGN America was launched in 1978. Today WGN America is available to more than 80 million households in America, and in order to get WGN America, you will have to get a TV service subscription. WGN America broadcasts drama series, comedy shows, and an exclusive show known as News nation.

WGN has your back when it comes to picking the best viewing lineups so the good news for you is that you don’t have to go through the process of finding your favorite shows. With Optimum, you get the best entertainment and you can watch WGN America in HD quality with a wide range of options.

Optimum has this long channel lineup and if you are confused that what channel is WGN America on Optimum in NY, it’ll be really hard to find out that. Those who are living in Brooklyn or New Jersey and have this question in their head that what channel is WGN on Optimum in Brooklyn, or what channel is WGN on Optimum in New Jersey, it would really hard to pull up that channel among hundreds of channels. It will be a very time-consuming process and you’ll get frustrated but don’t worry, we have got your back. If you're looking for the WGN America number on Optimum, it'll most likely be Channel 82.

Channel NameChannel Number
WGN America82

Head over to the Optimum channel lineup to find a complete list according to your city if you are unable to find the channel because usually, the channel number varies from area to area. If you want to find out any other channel, and if you are confused that if that channel is included in your package or not, by visiting the Optimum channel lineup, you will find out that as well. If you still have any concerns regarding the channel lineup, you can reach out to customer support of Optimum by dialing (844) 518-2667 and a specialist will be there for you to help you out with all your concerns.

What else you can get with Optimum?

There’s a lot in the bucket other than WGTN America, which you can get with Optimum. Optimum has a lot to offer to its customers. Optimum offers four different TV packages to its customers. Every plan comes with a different channel lineup and anyone can pick a plan out of the bucket that suits their needs. If you want to stream Live TV on your smartphone and you need an internet connection for that, you can bundle your Optimum TV services with Optimum internet and can get amazing discounts on both services.

Before you reach out to Optimum, figure out your requirements. Make a list of the must-have channels, which you cannot miss at all. If you are okay with the basic regular channels, Optimum will offer you a plan that comes with basic local channels and if you want premium content along with the basic content, you can get a plan with Optimum TV that will come with both local and premium content. It’s all up to your needs.

For those people who are worried if WGN America comes with the basic plan or premium, the good news is that WGN America will be coming with three different plans. No matter which plans you get, you will get WGN America for sure.

If you are not sure about the plans and are confused about which plan has the channel lineup that suits your needs and budget, you can check the Optimum channel lineup and can figure out which plans suits your needs.

The following are the plan offered by Optimum to their customers, which has WGN America:

  • Optimum Core TV
  • Optimum Select TV
  • Optimum Premier TV

Optimum Core TV

Optimum Core TV plan is for light users. With Optimum Core, you will get more than 255 channels that will include Nickelodeon, ESPN, Animal Planet, Discover channel, and more. This plan will include the regular basic channels with over 80 channels in HD, and you will be getting almost all the local channels. You will get WGN America with this plan.

Optimum Select TV

Those customers who are a fanatic of Black Sails, American Gods, or Power on top of WGN America shows, then they should go for Optimum Select TV. You will get access to all of the Starz Encore channels and for those who are sports, freaks can get access to FOX Sports 2 and can enjoy the UFC Nights and other live sports. With only a small increase in cost, with Optimum Select TV, you will be getting access to more than 335 channels.

Optimum Premium TV

Optimum Premium TV plan is considered the best plan offered by Optimum to its customers. If you are a Game of Thrones fan or you love to watch HBO content and Showtime, and you want a variety of channels then you should go for Premium TV. This plan comes with twice as many channels as their Core TV plan has and 80 more channels than the select TV. You will get access to more than 420 channels including HBO channels, NHL Network, WGN America, STARZ, and more. If you will have an Optimum Premium TV plan, trust me, you will never want to leave your couch, as there will be always something worth watching for you.

Summing it up

We hope that your concern has been acknowledged but if you still have any concerns, pick up your phone and dial (844) 518-2667 to talk to an expert. Optimum customer specialists will make sure that you get answers to all your question and they will be more than happy to help you out with all your concerns.