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LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Optimum Cable TV Deals and Pricing

Core TV

$95/month* for 12 months
+ Price of Internet

Optimum TV service must be bundled with an Optimum Internet plan

  • 220+ channels including Disney Channel, ESPN, and TNT
  • Includes Free HD
  • Voice-Activated Remote
  • First TV Set-top Box Free
Core TV (844) 518-2667

Select TV

$115/month* for 12 months
+ Price of Internet

Optimum TV service must be bundled with an Optimum Internet plan

  • 340+ channels, including National Geographic, Discovery, and Nick Jr.
  • Includes Free HD
  • Voice-Activated Remote
  • First TV Set-top Box Free
Select TV (844) 518-2667

Premier TV

$135/month* for 12 months
+ Price of Internet

Optimum TV service must be bundled with an Optimum Internet plan

  • 420+ channels, including SHOWTIME®, HBO®, and STARZ®
  • Includes Free HD
  • Voice-Activated Remote
  • First TV Set-top Box Free
Premier TV (844) 518-2667

*Additional taxes, fees and other charges apply. Auto Pay and Paperless Billing included. Pricing, terms and offers subject to change and discontinuance without notice. Wired connection speeds. Wi-Fi speeds may vary. All services not available in all areas.
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Our Review of Optimum TV

Optimum Cable TV offers some of the most incredible packages that double your joy when you pair them with Optimum Internet. Its wide availability across 21 states and budget-friendly prices make it easier for more people to take advantage of the various perks that Optimum deals have to offer.

What’s more, Optimum TV deals give you access to premium movies, On Demand titles, and the facility of Cloud DVR that allows you to watch your favorite content on the go.

Check out our breakdown of Optimum Cable TV service and its features.

pros Things We Like:

  • Voice-Activated Remote – Search for movies and tune in to your favorite shows by voice commands.
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution – Redefine the aesthetics of select movies, live sports, and on-demand titles by streaming them in 4 x HD quality.
  • Extensive Channel Library – Get up to 420+ channels with premium networks, including STARZ®, Showtime® Networks, HBO® networks, and many more.

cons Things to Consider:

  • No Option for Standalone TV – Optimum currently doesn’t offer standalone TV packages and requires you to pair Optimum Cable TV with Optimum Internet.

Optimum Cable TV Availability in Your Area

Are you wondering if your area falls under the serviceability of Optimum Cable TV? Find out by entering your zip code in the bar below.

Discover the Ultimate Viewing Experience with Optimum Cable TV

Say hello to 4K Ultra HD with Optimum TV deals and enjoy an extraordinary viewing experience. Besides this, you get:

  • Optimum TV App
  • Voice-activated remote
  • Built-in streaming apps
  • Cloud DVR Plus

That is not it! Optimum gives a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can enjoy a risk-free experience.

Well-Rounded Optimum Channel Packages for Your Home

Optimum’s diverse channel packages cater to various types of viewers. Depending on your preference, Optimum TV packages offer anywhere from 220+ to 420+ live TV channels with Free HD included.

But the real fun starts with its add-ons, which you can get for affordable additional fees. These include:

  • Premium channels like HBO Max™, Showtime®, The Movie Channel, etc.
  • Pay Per View and On Demand titles, such as Stingray Karaoke, TMC, and more
  • Extensive variety of sports networks like NBA League Pass, Fox Soccer Plus, etc.
  • Exciting range of international channels including Korean TV and Español TV

Benefits of Pairing Optimum Cable TV with Optimum Internet

Optimum deals are some of the best in the market, featuring 24/7 support, added TV equipment, as well as access to extensive add-ons, making sure to cater to your entertainment needs the right way.

Extensive Add-Ons

Extensive Add-Ons

Optimum gives you the freedom to transform your cable package with exciting add-ons. These include premium channels, such as HBO®, STARZ®, dedicated sports programming, and international lineups.

Cloud DVR Plus

Cloud DVR Plus

Optimum’s Cloud DVR service allows you to watch your favorite shows whenever and wherever you want. You can record up to 15 shows at once and watch them at your convenience.

Video On Demand

Video On Demand

Get access to Optimum’s extensive On Demand content libraries and order the perfect pick for a movie night. You can search around categories like ‘Most watched TMC’ for a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Equipment Support

Equipment Support

The technology faces wear and tear over time, but rest assured because Optimum offers a ‘device protection’ facility for your current and future eligible TV devices like Optimum cable box, starting at $9.99 per month.

Optimum Cable TV Plans: Which One Should You Pick?

No matter what the size of your household is, Optimum Cable deals have something in store for all of its subscribers.

Core TV – Perfect For Popular Standard Networks

Includes News channels, sports networks, and national networks such as; Cheddar News (HD Only), i24 NEWS, NYC Life, YES Network, ESPN, and Nickelodeon among several others.

Select TV – Perfect For Households with Different Viewing Choices

Includes music channels, international programming, kids network, like Stingray Music, MLB Network, Sundance, MTV2, FX Movie Channel, American Heroes Channel, and many more.

Premier TV – Perfect For Sports Fans and Premium Content

Includes a large variety of sports networks, with access to premium channels, such as HBO On Demand, HBO, Showtime, SHOxBET, STARZ Kids & Family, Starz Encore Espanol, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Optimum Cable TV on my laptop?  

Yes, you can watch Optimum TV on your laptop and other devices if you have a proper TV subscription, an Optimum-authorized cable modem, and a wireless router in your home

Does Optimum Cable deals offer senior discounts?  

Optimum offers a plan for eligible seniors, students, and veterans through its Optimum Advantage Internet program. The plans include up to 50 Mbps internet, a free WiFi router, and no data caps for $14.99/mo.

How much does Optimum charge for a cable box?  

Optimum charges its customers $13 per month for a cable box (SD/HD).

Can I customize my Optimum Cable TV package?  

You can customize your Optimum Cable TV lineup with add-on packages. Moreover, Optimum allows you the flexibility to pair any of its Optimum Cable packages with an Optimum Internet plan of your choice.

Is Optimum Cable TV available in my area?  

Optimum Cable TV is available in 21 states. To find out if your area falls under its serviceability, click here.

Can I access On Demand content with Optimum Cable TV?  

Optimum Cable TV deals give you access to its Video On Demand service, which includes an impressive array of entertainment content to pick from.

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