What if we tell you that you can get all your entertainment through one channel? Yes, TNT is a popular American channel, which has been entertaining generations of viewers through its gripping content for many years. It is owned by WarnerMedia Studios & Networks. TNT not only broadcasts widely loved TV series but also has gained much acclamation for its creative originals, which include Murder in the First, Door to Door and The Last Ship, etc. What’s more, the network expands its content avenues by showcasing sports, such as NBA games, UEFA Champions League, PGA Championship, and Europa League. The best way you can watch all this is by getting TNT on DIRECTV. DIRECTV is an American satellite service provider that offers amazing packages, involving a plethora of TV channels in HD quality. The exceptional provider also makes TNT channel an essential part of its well-structured lineups. Through an AT&T DIRECTV subscription, you can enjoy TNT shows in any region even if you live in geographically intricate regions that are beyond the reach of cable TV systems. This blog post is here to let you know what channel is TNT on DIRECTV and how can you subscribe to it without breaking a sweat. So, let's begin!

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How to Get TNT on DIRECTV?

Let’s review the services before learning about the TNT channel number on DIRECTV. DIRECTV has gained much success as a service provider because of its cost-effective packages and good customer service. It has circled its plans around the requirements of the customers. It provides channels in HD quality to approximately 18 million people in America. DIRECTV plans range from standard to premium packages delivering a wide variety of TV channels. All DIRECTV packages include the TNT channel to ensure high entertainment value. The following features of DIRECTV make its deals so impressive.

  • It offers 4K digital quality.
  • It allows its customers to download about five shows simultaneously.
  • It provides about 200 storage hours in HD quality.
  • Customers can use the DIRECTV app to watch it anywhere.

Though the standalone DIRECTV packages sound compelling, you can further benefit from the bundle services of AT&T and DIRECTV. The bundle plans of TV channels along with phone and internet are simply… irresistible! Here’s an overview of the TV packages that you can get your hands on via AT&T, along with the availability of everyone’s favorite channel in the respective lineups.

DIRECTV PackageChannel CountTNT AvailabilitySubscribe
CHOICE™125+Call Now
ULTIMATE™160+Call Now
PREMIER™185+Call Now

You just have to dial 1-866-996-2797 to start watching the TNT channel DIRECTV programming!

What Channel is TNT on DIRECTV?

Let us save you from the frustration of finding the exact TNT channel on your DIRECTV lineups. The table below shows the channel number you need to switch to in order to enjoy the world of entertainment in high quality.

DIRECTV ChannelNumber
TNT245 (HD)

Watch TNT Channel on DIRECTV Today!

TNT offers a wide variety of shows that cater to the different preferences of the American viewership. The network has gained the rights to rerun many successful dramas, such as Castle, Grimm, Bones, and Law & Order. It has also won the hearts of people with its original series, such as Animal Kingdom, Claws, and Snowpiercer. Furthermore, TNT telecasts movies and sports events to entertain people at every possible level. It airs movies every weekend with limited commercial times to keep its audience engaged. TNT plays around with almost all genres to brighten the days of its audience, including drama, comedy, action, thriller, and crime.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to your favorite DIRECTV plan and start watching the TNT channel number on DIRECTV today. Call 1-866-996-2797 for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV cable?

TNT is available on Channel 245 (HD) on DIRECTV.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV in Denver?

Channel 245 (HD) is dedicated to TNT on DIRECTV Denver lineup.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV NOW?

You can watch TNT online on DIRECTV Now here: https://www.directv.com/Channels/TNT-HD-245

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV San Diego?

You can get TNT on channel 245 (HD) of your DIRECTV San Diego programming.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV Los Angeles?

TNT runs on channel 245 (HD) of DIRECTV Los Angeles programming.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV Las Vegas?

You can watch TNT on channel 245 (HD) with DIRECTV in Las Vegas.

What channel is TNT on DIRECTV San Francisco?

You can get TNT on channel 12 (HD) of your DIRECTV San Francisco programming.