DirecTV is a satellite service provider serving millions of people across the United States. The company is a subsidiary of AT&T and claims to be among the top performing service providers of the industry. According to the ACSI Telecommunications Report of 2019, DirecTV ranked 4th in terms of customer satisfaction and in addition to this, it also holds the highest JD Power rankings in the South and West regions of the country. With so many honors and awards, it does not come as a surprise that sports enthusiasts, movie lovers, and binge-watchers love DirecTV. The provider offers a variety of features with its package plans and in this article, we will reveal everything that you need to know about DirecTV. So, without further ado, let us begin.

All You Need to Know About DirecTV

Since price and package plans are the two most important factors to consider when talking about a service provider, in this DirecTV Guide, we will start from there. After that, we will help you decide which plan is suitable for your household so you can fulfill all your entertainment needs. Then, we will go on to list the number of channels available in each plan, enlighten you about internet bundling options and finally, talk about the reasons that make DirecTV an incredible satellite service provider.

What are DirecTV packages and prices?

DirecTV is currently offering six TV plans to entertain its customers. These plans include SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER.

DIRECTV Packages
Package NameNumber of ChannelsKey ChannelsPrice
SELECT155 USA, TBS, TNT, CNN, PBS, and Disney$49.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes
ENTERTAINMENT160 ESPN, ESPN 2, History Channel, FS1, and FX$49.99/mo. for 12 months$54.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes
CHOICE185 OWN, ION, Travel Channel, LMN, and, Science$59.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes and RSN Fee
XTRA235 Oxygen, Nat Geo, Lifetime, and Discovery$69.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes and RSN Fee
ULTIMATE250 TMC, NBA TV, Encore, and Boomerang$74.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes and RSN Fee
PREMIER330 HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax$124.99/mo. for 12 months Taxes and RSN Fee

DirecTV’s prices can get confusing at times but do not fret. We are here to explain everything to you in detail. To avail DirecTV services, you will have to sign a two-year contract with the company. The prices mentioned above are for the first 12 months, after which the provider increases the prices and you cannot cancel the services unless you pay the early termination fee.

Which DirecTV package is ideal for you?

First, evaluate your monthly budget so you know the amount of money you can spend on your TV service. Secondly, choose the must-have channels that you would like to watch and lastly, figure out the number of channels that you would want in your TV service. Still confused? Let us help you decide the package that would perfectly fit your requirements.

SELECT: Best for budget-minded families who are looking for a variety of channels and other interesting features.

ENTERTAINMENT: This package gives sports fanatics all the basic channels they need, for instance, FS1, ESPN, and many other local networks.

CHOICE: The most sought-after plan offered by DirecTV. With this package, you get a free subscription to NFL Sunday Ticket and access to many premium channels.

XTRA: Ideal for people who need news, sports and entertainment channels. Networks like BBC World News, NHL, and Oxygen are all included in this package.

ULTIMATE: Perfect for people who love watching movies and TV shows. This plan comes with complete access to Encore and Starz so you never run out of options.

PREMIER: The top of the line package includes more than 45 premium channels with HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime included.

What are DirecTV prices after the first 12 months?

DirecTV prices are significantly lower during the promotional period that is the first 12 months of the service. However, after the end of this promotional period, the prices tend to increase to their full rates, which are as follows:


$85/month plus tax in months 13-24


$97/month plus tax in months 13-24


$110/month plus tax in months 13-24 Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99/month is extra and applies in selected areas


$124/month plus tax in months 13-24 Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99/month is extra and applies in selected areas


$135/month plus tax in months 13-24 Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99/month is extra and applies in selected areas


$189/month plus tax in months 13-24 Regional Sports Fee of up to $9.99/month is extra and applies in selected areas

Does DirecTV offer internet plans?

DirecTV solely focuses on the TV service and without a doubt, does an incredible job. You will not find such a diverse variety of channels and additional features in any other provider except for DirecTV. Since AT&T owns the company, you can always bundle your services with AT&T internet and get both the services (TV Internet) in a single package with prices starting from $39.99/month. To get maximum value for your money, go for the DIRECTV Choice AT&T Internet 1000 Package as it includes everything that you can hope for from a provider.

DIRECTV Choice AT&T Internet 1000
TV CHOICE – 185 Channels
3 Months Access to Premium Channels like Showtime, Starz, EPIX, and Cinemax
Free Genie HD DVR
Download Speeds up to 1000 Mbps
Perfect for Families and Sports Enthusiasts
Free Professional Installation (Worth $99)
$89.98/month for first 12 months

Why should you choose DirecTV?

DirecTV provides the best entertainment experience with its amazing unique features.

DirecTV App

Having one of the most user-friendly interfaces, DirecTV’s Application currently holds 4.7 stars out of 5 in Apple’s iTunes Store. You will not find a better streaming app to watch live TV, recorded shows, and on-demand movies with a stable internet connection. To facilitate its customers in the best possible way, DirecTV enables you to schedule a recording in the app so next time when you open it, your favorite show will be waiting for you. Moreover, the app makes it possible for you to watch your recorded shows and movies at any time and from anywhere.

NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV is an exclusive provider of NFL Sunday Ticket, which gives you access to every live and out of the market game of the season. This offer is free for new customers who choose to purchase the Choice Package or above. All existing customers can pay either upfront for the entire season or every month.

4K and HD Channels

4K Ultra High Definition is currently the best picture quality available in TV and DirecTV offers more than 200 HD channels some of which are also available in 4K resolution. The On-Demand library provided by the company is full of 4K movies and shows. To access more HD channels, you will have to upgrade to a higher tier package because goods things come at a price. It is worth mentioning the fact that to view channels in 4K resolution, you will need a 4K TV.

72-Hour Rewind Facility

In case you miss your favorite TV show and do not have time to wait for it to upload on YouTube, you can take advantage of DirecTV’s 72-Hour Rewind Facility to immediately start the program that aired within the last 72 hours. In addition to this, the Restart Feature allows you to restart any live show with just one click so you never have to search for that show online on other platforms.

High-Tech Equipment

One huge advantage of getting satellite TV is the advanced equipment that comes along with the service. When you sign up for DirecTV’s service, a professional technician is sent over to your place to set you up with all the essential equipment including a receiver, TV remote and of course, a satellite. Since customers find it extremely unpleasant to have a satellite installed on their rooftop, DirecTV makes up for it by providing free installation, which is worth quite a fortune. Furthermore, the company offers its cutting-edge technology of HD DVR that enables you to record up to five shows simultaneously with 200 hours of storage capacity.

Bundle Package Options

There is nothing more convenient than having all your utilities on a single bill at a discounted price. DirecTV brings the perfect opportunity for you to bundle multiple services in a single package. By purchasing AT&T internet and DirecTV in a bundle deal, you get to save a lot of money and at the same time receive perfect value for your investment.

Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the service industry takes a serious hit due to the complaints of the users. Unlike DirecTV, many providers fail to deliver the expected services to their clients. DirecTV Support is known for its exceptional customer service throughout the country. The company has maintained its reputation over the years and is currently enjoying the 18th year of leadership in the department of customer satisfaction.

Which hidden costs are associated with DirecTV?

Internet companies are infamous for charging hidden costs. While some are avoidable, others are standard industry expenses that you have to pay. No matter what the costs are, you are entitled to know what you are paying for and DirecTV makes sure that its customers are fully aware of the costs that appear in their monthly bills. With that being said, let us take a look at all the DirecTV hidden costs so have a clear picture of what you are paying every month.

Type of CostsAmount and FrequencyDetailed Explanation
Contract AgreementContract of 24 monthsWhen you sign up for DirecTV, you agree to a contract of 24 months for services costing at least $29.99/month or more.
Cancellation ChargesVaries with the time left on the contractIf you fail to comply with the terms of Contract Agreement, DirecTV may charge you a fee that goes up to $480.00 ($20.00/month).
Equipment Rental Charges1st receiver is free, $5.00/month for every additional receiverThe first receiver is free. For every additional receiver, you will have to pay $5.00/month.
DVR Service Fee$6.00/monthWhen you select the DVR or HD DVR receiver, you are automatically enrolled in the DVR service. It will cost you $6.00/month.
HD Access Fee$10.00/monthFor receiving HD feeds of channels that you have subscribed to with the DVR service, you will have to bear an extra cost of $10.00/month.
Bill PaymentMonthlyDirecTV contract requires you to pay the full balance of your bill by the due date mentioned on your monthly bill statement.
Taxes and SurchargesVary with locationYou will have to pay all the taxes and government charges that are applicable in your vicinity.
Installation Charges$19.95DirecTV does not charge the installation fee but it does charge a small one-time activation fee, which accumulates to $19.95.
Non-Activation Charges$150.00 per receiverIn case you fail to activate your receiver within 30 days of installation, DirecTV will charge you $150.00 per receiver.
Late Fee Payment$5.00 or maximum amount applicable by lawFailing to pay your dues on time might result in a penalty, which varies with the days after the due date.
Deactivation Charges$15.00If you deactivate the service, the company can charge you a fee of $15.00.
Unreturned Equipment FeeVaries with the daysUpon sign up, you agree to return the equipment when disconnecting the service. Failing to do so might result in a penalty, which varies, from $55 to $470 per receiver.

How much do premium channels and add-ons cost?

DirecTV offers free subscription for HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and Showtime during the first 3 months of the service. DirecTV Premier includes all these channels in its package. However, if you have any other package, you will have to buy these channels at an additional cost, which can go up to $60/ month.

Channel Add-OnsDetailsPrice
HBO, Starz, Showtime, and CinemaxAll the premium channels.$59.98/month
Movies Extra PackMore HD channels and programs. Includes classic movies, short films as well as documentaries.$4.99/month
DogTVA TV channel designed to entertain your pet dog.$4.99/month
OutdoorReal-life outdoor adventures broadcasts$4.99/month
NBA League PassAll out of market games$39.99/month or $199.95/season
NFL Sunday TicketEvery out of market game included$48.99/month or 293.94/season
NFL Sunday Ticket MaxVEverything included – From NFL RedZone to DirecTV Fantasy Zone with live access and on the go app$65.99/month or $395.94/month
NHL Center Ice40 out of market games every week with NHL Network during the season$199.95/season
MLS Direct KickMore than 300 regular out of market season games$22.25.month or $89/season

Which channels does DirecTV offer in its plans?

The channel lineup is the most attractive feature of DirecTV. You can get almost all the DirecTV channels with its basic Select Plan. However, if you are a sports enthusiast or a movie lover, do not let us stop you from getting a higher tier package because plans like Choice and Premier offer some of the best channels for extreme entertainment. Here is a list of some of the most desirable channels available in DirecTV packages:

ABC FamilyAnimal PlanetTNTCNN
Disney ChannelFox NewsFood NetworkHallmark Channel
Cartoon NetworkUSA Network
Travel ChannelOprah Winfrey Network
Lifetime Movie NetworkAmerican Movie Classics
Independent Film ChannelBig Ten Network
Cooking ChannelScience Channel
NBA TVNBC SportsMLB NetworkOxygen
Biography ChannelCBS Sports Network
Fox Business NewsFox Movie Channel
Golf ChannelNicktoons
PBSBoomerangTennis ChannelNHL Network
PBS Kids SproutStyle Network
Sundance ChannelThe Movie Channel
FLIXFox DeportesFox Soccer ChannelESPN Classic
Cinemax Action MaxOutdoor ChannelStarz CinemaStarz Edge
Showtime BeyondShowtime ShowcaseStarz ComedyStarz Kids
Starz FamilyCinemax Thriller Max

DirecTV’s Choice, Ultimate and Premier Packages are ideal for sports fans because they offer maximum channels covering all the games. With these three packages, you can also watch NBA games and other sports events in crystal clear HD resolution. Plus, you get free NFL subscription for the first year, which is more than what other providers offer with their services. In addition to this, the on-demand library is full of HD content with more than 50,000 movie titles and shows so you never run out of options to watch something interesting on your TV.

What are the disadvantages of getting DirecTV services?

There are two possible drawbacks of DirecTV: Cost and Service Interruptions.

Considering the aforementioned costs and expenditures, DirecTV can prove to be more expensive than other TV providers in the market. Since the company requires you to sign a two-year contract, you are bound to get their services even if you are unhappy with the performance. If you wish to switch to another provider, you will have to pay an early termination fee, which can go up to $480 ($20/month for each month remaining on the contract). Even though the early termination fee is a standard expense charged by every other provider in the industry, it is still a hefty amount that discourages people from getting the services and signing the contract.

Another major drawback of the provider is that it charges double price for its TV plans after the first 12 months. Moreover, purchasing a higher tier package might cost you more than the advertised price because of the additional taxes and regional fees. You can expect an additional fee of $15 per month, which is quite a significant amount for some customers.

All the satellite services are prone to interruptions during harsh weather conditions and DirecTV is no exception in this case. Though the provider advertises 99% reliability on its website, you might not receive good reception during major storms and heavy rainfalls.

The Bottom Line

Although DirecTV tends to be more expensive than other providers, the investment is worth the pain. The high price is completely justified by the number of channels, exclusive features and advanced technology provided by the company. The highly-rated DirecTV app is a bonus for TV lovers who prefer watching movies and shows on the go. So, get DirecTV today and start enjoying the amazing features with HD resolution.


1. Does DirecTV offer a price guarantee?

Yes. By signing the two-year contract, you can lock the price for 1 whole year. However, the prices will increase to their full rate in the second year.

2. What is the cheapest package by DirecTV?

The most economical DirecTV package is the Select Plan, which includes almost everything. For a mere $49.99/month price-bracket, you get more than 155 channels, DVR service, and free installation.

3. Are there any extra charges that come along with DirecTV packages?

DirecTV packages come with all-included prices, which means that every cost is covered in the price advertised on the website. However, you will have to pay the Regional Sports Fee, Advanced Extra Receiver charges and Additional Premium Channels costs.

4. What does DirecTV offer for cord cutters?

DirecTV offers its state of the art streaming service, especially for cord-cutters. The DirecTV Now is an outstanding live TV streaming service that enables you to stream your favorite movies from anywhere and at any time.

The DirecTV Now App offers convenience, reliability and numerous entertainment options. It is worth noting that you will need a high-speed internet service to seamlessly stream HD videos on your devices.

5. What is the difference between DirecTV and DirecTV Now?

DirecTV is a satellite TV service whereas DirecTV Now is an online streaming service that comes with no-contract polices and is comparatively cheaper than the satellite TV facility.

6. Is it possible to stream NFL Sunday Ticket?

Yes. You can easily stream all the out of market games with NFL Sunday Ticket app. It gives you access to several amazing features including video playback, real-time stats, and player alerts. The app also enables you to stream games directly on your TV via Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

7. How to program DirecTV remote?

You can program DirecTV Genie Remote by following the guidelines in this article.