The United States is obsessed with sports. All of our sporting leagues are telecasted everywhere in the world and have a massive fan following. No matter what state you are in, you will find never-ending support for local and national sports. To feed this obsession, cable companies offer a large variety of TV channels that broadcast all the exclusive action from the NBA, NFL, MLS, MLB, and other sporting leagues.

This conversation isn’t possible without mentioning ESPN and its efforts in broadcasting live matches for all generations. ESPN2 is a venture of ESPN Inc. and is a multinational pay television network available for 93% of households in the United States.

The channel was first launched in 1993 and its inaugural program premiered SportsNight. The show was hosted by Suzy Kolber and Keith Olberman and featured all the exciting events in the world of sports. The channel was designed to attract a younger audience and had an informal approach than the main network. Today, ESPN2 is a household name in every state and offered by all pay-TV service providers including DIRECTV.

Why DIRECTV is the best choice for your home?

DIRECTV is a TV service. It is the perfect entertainment service for your house and lets you explore the best movies, games, TV shows, and whatnot. Get all the popular channels such as Fox Sports, ESPN, AMC, Disney, and Comedy Central at an affordable monthly fee.

There are many reasons to choose DIRECTV as it is the nation’s number 1 satellite TV service. We know the buzz around cable TV providers and their channels. However, we can assure you that DIRECTV competes with them on every front. Plus, there are unlimited options to choose from. Here are the details of DIRECTV plans:

  • DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT™, plan has well over 160 channels in the lineup and is best suited for sports fanatics with its extensive variety of sports channels.
  • CHOICE™ package has 185 channels belonging to every genre.
  • ULTIMATE™ package is heaven for binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows. It has more than 250 channels.
  • DIRECTV PREMIER™ is the ultimate TV plan with over 330 channels and non-stop entertainment.

What Channel on DIRECTV is ESPN2?

DIRECTV offers a comprehensive channel lineup with all of its satellite TV plans. You will find ESPN2 channel with ENTERTAINMENT™CHOICE™ULTIMATE™, as well as the PREMIER™ plan. What is the ESPN2 DIRECTV channel number?



DIRECTV has an excellent variety of national and local channels to meet the requirements of every household. The plans are well-tailored so you can get all the popular channels in a single plan. Call 1-877-515-3504 today and get your hands on a DIRECTV plan of your choice, so you never miss out on your favorite sports events again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is ESPN2 on DIRECTV Now?

ESPN2 channel number is 209 on DIRECTV Now.

Is ESPN2 included in the ENTERTAINMENT™ plan?

Yes, ESPN2 is included with the ENTERTAINMENT™ plan.