Everyone wants to get cable services through a service provider that offers reliability with an amazing channel lineup. Cox Communications is a prominent company in this regard and is popular for distributing a wide variety of jaw-dropping channel lineups for all TV buffs, including Hallmark, which you can find on channel 130. Cox provides multiple cable TV plans for all kinds of customers and gives them the option to upgrade or downgrade the plan as they deem fit.

The company goes to great lengths to make sure that its customers get what they want. The channel lineup offered by Cox with the starter package includes all the basic channels like CBS, FOX, and LaTV, and then with other packages, you get access to premium channels like Hallmark, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and more along with the local regular channels.

The plans offered by Cox cable TV are designed to bring their customers top-rated content in America with amazing picture quality. The company offers 99% signal reliability and so the customers get to watch their favorite movies and TV shows non-stop. Who doesn’t like to watch When Calls the Heart on Hallmark after a tiring day in picture-perfect quality? We do for sure. You can get other amazing content as well on Hallmark.

Plop down on your couch over the tantalizing aroma of coffee and catch an entertaining movie to uplift your mood. This pay-tv channel has been in the business since 2001 with massive coverage in the United States and is available to almost 85,439,000 subscriber households.

Hallmark is owned by Crown Media Holdings. The channel’s programming is targeted at making content for families so everyone can find stuff as per their taste. The channel features miniseries, acquired and original TV series, and a mix of movies. Let’s dive into the availability of Hallmark on Cox.

What Channel is Hallmark Channel on Cox?

Area Hallmark Hallmark Drama Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Scottsdale, Arizona 130 160 390
Harrison, Arkansas 85 206 86
San Diego, California 74 368 75
East Hartford, Connecticut 90 164 91
Destin, Florida 72 347 87
Macon, Georgia 72 342 87
Sun Valley, Idaho 85 241 86
Carter Lake, Iowa 85 241 86
Wichita, Kansas 85 205 86
New Orleans, Louisiana 62 344 152
Holland, Massachusetts 90 164 91
Omaha, Nebraska 85 241 86
Las Vegas, Nevada 346 369 310
Knotts Island, North Carolina 74 267 75
Cleveland, Ohio 90 126 91
Tulsa, Oklahoma 150 528 529
Newport, Rhode Island 90 164 91
Williamsburg, Virginia 74 267 75

If you recently signed up with Cox and you are unable to figure out what channel is Hallmark Movies on Cox Cable or what channel is Hallmark Drama on Cox Cable, then don’t worry! It’s normal to get lost in the sea of channels. It’s frustrating when you want to watch a “slice of life” drama movie but are left agitated because you are unable to find the channel number. If you are unable to find out what channel is Hallmark on Cox, here is the Cox channel number for Hallmark.

Head over to the Cox channel lineup to get a complete list according to your city if you are unable to find the channel because, usually, the channel number varies from area to area. Once you figure out the channel number, it will be smooth sailing from there. If there is any other channel that you are unable to find, you can either check the channel lineup or you can reach out to customer support and they will make sure that you get answers to all your questions. Cox customer service is available 24/7 for their customers and has customer support specialists whose job is to offer the best assistance. Call 1-855-814-6044 now and get the best customer service.

What Else to Know About Cox?

Cox Communications is one of the largest cable service providers in America and has millions of residential and commercial customers. It is primarily known for providing lag-free high-speed internet services with speeds up to 1 Gbps. The company also offers home phone and home security to their customers. You can bundle your cable TV with other services for maximum billing convenience. The cable TV service from Cox enables a seamless entertainment experience with remarkable perks like channel apps, on-demand, and DVR. When it comes to Cox plans, there are three different channel tiers to consider:

  • Contour TV Starter (includes 75+popular broadcast networks & Music Choice™ channels)
  • Contour TV Preferred (includes 140+ channels with top broadcast & cable networks such as ESPN, HGTV, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Food Network & more)
  • Contour TV Ultimate (includes 250+ channels with top broadcast & cable networks such as Hallmark, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, Discovery, Hallmark Drama, HBO Max™, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ®)

The good news is that Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries are available across two TV tiers: Contour TV Preferred and Contour TV Ultimate. Those who want to get Hallmark Drama along with other channels will have to get a subscription to Contour TV Ultimate because that channel comes with only that plan.

It all depends on your needs like what other channels you want along with the Hallmark channel. To subscribe to your favorite plan, pick up your phone and call 1-855-814-6044. Probe everything you have in your mind, from the channel’s availability to plan to price, and the sales specialist will make sure that all your concerns are acknowledged. Now, when you know what channel is Hallmark on Cox cable and what plans include Hallmark, get a subscription to Cox and unlock more with the Hallmark channel on Cox.

Summing It Up

If you are in low spirits and want to watch something lighthearted that uplifts your mood with no action or thrill, Hallmark is the best channel. This TV network is an important part of a good TV lineup and if you live with a family who likes to watch TV shows and movies, then you must get it as it brings you the best binge-worthy content.