TV has always been considered a lesser form of art as compared to film. For many years, the best talent in the showbiz would sign for big films while the rest would be eagerly waiting for an opportunity for a big break in the cinema. However, there has been an incredible shift in recent years. TV is the big deal now and is home to one of the best writers, producers, directors, and actors. These people have made an exodus to the TV industry and left the cinema.

This huge success of the TV industry can solely be attributed to HBO®. It started the trend in the 90s and found great success with its original programming. The network was not that popular at that time as CBS, NBC, or ABC but was able to reach the cult status. HBO® was subscription-based therefore, it didn’t have to air commercials or adhere to the pressure from the sponsors. As a result, HBO® made original content that pushed more boundaries than expected. This risk-taking approach and freedom helped HBO® usher in this Golden Age of TV and all other networks followed the footsteps. Two shows deserve an honorable mention and HBO®’s introduction is incomplete without them. Sopranos and the Game of Thrones took HBO® to new heights. The streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are coming up with original shows. This opens a new avenue for the television industry.

Luckily, Spectrum cable offers HBO® in the channel lineup. Spectrum is one of the very few TV providers to understand the modern trends and evolve as a result. For example, Spectrum has an exceptional on-demand service that is included with all cable TV plans. The on-demand library has more than a thousand movies and TV shows for you to binge-watch in HD.

Moreover, Spectrum also offers a DVR service. Now you cannot miss any show on cable TV. Just record your favorite show when aired and watch it later on. Wondering what is the HBO® channel on Spectrum? Let’s find out.

What channel is HBO® on Spectrum?

HBO® is available as a premium channel. You can get HBO® with Spectrum Silver Package and Spectrum Gold plans. It can also be added to the Spectrum Select plan as an add-on for just $15 per month. Spectrum Silver and Spectrum Gold are two of the most premium plans. You get close to 200 channels with free on-demand and high definition.

The channel number and is availability may vary from address to address. Let’s find out what channel number is HBO® on Spectrum:

City/State Channel Number
Alexander City, Alabama 501
Yuma, Arizona 511
Beverly Hills, California 511
Grand Junction, Colorado 302
Winsted, Connecticut 501
Brevard County, Florida 240
Columbus, Georgia 501
Harvard, Illinois 401
Rockport & Spencer County, Indiana 401
Liberty, Kentucky 650
Bourg, Louisiana 501
Charlton, Massachusetts 501
Chester, Michigan 501
Fergus Falls, Minnesota 501
Hamilton, Montana 302
Kansas City, Missouri 511
Great Falls, Montana 302
Carolina Beach, North Carolina 92
Brooklyn, New York 511
Manhattan, New York 511
Cleveland, Ohio 603
Montrose, Pennsylvania 511
Austin, Texas 511
Conway, South Carolina 511
Dodge County, Wisconsin 401
Ellensburg, Washington 502

Top Shows on HBO®

Here are the top Shows on HBO®:

  • Game of Thrones
  • Sopranos
  • The Wire
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Veep
  • The Watchmen
  • The Leftovers
  • Succession
  • Westworld
  • Chernobyl
  • OZ
  • Insecure
  • Big Little Lies
  • Band of Brothers


If you don’t have HBO® with Spectrum, you can even upgrade the package online right from your receiver and this will help you get access to HBO® Max right away. Moreover, you can instantly upgrade by tuning into channel # 2495.


As a pioneer of subscription-based entertainment, HBO® is a must-have channel on your Spectrum cable plan. It is worth every penny as you get shows like Game of Thrones, The Watchmen, and Sopranos. The subscription comes free with Spectrum Silver and Gold plans. On top, you get many other premium channels.

The hassle-free no-contract plans, exceptional DVR, free HD, and on-demand makes Spectrum cable the perfect choice for your home.