CBS Sports Network is a pay-television channel primarily owned by CBS Entertainment along with CBS channel itself. Initially, as CSTV (College Sports Television), the channel’s primary focus was to cover college sports but later when CBS acquired it in 2006, the channel was rebranded in 2011 as CBSSN (CBS Sports Network) to reposition it as a more diversified sports channel covering mainstream and large-scale sports. The Sports Network majorly telecasts college sports with a side of smaller leagues and analysis programs. CBSSN aka CBS Sports Network prides in being available to over 66% cable connected households in America.

CBSSN on Spectrum:

If you are a true sports fanatic, who can’t get through the night without watching runs and re-runs of your favorite game then CBS Sports Network is the one for you with an exhaustive selection of programs to give you just the adrenaline rush you need. Spectrum Cable TV offers the cable packages that you need to quench your sports thirsty buds. Both Spectrum Silver Package and Spectrum Gold Package come with CBSSN so you can enjoy your favorite sports network along with hundreds of other exciting channels.

Be it a fight as iconic as between Manhoef v/s Anderson, College Football during the weekdays, or daily shows like Time to Schein (pun intended!), CBS Sports Network has you covered throughout the days.

CBS Sports Network Channel Numbers on Spectrum

The next logical step after subscribing to a good cable TV plan is familiarizing yourself with channel lineup and the numbers where they are at, in your state and city. It gets frustrating as the channel numbers change from region to region, however, to ease it a bit; we have listed down the CBSSN channel numbers for some of the locations underneath. You can look for more here.

City/State CBSSN Channel Number
Knoxville, Tennessee 303/813
Beverly Hills, California 315
Carson City, Nevada 411/813
Madison, Wisconsin 306/675
Alma, Michigan 224/714
Creswell, Oregon 410/813
Greenville, South Carolina 303/818
San Antonio, Texas 315
Indianapolis, Indiana 425
Great Falls, Montana 134/634
Orlando, Florida 106
Athens, Georgia 311/813
Wapato, Washingon 410/813
Lincoln, Nebraska 315
Ballwin, Missouri 207/821
Montgomery, Alabama 303/813
Thompson, Connecticut 318/793
New York, New York 315
Brookfield, Massachusetts 318/772
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey 315
Clifton, Colorado 134/634
Cincinnati, Ohio 322
Jacksonville, North Carolina 315

Frequently Asked Questions about CBSSN on Spectrum

Have more questions on your mind? See, if the following ones satiate.

How do I get CBSSN?

You can get CBS Sports Network on your TV screens by subscribing to either Spectrum Silver Package starting from $69.99/mo. or Spectrum Gold Package starting at $89.99/mo.

Is CBSSN Same as CBS?

No, CBSSN is a 24/7 sports broadcasting channel whereas CBS is a digital entertainment channel.

Is CBS Sports App Free?

Yes, with a CBSSN channel subscription via Spectrum cable, the CBS Sports app is free to download for Android and iOS users.