VH1 or Video Hits One is an American television network owned by ViacomCBS, based in New York. Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment first created VH1 after the division of the original owner of MTV and Warner Communications. The channel was launched back in 1985 as a cable music channel inspired by the success of its sister channel MTV. In the beginning, the purpose of the channel was to target older demographic contrary to MTV by playing music videos. Later on, VH1 shifted away from music videos and focused on reality TV programming with a major focus on celebrities and music bands.

Years later, after the channel developed itself it focused mainly on the 1980s mainstream pop and classic rock. VH1 even allocated one hour in the afternoon for country music videos. Inspired by MTV, VH1 also used MTV’s famous Kabel typeface font for music video credits.

VH1 also aired some non-music programming including a one-hour comedy show Standup Spotlight by Rosie O’Donnell with veteran comedians and amateurs. Different guests were hosted every week in the show called The Top 21 Video Countdown. Sometimes VH1 also had themed countdowns like Elvira hosting scary videos for Halloween in the year 1991.

What channel number is VH1 on Spectrum

Over time more and more cable TV networks came into existence offering channels catered to the need of the audience. Today, cable TV deals like Spectrum packages include channels like ABC, Fox, CNBC, and VH1. But with so many channels airing on television, knowing what channel is VH1 on Charter Spectrum™ is difficult. You have to spend the whole day making a list of channel numbers and memorizing some of your favorite ones. Or you can refer to our sheet to know what channel is VH1 on demand Spectrum. And we think you might be comfortable with the second option.

What channel is VH1 on demand Spectrum

Channel VH1 Channel Number
VH1 HD 1183
VH1 56

VH1 Featured Shows, Reality Shows, and Music Shows

VH1 Full Episodes VH1 Reality Shows VH1 Music Shows
Turn Down Taylor Rock of Love Behind the Music
She Wanted a Lucy Do Charm School Pop-up Video
Ready for My Man Weave Brooke Knows Best I Love the 80s
Entanglements and Relationships A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown
I Have a Secret on You I Love Money Black Ink Crew
Not Sorry Aboot It Tool Academy Atlanta Exes
Her-Itage Moments Basketball Wives Leave it to Stevie
The Shutdown Black Ink Crew Chicago The Metal Show
Clap Back Canada’s Drag Race The Breaks
Auntie Ruined My Hair Black Ink Crew Compton Hip Hop Honors
Other Side of the Pond Cartel Crew Single Ladies
We Don’t Do Sidepieces Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Teyana and Iman
Untucked – Stand-up Smackdown Love and Hip Hop Miami The Greatest
Stand-up Smackdown To Catch a Beautician Dad Camp
Untucked – The Charles Family Backyard Ball RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars La La’s Full Court Wedding
She Wanted Silver but Got Purple Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge Ego Trip’s The (White) Rapper Show
Mucus Still plugged RuPaul’s Drag Race Mob Wives: The Sit Down
Who Gets Jheri Curls Anymore America’s Next Top Model Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme
New House New Energy RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Heavy: The Story of Metal
Someone’s A Liar Hip Hop Squares VH1’s Legends
Her Braids were Social Distancing I Want to Work for Diddy Real & Chance: The Legend Hunters
Snatch Game of Love    
Chunks of Hair was Falling Out    

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Summing Up

VH1 was launched back in 1985 and since then it has gained immense popularity among teenagers and grownups living in the United States. VH1 mainly focuses on music along with reality shows and TV series to keep the audience entertained with a deep affection for music. Especially those who have subscribed to Spectrum Packages are now well aware of what channel is VH1 on Spectrum and can switch to the channel directly without searching and scrolling through a long list of channels.