Catholic Faith Network (CFN) is a pay television channel aimed at catholic viewers based in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The channel was founded in 1969 with programs including catholic mass, religious services, children’s programs, devotional programs, and talk shows. The Catholic Faith Network is available nationwide via selected cable and satellite providers as well as an on-demand library of the latest content. The channel was launched as Telecare and rebranded as Catholic Faith Network (CFN) later in 2018.

Some of the most famous shows by the Catholic Faith Network (CFN) include:

Top Catholic Faith Network Programs
Catholic Perspectives
The show offers in-depth conversations and insights on current affairs that impact the lives of Catholics.
Celebrating the Saints
Bishop John Barres with Msgr. Jim Vlaun takes you on a historical journey of Celebrating the Saints.
CFN Live
CFN Live is a rather dynamic one in the lot bringing uplifting stories for you and keeping you updated about the latest issues the Church is facing.
CFN News
CFN News brings you the latest news about the Church and indulging guest discussions, interviews, and more.
Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Come together in a prayer that brings God’s Mercy on all humanity, commemorating the Love and Sacrifice of Jesus.
Conversations with Cardinal Dolan
Cardinal Dolan and Father Dave Dwyer indulge in religious discussions while hosting guests from various backgrounds.

Catholic Faith Network on Spectrum:

Catholic Faith Network is your one-stop channel for attending a soulful catholic mass on Spectrum. Spectrum cable offers CFN in two of its cable packages so you don’t have to go broke wanting to watch your favorite catholic TV channel. Starting from Spectrum Silver Package with 235 channels at $69.99/mo to as many as 340 channels by Spectrum Gold Packages beginning at $89.99/mo. Spectrum’s affordable packages and consistent pricing across the US make it super convenient for you to subscribe to it anywhere you want.

CFN Channel Numbers on Spectrum

The only hassle that a Spectrum subscriber has to go through, from research until the subscription is finding his/her favorite channel numbers in a plethora of available channel options. Hence, to ease things a little bit for you, we have listed down channel numbers for Catholic Faith Network below, so you can easily watch catholic mass on Spectrum in some of the service areas. If your area or city isn’t mentioned below, type the details here and you will be redirected to a page with all the channel details you need or you can request your cable provider to add CFN to their list of channels.

City/State Catholic Faith Network
Brooklyn, New York 471
Newtown/Fairfield County, Connecticut 162/852
Bergen Co., New Jersey 162/471