Your internet plan looks affordable when you initially sign up for the service. However, as time goes by and the promotional term ends, it skyrockets. The internet service providers act shady while disclosing this information, and therefore require special treatment once your bill becomes unbearable.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve acquired the internet for business or entertainment, there is a chance that you are already paying too much for it. Trust me on this when I tell you that you can negotiate your Cox Internet bill with the company.

To address the woes of customers, we created a comprehensive guide on how to lower Cox Internet bills, and before that, here is what you need to understand:

Understand Your Usage Requirements

The first and foremost step in understanding your monthly broadband charges is by considering your usage requirements.

Certain activities require more data such as streaming your favorite TV series in HD, downloading movies, and playing games online. Out of all these activities, streaming videos on Netflix or YouTube is going to make a dent in your data, as it requires heavy bandwidth.

Similarly, routine activities like checking emails, browsing, online payments, regular social media, and moderate streaming do not require excessive data usage.

Try to figure out whether you are a heavy user involved in excessive streaming & downloading or you have pretty much basic usage such as checking emails, regular browsing, and bill payments. This will help you reconcile your current plan and package.

Speed Requirements

Secondly, figure out your download speed requirements. The ideal internet speed for a household depends on the number of users in the house.

For example, if you have 2-3 users in your house who need the internet just for the sake of basic web browsing and social media, then up to 10 Mbps will be more than enough for you.

If you have a medium usage that involves basic browsing and moderate streaming on Netflix or YouTube, up to 25 Mbps will be more than enough for 2-3 users.

For excessive usage that involves regular high-definition streaming, online gaming, and downloading, up to 100 Mbps will be fine for your household.

How can you reduce your Cox Internet Bill?

After understanding your usage and speed requirements, here’s what you can do to reduce your internet bill.

Reduce your Internet Speed

The reason why most of us are paying too much for Cox Internet is just that the speed exceeds our requirement.

For example, you have Cox Internet Preferred plan, but aside from a security system and a smartphone, the only time you use the internet is to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. You could probably get away with 50 Mbps download speed.

After recognizing your internet speed requirements, drop to a lower tier speed with your provider.

Negotiate your current plan

Cox has a retention department and plenty of people successfully cut down the billing costs by just calling them and announcing that they are tired of the high rates and want a better deal. Do mention that there is no way you can pay this fee and would like to switch to some other provider, if not helped in this regard.

This might require some negotiation skills. Therefore, you need to make a strong impression by reminding them what a great customer you have been all this time. They might offer you a better deal on your internet bill and if it suits you, accept it! Go on your merry way.

In case they don’t offer you a better deal, don’t give up hope as they might be bluffing. Politely put forward your case again. Cox is known for its amazing customer service and there is a high chance that they will be able to get you a lower rate because no company wants to lose a customer.

Bundle your Services

This tactic is a little tricky because the promotions and discounts can change drastically depending on your area. However, it can save you some extra bucks by getting additional services.

Cox Cable has a lot to offer you in terms of the variety of channels and high-quality TV service. In some areas, standalone internet service can be bundled with cable service to get the most out of your monthly bill.

This way your monthly bill will stay the same but you will be getting cable service with an amazing channel lineup as well.

Before jumping on a deal, always take into account the terms, monthly price after taxes and the price after the end of the promotional term.

Get your Own Modem and Router

If Cox is the only reliable internet provider in your area and you plan to stay with them for a long time, it might be more cost-effective to purchase your own equipment rather than renting it from Cox.

Service providers charge you about $10 to $15 a month to rent their equipment. If you plan to stay with your provider for more than a year, it would cost you $140 to $180 collectively. You can buy a quality modem or router for less than that and even if you decide to change your ISP, the modem will stay with you forever.

Besides, you will be saving $10 to $15 every month.

Set up Auto-Pay

Setting up the auto-pay service might get you a price break if your Cox Internet Bill is too high. You can always call Cox and inquire if they offer any discount – such as a percentage off on your Cox Internet Plan on setting up the auto-pay option.

Final Verdict

Following these easy but simple steps like reducing your download speed, purchasing your own modem, and bundling your existing services can help you lower Cox Internet Bill. You can always negotiate your current plan with customer service and demand a better deal.

Try these steps and let us know in the comments whether they worked for you or not!