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Fixing internet router problems requires technical knowledge. However, sometimes, you can rely on your DIY skills and fix these without contacting support. If you’re using Xfinity Internet and see your Xfinity router blinking white light, then we’re sharing some of the fixes that you can use without contacting support for it. These are easy to implement and you can simply run these to check if the issue is fixed. Let’s check them out now:

What Does White Light Mean On Xfinity Router?

Before we dive into the problem, you should know what white light means on your Xfinity Internet router. Here’s a list of possible issues that can cause this problem:

  • A poor internet connection that gets interrupted.
  • Unstable connectivity causing disconnection.
  • Bad Wi-Fi signal and coverage.
  • Loose Ethernet connection.
  • Power outage at the provider’s end.
  • The router isn’t activated.

Fix the White Light Blinking Issue on the Xfinity Router

We just discussed the potential issues that cause your Xfinity router to blink white light. Now it’s time to check out some of the fixes that you can apply to get rid of the problem:

1. Check Whether There’s A Service Outage

The first thing that you can do is look for a service outage. In most cases, your internet connection disconnects when there’s an outage at your provider’s end. For this, you can simply contact Xfinity customer support to know if there’s an outage in your area.

2. Activate Your Xfinity Router

In some cases, your Xfinity internet router isn’t activated, which makes it blink white. For this purpose, you just need to head to your router’s online configuration setup. Using the IP address and the login credentials are given on the rear of your router’s box, you can simply activate it at home. Or, you can call Xfinity customer service and ask the representative to activate it for you.

3. Check If the Cables Are Disconnected

In addition to the above fixes, you need to check whether any of the Ethernet cables are disconnected or not. In some cases, the cables get disconnected when you change the location of the router. The connector head of the Ethernet cable may get loose and not attach properly, for which you’ll need to change it too.

4. Restart Your Modem/ Router

Another simple fix that you can apply is rebooting/ restarting the internet modem/router. In many cases, a simple reboot fixes the white light issue on your Xfinity router. For this, unplug or turn off the power of the router. Wait for 30 seconds and then re-plug it. The white light problem should be fixed.

5. Update The Router’s Firmware

Internet routers come with firmware upgrades that enable the device to remain updated according to the latest network standards. A blinking white light issue can be caused due to outdated router firmware.

For updating the firmware, you’ll need to log into your Xfinity account and look for your router from the devices list. Check for the available updates option and install any pending updates.

6. Try Resetting Your Router

If rebooting and updating the firmware of your internet router hasn’t resolved the problem, then resetting your Xfinity modem/ router is the fix to apply. Resetting updates the device to its factory default settings.

Therefore, if you have any custom settings, you should save them before doing this. To reset, simply head to the admin panel of the device’s configuration page and choose the reset option. Your provider will automatically reset it to factory default.

7. Check Device Logs

Device logs are like your router’s diary that records the activity occurring on it. You can check these logs by accessing them via the log tab from your device’s configuration setup online. You can identify the potential problem from the log history. One thing to note here is that you won’t be able to check the logs if you’ve rented an Xfinity router.

If you want you can check our guide on Xfinity internet modems to get a better idea of how these work. In case the fixes don’t work, make sure to contact Xfinity support right away.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service: (844) 207-8722

Closing Thoughts

With this, you now know how to fix the issue of the Xfinity router blinking white light without breaking a sweat. In case you’re unable to fix the problem with the above solutions, then ensure to contact Xfinity customer service for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the white light on the Xfinity router mean an internet outage?

Yes, if you’re Xfinity router is blinking white light, then it indicates an internet outage. Contact Xfinity customer service to know about the issue and get it resolved.

Will rebooting solve Xfinity white light issue?

Yes, restarting your Xfinity router can resolve the white light issue.