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Untangle Your Life with Ziply Customer Service

While it is a new entrant in the field of fiber connectivity, Ziply Fiber strives to provide the best customer care in the most proactive, professional manner.

  • An expert team of highly qualified customer service representatives ensures that all the services offered by Ziply Fiber maintain the standard and vision of the brand.
  • Ziply Fiber makes it a point to offer excellent self-service channels, so subscribers can resolve their issues or queries on their own – without any sort of delay.
  • Subscription to a Ziply Fiber plan unlocks professional installation, easy-to-use apps, and further service levels.
Ziply Customer Service

Ziply Fiber 24/7/365 Customer Support

Account & Billing

If you are a Ziply Fiber customer, you can be certain that all your billing and account issues will be taken care of efficiently and in no time.

What’s more, you can change your passwords, update account information, return equipment, or even pay bills with the help of Ziply Fiber customer support.


If you are a home phone customer, Ziply Fiber is persistent to provide you with the exceptional services it believes in.

Not just this, but if you ever encounter phone issues or are interested in blocking telemarketing calls, just contact Ziply Fiber's customer service phone number for instant assistance.


From installation appointments to solving your connectivity issues, Ziply Fiber customer service is there to guarantee consistent network speeds for all your devices.

Ziply Fiber outage issues are rare, but if something happens, do not hesitate to contact customer support to get your issues resolved on priority.

Technical Issues

Experiencing internet or phone technical issues? Call 1-844-765-6709 to access Ziply Fiber customer phone line service at any time of the day or night.

Get automated troubleshooting solutions with the supreme customer service offered by Ziply Fiber. The state-of-the-art tools can fix your issues quickly and easily.

Feel an Instant Connection to Your New Place via Ziply Fiber

Moving is not easy at all. And, Ziply Fiber knows that!

Ziply Fiber Schedule


With Ziply Fiber, moving to a new place and setting up the internet is easier than ever.

Discuss your details with Ziply Fiber customer service and subscribe online seamlessly ahead of the move.

Ziply Fiber online track


Whatever date and time works best for you, Ziply Fiber will abide by that, because, for Ziply, customers always come first!

Order your internet plan online and track its contactless installation remotely.

Ziply Fiber internet connection


With an excellent internet service powered by Ziply Fiber at your new place, settling in would be a lot easier.

Work from home, binge-watch, or take yoga classes online through your Ziply Fiber internet connection.

Manage your Ziply Fiber Account with myZiply

Want to control all your account settings with a tap on your phone? Well, with Ziply Fiber, it is as easy as playing Candy Crush.

  • Update account details
  • Check usage and billing statements
  • Find the service status
  • Reset your TV set-top box or modem
  • Enjoy easy-to-use interface
  • Ziply fiber Playstore
  • Ziply fiber Applestore

Ziply Fiber Business Customer Service

Starting a small business and then running it successfully is not an easy task but one that takes up a lot of your time and effort.

Let Ziply Fiber manage your business internet consistently and efficiently at all times while you take care of other important factors like supply chain, inventory, finances, and human resources. Ziply Fiber's business customer service is highly-skilled, available around the clock, equipped with all the solutions that you might need, and is only a call away!

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Why Choose Ziply Fiber?

Living in the 21st century asks for something more than fast internet; this is because our entire lives depend on the seamless speeds that ensure our continuous connectivity.

Stepping into this world of ultra-connectivity, you might have some concerns, but don’t worry! Ziply Fiber brings the best of everything that you would need to access the digital world.

People residing in Northwest states can vouch for the excellent services that the affordable and fast fiber provider, Ziply Fiber, brings forth in terms of speed, customer satisfaction, and quality connectivity.

Ziply Fiber Streaming TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Call 1-844-765-6709 to get instant help from expert representatives of Ziply Fiber.
You can avail of the Ziply Fiber customer service chat or call option any time of the day or night.
Ziply Fiber is one of the fastest and most affordable fiber internet providers in the Northwest region of the United States.
Call 1-844-765-6709 to find out if Ziply Fiber offers services in your area.
Yes, Ziply Fiber offers home phone services and you can get one right away by contacting its team at 1-844-765-6709.
Ziply Fiber takes customer complaints very seriously and you can file one by contacting its customer service team at 1-844-765-6709.