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Why Should You Get Ziply Fiber Home Phone?

Ziply Fiber’s Voice service is delivered over the internet guaranteeing better connectivity and reliability. With Ziply Fiber Phone service, you don’t have to worry about dropped calls or dead zones. Stay connected with family and friends as well as your colleagues when working from home.

A landline also ensures your safety. In case of an emergency, the accurate address will help 911 get to you much faster. All this on top of the unlimited local and long-distance calls with several advanced calling features is available without a contract at an economical rate.

Ziply Fiber Home Phone

Calling Features Available With Ziply Fiber Voice

Here’s a list of all the advanced calling features included with Ziply Digital Phone Unlimited. You may choose to use all of them or just the popular ones at no additional cost.

Ziply Fiber Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection

Ziply Fiber Call Logs

Call Logs

Ziply Fiber Back-Up Number

Back-Up Number

Ziply Fiber Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Ziply Fiber Speed Dial

Speed Dial 100

Ziply Fiber Call Notification

Call Notification

Ziply Fiber Caller ID

Caller ID Name and Number

Ziply Fiber Caller Return

Call Return

Ziply Fiber Call Waiting

Call Waiting with Caller ID

Ziply Fiber Multiple Call

Multiple Individual Mailboxes

Ziply Fiber Voicemail


Ziply Fiber do not Disturb

Do Not Disturb

Ziply Fiber Incoming Call Block

Incoming Call Block

Ziply Fiber Locate Me

Locate Me

Ziply Fiber International Call

International Call Block

Ziply Fiber Personal Contacts

Personal Contacts

Ziply Fiber Call

Place a Call

Ziply Fiber Call

Simultaneous Ring

Ziply Fiber Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding

Ziply Fiber Three Way Calling

Three Way Calling

Ziply Fiber Voicemail Notification

Voicemail Notification

Ziply Fiber Voicemail Screening

Voicemail Screening

Ziply Fiber Wake Up and Reminder Messages

Wake Up and Reminder Messages

Ziply Fiber Emergency Call

Emergency Call Services

Ziply Fiber Customer Service

Keep Your Old Number When Relocating to a New Place

Keep your Ziply Fiber Phone Number for the rest of your life. Contact Ziply Fiber Customer Service to transfer your number to the new place along with the internet service. Sit back and relax while they sort this for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ziply Fiber Phone can be added to your Internet plan for $20 a month. Call 1-844-765-6709 now to find out more about the latest deals.
Ziply Fiber Voice is one of the most reliable phone services in the Northwest region of the US that keeps you connected at all times. It comes with several features like unlimited local and long-distance calling, Caller ID, Voicemail, etc.
Ziply does not require you to sign any annual contracts when subscribing to its services.
Ziply will buy out your current contract by paying up to $200.